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casa::CTMainRecord Class Reference

CTMainRecord: Calibration table record access and creation. More...

#include <CTMainRecord.h>

Public Member Functions

 CTMainRecord ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
 ~CTMainRecord ()
 CTMainRecord (const casacore::Record &inpRec)
 Construct from an existing record. More...
const casacore::Recordrecord ()
 Return as record. More...
void defineTime (const casacore::Double &time)
 Field accessors a) define. More...
void defineTime (const casacore::MEpoch &time)
void defineFieldId (const casacore::Int &fieldId)
void defineSpwId (const casacore::Int &spwId)
void defineAntenna1 (const casacore::Int &antenna1)
void defineAntenna2 (const casacore::Int &antenna2)
void defineInterval (const casacore::Double &interval)
void defineScanNo (const casacore::Int &scanNo)
void defineParam (const casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &param)
void defineParamerr (const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &paramerr)
void defineFlag (const casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &flag)
void defineSnr (const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &snr)
void defineWeight (const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &weight)
void getTime (casacore::Double &time)
 b) get More...
void getFieldId (casacore::Int &fieldId)
void getSpwId (casacore::Int &spwId)
void getAntenna1 (casacore::Int &antenna1)
void getAntenna2 (casacore::Int &antenna2)
void getInterval (casacore::Double &interval)
void getScanNo (casacore::Int &scanNo)
void getParam (casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &param)
void getParamerr (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &paramerr)
void getFlag (casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &flag)
void getSnr (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &snr)
void getWeight (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &weight)

Protected Member Functions

void addRec (const casacore::Record &newRec)
 Add to itsRecord. More...

Private Attributes

casacore::Record itsRecord

Detailed Description

CTMainRecord: Calibration table record access and creation.

Intended use:

Public interface



From "calibration main table" and "record".


The CTMainRecord classes allow access to, and creation of, records in the main calibration table. Specializations for baseline-based, time-variable and solvable VisJones calibration table record types are provided through inheritance.



Encapsulate access to calibration table records.

Definition at line 74 of file CTMainRecord.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::CTMainRecord::CTMainRecord ( )

Default null constructor, and destructor.

casa::CTMainRecord::~CTMainRecord ( )

Definition at line 79 of file CTMainRecord.h.

casa::CTMainRecord::CTMainRecord ( const casacore::Record inpRec)

Construct from an existing record.

Member Function Documentation

void casa::CTMainRecord::addRec ( const casacore::Record newRec)

Add to itsRecord.

void casa::CTMainRecord::defineAntenna1 ( const casacore::Int antenna1)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineAntenna2 ( const casacore::Int antenna2)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineFieldId ( const casacore::Int fieldId)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineFlag ( const casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &  flag)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineInterval ( const casacore::Double interval)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineParam ( const casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &  param)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineParamerr ( const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &  paramerr)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineScanNo ( const casacore::Int scanNo)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineSnr ( const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &  snr)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineSpwId ( const casacore::Int spwId)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineTime ( const casacore::Double time)

Field accessors a) define.

void casa::CTMainRecord::defineTime ( const casacore::MEpoch time)
void casa::CTMainRecord::defineWeight ( const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &  weight)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getAntenna1 ( casacore::Int antenna1)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getAntenna2 ( casacore::Int antenna2)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getFieldId ( casacore::Int fieldId)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getFlag ( casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &  flag)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getInterval ( casacore::Double interval)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getParam ( casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &  param)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getParamerr ( casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &  paramerr)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getScanNo ( casacore::Int scanNo)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getSnr ( casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &  snr)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getSpwId ( casacore::Int spwId)
void casa::CTMainRecord::getTime ( casacore::Double time)

b) get

void casa::CTMainRecord::getWeight ( casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &  weight)
const casacore::Record& casa::CTMainRecord::record ( )

Return as record.

Member Data Documentation

casacore::Record casa::CTMainRecord::itsRecord

Definition at line 122 of file CTMainRecord.h.

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