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casa::DataSampling Class Reference

Provides sampling of data for esimation algorithms. More...

#include <DataSampling.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::DataSampling:
casa::ImageDataSampling casa::SDDataSampling casa::SynDataSampling

Public Member Functions

 DataSampling ()
 DataSampling (const DataSampling &other)
 Copy constructor. More...
DataSamplingoperator= (const DataSampling &other)
 Assignment operator. More...
virtual ~DataSampling ()
const casacore::Array
< casacore::Float > & 
getDX () const
const casacore::Array
< casacore::Float > & 
getData () const
const casacore::Array
< casacore::Float > & 
getSigma () const
const casacore::Array
< casacore::Float > & 
getPRF () const
casacore::String getIDLScript () const

Protected Member Functions

void ok ()

Protected Attributes

casacore::Array< casacore::Floatdx_p
casacore::Array< casacore::Floatdata_p
casacore::Array< casacore::Floatsigma_p
casacore::Array< casacore::Floatprf_p
casacore::Int lastRow
casacore::String IDLScript_p

Detailed Description

Provides sampling of data for esimation algorithms.

Intended use:

Public interface


Samples casacore::Data as needed for various estimation algorithms


Esimation algorithms such as the Pixon method need sampled and unitless versions of the data. This class is a base class for such sampling classes. Derived examples are for single dish imaging (SDDataSampling) and image deconvolution (ImageDataSampling).

THe calculated quantities are

Definition at line 104 of file DataSampling.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::DataSampling::DataSampling ( )
casa::DataSampling::DataSampling ( const DataSampling other)

Copy constructor.

virtual casa::DataSampling::~DataSampling ( )

Member Function Documentation

const casacore::Array<casacore::Float>& casa::DataSampling::getData ( ) const
const casacore::Array<casacore::Float>& casa::DataSampling::getDX ( ) const
casacore::String casa::DataSampling::getIDLScript ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file DataSampling.h.

References IDLScript_p.

const casacore::Array<casacore::Float>& casa::DataSampling::getPRF ( ) const
const casacore::Array<casacore::Float>& casa::DataSampling::getSigma ( ) const
void casa::DataSampling::ok ( )
DataSampling& casa::DataSampling::operator= ( const DataSampling other)

Assignment operator.

Member Data Documentation

casacore::Array<casacore::Float> casa::DataSampling::data_p

Definition at line 130 of file DataSampling.h.

casacore::Array<casacore::Float> casa::DataSampling::dx_p

Definition at line 125 of file DataSampling.h.

casacore::String casa::DataSampling::IDLScript_p

Definition at line 136 of file DataSampling.h.

Referenced by getIDLScript().

casacore::Int casa::DataSampling::lastRow

Definition at line 134 of file DataSampling.h.

casacore::Array<casacore::Float> casa::DataSampling::prf_p

Definition at line 132 of file DataSampling.h.

casacore::Array<casacore::Float> casa::DataSampling::sigma_p

Definition at line 131 of file DataSampling.h.

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