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casa::CalTableDesc Class Reference

CalTableDesc: Define the format of calibration tables. More...

#include <CalTableDesc.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::CalTableDesc:
casa::MJonesDesc casa::SkyJonesDesc casa::VisJonesDesc casa::TimeVarMJonesDesc casa::TimeVarVisJonesDesc casa::SolvableMJonesDesc casa::CJonesDesc casa::FVisJonesDesc casa::PJonesDesc casa::SolvableVisJonesDesc casa::MIfrDesc casa::FVisJonesIonoDesc casa::BJonesDesc casa::DJonesDesc casa::EPointDesc casa::GJonesDesc casa::TJonesDesc casa::BJonesPolyDesc casa::GJonesDelayRateSBDesc casa::GJonesPolyDesc casa::TJonesPolyDesc casa::GJonesSplineDesc casa::TJonesSplineDesc

Public Member Functions

 CalTableDesc ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
virtual ~CalTableDesc ()
 CalTableDesc (const casacore::String &type)
 Construct from the Jones table type. More...
virtual casacore::TableDesc calMainDesc ()
 Return the table descriptors for the main calibration table and the cal_history and cal_desc sub-tables. More...
virtual casacore::TableDesc calHistoryDesc ()
virtual casacore::TableDesc calDescDesc ()

Protected Member Functions

casacore::TableDesc defaultFitDesc ()
 Generate the default table descriptor for fit parameters. More...
casacore::TableDesc defaultPolyDesc ()
 Generate the default table descriptor for general polynomial parameters. More...
casacore::TableDesc defaultSplineDesc ()
 Generate the default table descriptor for spline polynomial parameters. More...
casacore::TableDesc insertDesc (const casacore::TableDesc &tableDesc, const casacore::TableDesc &insert, const casacore::String &insertAfter)
 Method to insert one table descriptor into another after a specified column name. More...

Private Member Functions

casacore::TableDesc defaultCalMain (const casacore::String &type)
 Generate the default sub-table descriptors. More...
casacore::TableDesc defaultCalDesc ()
casacore::TableDesc defaultCalHistory ()

Private Attributes

casacore::TableDesc itsCalMainDesc
 casacore::Table descriptors More...
casacore::TableDesc itsCalHistoryDesc
casacore::TableDesc itsCalDescDesc

Detailed Description

CalTableDesc: Define the format of calibration tables.

Intended use:

Public interface



From "Calibration table" and "descriptor".


CalTableDesc defines the format of calibration tables in terms of table descriptors casacore::TableDesc, as defined in the casacore::Table system. This is a base class and defines the overall calibration table structure. Specializations for both antenna-based (ViJones and SkyJones) and baseline-based (MJones) calibration tables are provided through inheritance. At present this set of classes returns the default calibration table descriptors for a given calibration table type.



This inheritance tree defines the format of all calibration table types, both antenna- and baseline-based, to provide a unified and consistent interface to their representation as aips++ tables. An overall structure common to all calibration tables is maintained as far as possible, with common column names throughout. This class tree is primarily used by the CalTable classes.

Definition at line 84 of file CalTableDesc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::CalTableDesc::CalTableDesc ( )

Default null constructor, and destructor.

virtual casa::CalTableDesc::~CalTableDesc ( )

Definition at line 89 of file CalTableDesc.h.

casa::CalTableDesc::CalTableDesc ( const casacore::String type)

Construct from the Jones table type.

Member Function Documentation

virtual casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::calDescDesc ( )
virtual casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::calHistoryDesc ( )
virtual casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::calMainDesc ( )
casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::defaultCalDesc ( )
casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::defaultCalHistory ( )
casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::defaultCalMain ( const casacore::String type)

Generate the default sub-table descriptors.

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::defaultFitDesc ( )

Generate the default table descriptor for fit parameters.

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::defaultPolyDesc ( )

Generate the default table descriptor for general polynomial parameters.

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::defaultSplineDesc ( )

Generate the default table descriptor for spline polynomial parameters.

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::insertDesc ( const casacore::TableDesc tableDesc,
const casacore::TableDesc insert,
const casacore::String insertAfter 

Method to insert one table descriptor into another after a specified column name.

Member Data Documentation

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::itsCalDescDesc

Definition at line 124 of file CalTableDesc.h.

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::itsCalHistoryDesc

Definition at line 123 of file CalTableDesc.h.

casacore::TableDesc casa::CalTableDesc::itsCalMainDesc

casacore::Table descriptors

Definition at line 122 of file CalTableDesc.h.

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