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casa::DisplayMethod Class Referenceabstract

Base class for drawing a particular element (view) of a DisplayData. More...

#include <DisplayMethod.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::DisplayMethod:
casa::CachingDisplayMethod casa::PrincipalAxesDM casa::AxesDisplayMethod casa::DrawingDisplayMethod casa::Histogram2dDM casa::MSAsRasterDM casa::Profile2dDM casa::RegionShapeDM casa::SkyCatOverlayDM casa::TblAsContourDM casa::TblAsRasterDM casa::TblAsXYDM casa::WedgeDM casa::WorldAxesDM casa::LatticePADisplayMethod< T > casa::ScrollingRasterDM

Public Member Functions

 DisplayMethod (DisplayData *parentDisplayData)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~DisplayMethod ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void draw (Display::RefreshReason reason, WorldCanvasHolder &wcHolder)=0
 Draw on the provided WorldCanvasHolder. More...
virtual void cleanup ()
 clear drawlist state. More...
void addRestriction (Attribute &newAt, casacore::Bool permanent)
 Set & remove restrictions. More...
void addRestrictions (AttributeBuffer &newBuf)
void setRestriction (Attribute &newAt)
void setRestrictions (AttributeBuffer &newBuf)
void removeRestriction (const casacore::String &name)
casacore::Bool existRestriction (const casacore::String &name)
void clearRestrictions ()
casacore::Bool matches (Attribute &at)
 match restriction More...
casacore::Bool matches (AttributeBuffer &atBuf)

Protected Member Functions

 DisplayMethod ()
 (Required) default constructor. More...
 DisplayMethod (const DisplayMethod &other)
 (Required) copy constructor. More...
void operator= (const DisplayMethod &other)
 (Required) copy assignment. More...
DisplayDataparentDisplayData ()
 Return the parent DisplayData. More...

Protected Attributes

AttributeBuffer restrictions

Private Attributes



class DisplayData
 Allow DisplayData objects to find out about restrictions in DisplayMethod elements... More...

Detailed Description

Base class for drawing a particular element (view) of a DisplayData.


This base class defines an interface for drawing a single view of a DisplayData object. The fundamental idea is that a DisplayData class will manage one or more DisplayMethod objects, and request the individual objects to draw as necessary.

Definition at line 56 of file DisplayMethod.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::DisplayMethod::DisplayMethod ( DisplayData parentDisplayData)


DisplayMethods need to know who their parent DisplayData is.

virtual casa::DisplayMethod::~DisplayMethod ( )


casa::DisplayMethod::DisplayMethod ( )

(Required) default constructor.

casa::DisplayMethod::DisplayMethod ( const DisplayMethod other)

(Required) copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void casa::DisplayMethod::addRestriction ( Attribute newAt,
casacore::Bool  permanent 

Set & remove restrictions.

void casa::DisplayMethod::addRestrictions ( AttributeBuffer newBuf)
virtual void casa::DisplayMethod::cleanup ( )

clear drawlist state.

dk note 11/03: Only used by the PrincipleAxesDM branch, where the implementation has been moved. Implementation should remain null on the CachingDD/DM branch, which uses different interface (purgeCache) and state for this.

Reimplemented in casa::WedgeDM, casa::TblAsXYDM, casa::PrincipalAxesDM, casa::TblAsRasterDM, casa::TblAsContourDM, casa::Histogram2dDM, casa::Profile2dDM, casa::SkyCatOverlayDM, casa::DrawingDisplayMethod, casa::AxesDisplayMethod, and casa::WorldAxesDM.

void casa::DisplayMethod::clearRestrictions ( )
virtual void casa::DisplayMethod::draw ( Display::RefreshReason  reason,
WorldCanvasHolder wcHolder 
pure virtual

Draw on the provided WorldCanvasHolder.

Implemented in casa::CachingDisplayMethod, and casa::PrincipalAxesDM.

casacore::Bool casa::DisplayMethod::existRestriction ( const casacore::String name)
casacore::Bool casa::DisplayMethod::matches ( Attribute at)

match restriction

casacore::Bool casa::DisplayMethod::matches ( AttributeBuffer atBuf)
void casa::DisplayMethod::operator= ( const DisplayMethod other)

(Required) copy assignment.

DisplayData* casa::DisplayMethod::parentDisplayData ( )

Return the parent DisplayData.

Definition at line 113 of file DisplayMethod.h.

References itsParentDisplayData.

Referenced by casa::MSAsRasterDM::drawIntoList().

void casa::DisplayMethod::removeRestriction ( const casacore::String name)
void casa::DisplayMethod::setRestriction ( Attribute newAt)
void casa::DisplayMethod::setRestrictions ( AttributeBuffer newBuf)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DisplayData

Allow DisplayData objects to find out about restrictions in DisplayMethod elements...

Definition at line 97 of file DisplayMethod.h.

Member Data Documentation

DisplayData* casa::DisplayMethod::itsParentDisplayData

Definition at line 119 of file DisplayMethod.h.

Referenced by parentDisplayData().

AttributeBuffer casa::DisplayMethod::restrictions

Definition at line 101 of file DisplayMethod.h.

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