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casa::CanvasCurve Class Reference

#include <CanvasCurve.h>

Public Member Functions

 CanvasCurve ()
 CanvasCurve (CurveData curveData, ErrorData errorData, QString legend, QColor curveColor, int curveType, double beamAngle, double beamArea, casacore::SpectralCoordinate coord)
QColor getColor () const
void setColor (QColor color)
QString getLegend () const
void setLegend (const QString &legend)
int getCurveType () const
CurveData getCurveData ()
casacore::Vector< float > getXValues () const
casacore::Vector< float > getYValues () const
CurveData getErrorData ()
QString getToolTip (double x, double y, const QString &xUnit, const QString &yUnit) const
void getMinMax (casacore::Double &xmin, casacore::Double &xmax, casacore::Double &ymin, casacore::Double &ymax, bool plotError) const
std::pair< double, double > getRangeFor (double xMin, double xMax, casacore::Bool &exists)
void scaleYValues (const QString &oldDisplayUnits, const QString &yUnitDisplay, const QString &xUnits)
double convertValue (double value, double freqValue, const QString &oldDisplayUnits, const QString &yUnitDisplay, const QString &xUnits, casacore::SpectralCoordinate &coord)
virtual ~CanvasCurve ()

Private Member Functions

casacore::Vector< float > getErrorValues () const
double getMaxY () const
double getMaxError () const
void storeData (const QString &oldUnits)
void setYValues (const casacore::Vector< float > &yValues)
void setErrorValues (const casacore::Vector< float > &errorValues)
double calculateRelativeError (double minValue, double maxValue) const
void calculateRelativeErrors (double &errorX, double &errorY) const

Private Attributes

QColor curveColor
QString legend
CurveData curveData
ErrorData errorData
QString maxUnits
double maxValue
double maxErrorValue
double beamAngle
double beamArea
int curveType
casacore::SpectralCoordinate spectralCoordinate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file CanvasCurve.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::CanvasCurve::CanvasCurve ( )
casa::CanvasCurve::CanvasCurve ( CurveData  curveData,
ErrorData  errorData,
QString  legend,
QColor  curveColor,
int  curveType,
double  beamAngle,
double  beamArea,
casacore::SpectralCoordinate  coord 
virtual casa::CanvasCurve::~CanvasCurve ( )

Member Function Documentation

double casa::CanvasCurve::calculateRelativeError ( double  minValue,
double  maxValue 
) const
void casa::CanvasCurve::calculateRelativeErrors ( double &  errorX,
double &  errorY 
) const
double casa::CanvasCurve::convertValue ( double  value,
double  freqValue,
const QString &  oldDisplayUnits,
const QString &  yUnitDisplay,
const QString &  xUnits,
casacore::SpectralCoordinate coord 
QColor casa::CanvasCurve::getColor ( ) const
CurveData casa::CanvasCurve::getCurveData ( )
int casa::CanvasCurve::getCurveType ( ) const
CurveData casa::CanvasCurve::getErrorData ( )
casacore::Vector<float> casa::CanvasCurve::getErrorValues ( ) const
QString casa::CanvasCurve::getLegend ( ) const
double casa::CanvasCurve::getMaxError ( ) const
double casa::CanvasCurve::getMaxY ( ) const
void casa::CanvasCurve::getMinMax ( casacore::Double xmin,
casacore::Double xmax,
casacore::Double ymin,
casacore::Double ymax,
bool  plotError 
) const
std::pair<double,double> casa::CanvasCurve::getRangeFor ( double  xMin,
double  xMax,
casacore::Bool exists 
QString casa::CanvasCurve::getToolTip ( double  x,
double  y,
const QString &  xUnit,
const QString &  yUnit 
) const
casacore::Vector<float> casa::CanvasCurve::getXValues ( ) const
casacore::Vector<float> casa::CanvasCurve::getYValues ( ) const
void casa::CanvasCurve::scaleYValues ( const QString &  oldDisplayUnits,
const QString &  yUnitDisplay,
const QString &  xUnits 
void casa::CanvasCurve::setColor ( QColor  color)
void casa::CanvasCurve::setErrorValues ( const casacore::Vector< float > &  errorValues)
void casa::CanvasCurve::setLegend ( const QString &  legend)
void casa::CanvasCurve::setYValues ( const casacore::Vector< float > &  yValues)
void casa::CanvasCurve::storeData ( const QString &  oldUnits)

Member Data Documentation

double casa::CanvasCurve::beamAngle

Definition at line 87 of file CanvasCurve.h.

double casa::CanvasCurve::beamArea

Definition at line 88 of file CanvasCurve.h.

QColor casa::CanvasCurve::curveColor

Definition at line 80 of file CanvasCurve.h.

CurveData casa::CanvasCurve::curveData

Definition at line 82 of file CanvasCurve.h.

int casa::CanvasCurve::curveType

Definition at line 89 of file CanvasCurve.h.

ErrorData casa::CanvasCurve::errorData

Definition at line 83 of file CanvasCurve.h.

QString casa::CanvasCurve::legend

Definition at line 81 of file CanvasCurve.h.

double casa::CanvasCurve::maxErrorValue

Definition at line 86 of file CanvasCurve.h.

QString casa::CanvasCurve::maxUnits

Definition at line 84 of file CanvasCurve.h.

double casa::CanvasCurve::maxValue

Definition at line 85 of file CanvasCurve.h.

casacore::SpectralCoordinate casa::CanvasCurve::spectralCoordinate

Definition at line 90 of file CanvasCurve.h.

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