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casa::DlinJones Class Reference

DlinJones (linearized DJones) More...

#include <DJones.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::DlinJones:
casa::DJones casa::SolvableVisJones casa::SolvableVisMueller casa::VisJones casa::SolvableVisCal casa::VisMueller casa::VisMueller casa::VisCal casa::VisCal casa::VisCal casa::DflinJones

Public Member Functions

 DlinJones (VisSet &vs)
 Constructor. More...
 DlinJones (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 DlinJones (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 DlinJones (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~DlinJones ()
virtual casacore::String typeName ()
 Return type name as string. More...
virtual casacore::String longTypeName ()
virtual Jones::JonesType jonesType ()
 Type of Jones matrix according to nPar() Do linearized matrix algebra. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::DJones
 DJones (VisSet &vs)
 Constructor. More...
 DJones (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 DJones (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 DJones (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~DJones ()
virtual void setApply (const casacore::Record &apply)
void setSolve (const casacore::Record &solvepar)
virtual Type type ()
 Return the type enum. More...
virtual casacore::Int solvePol ()
 We can solve for polarization with D. More...
virtual void setUpForPolSolve (vi::VisBuffer2 &vb)
 Specialization that conditions raw data & model for OTF pol solving. More...
virtual void guessPar (VisBuffer &vb)
 Hazard a guess at parameters. More...
virtual void guessPar (SDBList &sdbs)
virtual void updatePar (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > dCalPar, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > dSrcPar)
 Update the parameters from solving (in linear approx, we always set the source update to zero, for now!) More...
virtual void formSolveSNR ()
 SNR is 1/err for D-terms (?) More...
virtual void globalPostSolveTinker ()
 D-specific post-solve stuff. More...
virtual void reReference ()
 D-specific reReference TBD: non-triv impl. More...
virtual void applyRefAnt ()
 Apply reference antenna (generic Jones version) More...
virtual void logResults ()
 Method to list the D results. More...
virtual void createCorruptor (const VisIter &vi, const casacore::Record &simpar, const casacore::Int nSim)
 make a corruptor in a VC-specific way More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::SolvableVisJones
 SolvableVisJones (VisSet &vs)
 SolvableVisJones (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 SolvableVisJones (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
 SolvableVisJones (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
virtual ~SolvableVisJones ()
virtual casacore::Int nTotalPar ()
 Total number of (complex) parameters per solve Jones version: nPar()*nAnt() More...
virtual casacore::Bool normalizable ()
 Does normalization by MODEL_DATA commute with this VisCal? More...
virtual void differentiate (CalVisBuffer &cvb)
 Differentiate VB model w.r.t. More...
virtual void differentiate (SolveDataBuffer &sdb)
virtual void differentiate (VisBuffer &vb, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &V, casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &dV, casacore::Matrix< casacore::Bool > &Vflg)
virtual void diffSrc (VisBuffer &vb, casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &dV)
 Differentiate VB model w.r.t. More...
virtual void accumulate (SolvableVisCal *incr, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &fields)
 Accumulate another VisCal onto this one. More...
void fluxscale (const casacore::String &outfile, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &refFieldIn, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &tranFieldIn, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &inRefSpwMap, const casacore::Vector< casacore::String > &fldNames, const casacore::Float &inGainThres, const casacore::String &antSel, const casacore::String &timerangeSel, const casacore::String &scanSel, SolvableVisCal::fluxScaleStruct &oFluxScaleStruct, const casacore::String &oListFile, const casacore::Bool &incremental=false, const casacore::Int &fitorder=1, const casacore::Bool &display=false)
 Fluxscale is implemented here. More...
virtual void keepNCT ()
 SVJ-specific write to caltable. More...
virtual void state ()
 Report state: More...
virtual void listCal (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > ufldids, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > uantids, const casacore::Matrix< casacore::Int > uchanids, const casacore::String &listfile="", const casacore::Int &pagerows=50)
 Write calibration solutions to the terminal. More...
int writeHeader (const casacore::uInt numAntCols, const casacore::uInt numAnts, const casacore::uInt iElem)
 Write header for listCal output. More...
virtual void nearest (const casacore::Double, casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &)
virtual void nearest (const casacore::Double, casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &)
void setupPlotter ()
 plotting historgram More...
void plotHistogram (const casacore::String &title, const casacore::Int index, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Double > &data, const casacore::Int nbin)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::SolvableVisMueller
 SolvableVisMueller (VisSet &vs)
 SolvableVisMueller (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 SolvableVisMueller (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 SolvableVisMueller (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~SolvableVisMueller ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::SolvableVisCal
 SolvableVisCal (VisSet &vs)
 SolvableVisCal (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 SolvableVisCal (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 SolvableVisCal (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~SolvableVisCal ()
casacore::StringcalTableName ()
 Access to user-supplied parameters. More...
casacore::StringcalTableSelect ()
casacore::Boolappend ()
casacore::StringtInterpType ()
casacore::StringfInterpType ()
casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > & spwMap ()
casacore::Stringrefantmode ()
casacore::Intrefant ()
casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > & refantlist ()
casacore::Intminblperant ()
casacore::Stringapmode ()
casacore::Stringsolmode ()
< casacore::Float > & 
rmsthresh ()
casacore::Stringsolint ()
casacore::Stringfsolint ()
casacore::Doublepreavg ()
const SolNormsolNorm ()
casacore::Bool solnorm ()
casacore::FloatminSNR ()
casacore::Stringcombine ()
casacore::Bool combspw ()
casacore::Bool combfld ()
casacore::Bool combscan ()
casacore::Bool combobs ()
virtual casacore::Bool useGenericGatherForSolve ()
 Report if calibration available for specified spw (if no CalInterp available, assume true) More...
virtual casacore::Bool useGenericSolveOne ()
 Use generic solution engine for a single solve (usually inside the generic gathering mechanism) More...
virtual casacore::Bool divideByStokesIModelForSolve ()
 Should data and model be divided by Stokes I model before average+solve? (Nominally false, for now) More...
virtual casacore::Bool accumulatable ()
 Is this type capable of accumulation? (nominally no) More...
virtual casacore::Bool smoothable ()
 Is this type capable of smoothing? (nominally no) More...
virtual casacore::Bool phandonly ()
 Should only parallel-hands be used in solving? (generally no (default=false), but GJones and related will override, and eventually this will be a user-set-able parameter) More...
casacore::IntfocusChan ()
 Access to focus channel. More...
casacore::Bool isSolved ()
 Is this ready to solve? More...
virtual casacore::Bool isSolvable ()
 Is this solveable? (via this interface, nominally yes) More...
virtual void setApply ()
 Set the application parameters. More...
virtual void setCallib (const casacore::Record &callib, const casacore::MeasurementSet &selms)
virtual void setModel (const casacore::String &)
virtual casacore::String applyinfo ()
 Report apply info/params, e.g. More...
virtual void setSolve ()
 Set the solving parameters. More...
virtual casacore::String solveinfo ()
 Report solve info/params, e.g., for logging. More...
virtual void setAccumulate (VisSet &vs, const casacore::String &table, const casacore::String &select, const casacore::Double &t, const casacore::Int &refAnt=-1)
 Arrange for accumulation. More...
virtual casacore::Complex defaultPar ()
 Default value for parameters. More...
virtual casacore::Float defaultRPar ()
virtual casacore::Complex defaultCPar ()
virtual void setSpecify (const casacore::Record &specify)
 Arrange to build a cal table from specified values. More...
virtual void specify (const casacore::Record &specify)
 Fill a caltable with specified values. More...
virtual casacore::Int sizeUpSolve (VisSet &vs, casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &nChunkPerSol)
 Size up the solving arrays, etc. More...
void inflate (VisSet &vs, const casacore::Bool &fillMeta=false)
 These inflate methods soon to deprecate (gmoellen, 20121212) Inflate the pristine CalSet (from VisSet info) More...
virtual void inflate (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &nChanDat, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &startChanDat, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &nSlot)
 Inflate the pristine CalSet (generically) More...
double solTimeInterval () const
 Time-dep solution interval (VI2) More...
casacore::DoublefintervalHz ()
 Freq-dep solint values (const?!) More...
casacore::DoublefintervalCh ()
const casacore::Vector
< casacore::Double > & 
fintervalChV ()
casacore::Matrix< casacore::IntchanAveBounds ()
casacore::Matrix< casacore::IntchanAveBounds (casacore::Int spw)
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Complex > & 
solveCPar ()
 Access to current solution parameters and matrices. More...
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
solveRPar ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Bool > & 
solveParOK ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
solveParErr ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
solveParSNR ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Complex > & 
solveAllCPar ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
solveAllRPar ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Bool > & 
solveAllParOK ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
solveAllParErr ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
solveAllParSNR ()
virtual void solveAllCPar (casacore::Int spw, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &cparSpw)
 Access to per-spw solution parameters and matrices. More...
virtual void solveAllRPar (casacore::Int spw, casacore::Cube< casacore::Float > &rparSpw)
virtual void solveAllParOK (casacore::Int spw, casacore::Cube< casacore::Bool > &parokSpw)
virtual void solveAllParErr (casacore::Int spw, casacore::Cube< casacore::Float > &parerrSpw)
virtual void solveAllParSNR (casacore::Int spw, casacore::Cube< casacore::Float > &parsnrSpw)
< casacore::Complex > & 
srcPolPar ()
 Access to source pol parameters. More...
casacore::Bool syncSolveMeta (VisBuffer &vb, const casacore::Int &fieldId)
 Synchronize the meta data with a solvable VisBuffer (returns false if VisBuffer has no valid data) More...
casacore::Bool syncSolveMeta (VisBuffGroupAcc &vbga)
void syncSolveMeta (SDBList &sdbs)
void overrideObsScan (casacore::Int obs, casacore::Int scan)
 Provide for override of currScan and currObs. More...
virtual void enforceAPonData (VisBuffer &vb)
 If apmode() is "A", convert vb's visibilities to amp + 0i. More...
virtual casacore::Bool verifyConstraints (VisBuffGroupAcc &vbag)
 Verify VisBuffer data sufficient for solving (wts, etc.) More...
virtual casacore::Bool verifyConstraints (SDBList &sdbs)
virtual casacore::Bool verifyForSolve (VisBuffer &vb)
virtual void selfGatherAndSolve (VisSet &vs, VisEquation &ve)
 Self- gather and/or solve prototypes (triggered by useGenericGatherForSolve=F or useGenericSolveOne=F; must be overridden in derived specializations) More...
virtual void selfSolveOne (VisBuffGroupAcc &vs)
virtual void selfSolveOne (SDBList &)
void setUpForPolSolve (VisBuffer &vb)
 Set up data and model for pol solve. More...
virtual void differentiate (VisBuffer &, VisBuffer &, VisBuffer &, casacore::Matrix< casacore::Bool > &)
virtual void updatePar (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > dCalPar)
virtual void applySNRThreshold ()
 Apply SNR threshold. More...
virtual casacore::Record actionRec ()
 Retrieve the cal flag info as a record. More...
virtual casacore::Record solveActionRec ()
 Retrieve solve-related info via Record. More...
virtual void smooth (casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &fields, const casacore::String &smtype, const casacore::Double &smtime)
virtual void reportSolvedQU ()
 Report solved-for QU. More...
virtual void createMemCalTable ()
 New CalTable handling. More...
virtual void keep1 (casacore::Int ichan)
virtual void storeNCT ()
void storeNCT (const casacore::String &tableName, const casacore::Bool &append)
virtual void loadMemCalTable (casacore::String ctname, casacore::String field="")
virtual casacore::Bool spwOK (casacore::Int ispw)
 New spwOK. More...
virtual casacore::Bool VBOKforCalApply (vi::VisBuffer2 &vb)
 Is VB OK for calibration? More...
virtual casacore::Bool calAvailable (vi::VisBuffer2 &)
 Calibration available? More...
virtual void enforceAPonSoln ()
 Divide all solutions by their amplitudes. More...
virtual void normalize ()
 Normalize a solution (generic implementation) More...
virtual VisCalEnum::VCParType setParType (VisCalEnum::VCParType type)
virtual void currMetaNote ()
void setChanMask (casacore::PtrBlock< casacore::Vector< casacore::Bool > * > &chanmask)
 Handle external channel mask. More...
void clearChanMask ()
void applyChanMask (VisBuffer &vb)
virtual void printActivity (const casacore::Int nSlots, const casacore::Int slotNo, const casacore::Int fieldId, const casacore::Int spw, const casacore::Int nSolutions)
 Log periodic solver activity. More...
virtual void markTimer ()
virtual void setSimulate (VisSet &vs, casacore::Record &simpar, casacore::Vector< casacore::Double > &solTimes)

Set the simulation parameters More...

casacore::Stringsimint ()
 access to simulation variables that are general to all VisCals More...
virtual casacore::String siminfo ()
 Simulation info/params, suitable for logging. More...
casacore::Bool isSimulated ()
 Is this calibration simulated? More...
casacore::Int sizeUpSim (VisSet &vs, casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &nChunkPerSol, casacore::Vector< casacore::Double > &solTimes)
 calculate # required slots to simulate this SVC More...
virtual void setMeta (int obs, int scan, double time, int spw, const casacore::Vector< double > &freq, int fld)
 VI2-related refactor-----------------------------------—. More...
virtual int sizeSolveParCurrSpw (int nVisChan)
 Reshape solvePar* arrays for the currSpw() (ensitive to freqDepPar()) (VI2: replaces initSolvePar part of sizeUpSolve) More...
virtual void setDefSolveParCurrSpw (bool sync=false)
 Set parameters to def values in the currSpw(), and optionally sync everything. More...
void reParseSolintForVI2 ()
 Parse solint in VI2 context. More...
virtual void createMemCalTable2 ()
 Generate the in-memory caltable (empty) NB: no subtable revisions. More...
virtual void setOrVerifyCTFrequencies (int spw)
 Set (or verify) freq info in output cal table for specified spw. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::VisCal
 VisCal (VisSet &vs)
 VisCal (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 VisCal (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 VisCal (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~VisCal ()
virtual VisCalEnum::VCParType parType ()
 Return the parameter type (nominally complex) More...
virtual casacore::Vector
< casacore::Bool
spwOK ()
 Report calibration availability per spw (always true for non-tabular?) More...
virtual casacore::Bool freqDepPar ()
 Frequency-dependent Parameters? Nominally not. More...
const casacore::IntnChanPar () const
 Number of par channels in current spw. More...
virtual casacore::Bool freqDepMat ()
 Frequency-dependent Matrices? Nominally same as freqDepPar. More...
virtual casacore::Bool freqDepCalWt ()
 Freq-dep Weight scaling? // almost always false. More...
virtual casacore::Bool timeDepMat ()
 Matrices time-dependent per parameter set (nominally no) More...
casacore::Bool isApplied ()
 Is this calibration matrix to be applied? More...
virtual casacore::Doubleinterval ()
 Return the time interval over which this calibration is constant. More...
casacore::BoolcalWt ()
 Trigger calibration of weights. More...
virtual void correct (VisBuffer &vb, casacore::Bool trial=false)
 Apply calibration to data in VisBuffer (correct casacore::Data or corrupt Model) (in-place versions) More...
virtual void correct2 (vi::VisBuffer2 &vb, casacore::Bool trial=false, casacore::Bool doWtSp=false, casacore::Bool dosync=true)
virtual void corrupt (VisBuffer &vb)
virtual void corrupt2 (vi::VisBuffer2 &vb)
virtual void correct (VisBuffer &vb, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &Vout, casacore::Bool trial=false)
 Apply calibration to data in VisBuffer; (alternate output versions) More...
virtual void corrupt (VisBuffer &vb, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &Mout)
virtual void corrupt2 (vi::VisBuffer2 &vb, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &Mout)
virtual void initCalFlagCount ()
 Flag counting. More...
void setPrtlev (const casacore::Int &prtlev)
 Set the print level. More...
casacore::Int blnidx (const casacore::Int &a1, const casacore::Int &a2)
 Baseline index from antenna indices: (assumes a1<=a2 !!) More...
casacore::StringextraTag ()
virtual void sizeApplyParCurrSpw (int nVisChan)
 Reshape solvePar* arrays for the currSpw() (sensitive to freqDepPar()) More...
virtual void setDefApplyParCurrSpw (bool sync=false, bool doInv=false)
 Set parameters to def values in the currSpw(), and optionally sync everything. More...
virtual void setApplyParCurrSpw (const casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > cpar, bool sync=false, bool doInv=false)
 Set parameters to specified values in the currSpw(), and optionally sync matrices. More...
virtual void setApplyParCurrSpw (const casacore::Cube< float > rpar, bool sync=false, bool doInv=false)
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Complex > & 
currCPar ()
 Access (public) to current solution parameters and matrices. More...
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Float > & 
currRPar ()
virtual casacore::Cube
< casacore::Bool > & 
currParOK ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::VisMueller
 VisMueller (VisSet &vs)
 Constructor. More...
 VisMueller (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 VisMueller (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 VisMueller (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~VisMueller ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::VisJones
 VisJones (VisSet &vs)
 Constructor. More...
 VisJones (casacore::String msname, casacore::Int MSnAnt, casacore::Int MSnSpw)
 VisJones (const MSMetaInfoForCal &msmc)
 VisJones (const casacore::Int &nAnt)
virtual ~VisJones ()
virtual VisCalEnum::MatrixType matrixType ()
 Return casacore::Matrix type. More...
virtual Mueller::MuellerType muellerType ()
 What kind of Mueller matrices should we use? (A function of the jonesType and target data shape) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::SolvableVisCal
typedef struct
- Public Types inherited from casa::VisCal
enum  Type {
 Allowed types of VisCal matrices - 'correct' order enum Type{UVMOD,Mf,M,K,B,G,D,C,E,P,T,EP,F}; enum Type{Test=0,ANoise,M,KAntPos,K,B,G,J,D,X,C,P,E,T,F,A,ALL};. More...
enum  ParType {
 Enumeration of parameter types (casacore::Complex, Real, or Both) More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casa::VisCal
static casacore::String nameOfType (Type type)
- Public Attributes inherited from casa::SolvableVisCal
 object that can simulate the corruption terms More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::DJones
virtual casacore::Int nPar ()
 D has two casacore::Complex parameters. More...
virtual casacore::Bool trivialJonesElem ()
 Jones matrix elements are trivial? true if GenLinear, false if General. More...
virtual casacore::Bool trivialDJ ()
 dD/dp are trivial More...
virtual void calcOneJones (casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > &mat, casacore::Vector< casacore::Bool > &mOk, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > &par, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Bool > &pOk)
 Non-trivial Jones matrix calculation. More...
virtual void initTrivDJ ()
 Initialize trivial dJs. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::SolvableVisJones
virtual casacore::Int nCalMat ()
 Number of Cal Matrices to form on baseline axis (Jones, all contexts: nAnt()) More...
virtual casacore::Bool trivialDM ()
 DM never trivial for SVJ. More...
virtual void initSolvePar ()
 Initialize solve parameter shape Jones version: (nPar(),1,nAnt()) (one chan, all antennas) More...
JonesdJ1 ()
 Access to matrix rendering of dJ1, dJ2. More...
JonesdJ2 ()
< casacore::Complex > & 
diffJElem ()
 Access to differentiated Joness. More...
virtual void invalidateDiffCalMat ()
 Invalidate diff cal matrices generically (at this level, M, dM, J, dJ) More...
void invalidateDJ ()
 Validation of Jones matrix derivatives. More...
void validateDJ ()
casacore::Bool DJValid ()
virtual void syncDiffMat ()
 Synchronize the differentiated calibration (specialization for Jones) More...
virtual void syncDiffJones ()
 Synchronize the Jones AND diffJones matrices. More...
virtual void calcAllDiffJones ()
 Calculate the ensemble of diff'd Jones Elements. More...
virtual void calcOneDiffJones (casacore::Matrix< casacore::Complex > &mat, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > &par)
 Calculate one ant/chan's diffJElem w.r.t. More...
void createDiffJones ()
 Create matrix renderers for dJs. More...
void setMatByOk ()
 Override VJ::setMatByOk in solve context. More...
virtual void stateSVJ (const casacore::Bool &doVC)
virtual casacore::Float calcPowerNorm (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &amp, const casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &ok)
 atomic power normalization calculation SVJ version assumes amp in voltage units More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::SolvableVisMueller
MuellerdM ()
 Access to matrix rendering of dM (per par) More...
< casacore::Complex > & 
diffMElem ()
 Access to differentiated Mueller elements. More...
void invalidateDM ()
 Validation of diffMueller matrices. More...
void validateDM ()
casacore::Bool DMValid ()
virtual void syncDiffMueller ()
 Synchronize the Muellers AND diffMuellers. More...
virtual void calcAllDiffMueller ()
 Calculate the ensemble of diff'd Mueller Elements. More...
virtual void calcOneDiffMueller (casacore::Matrix< casacore::Complex > &mat, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > &par)
 Calculate one diffMElem. More...
void createDiffMueller ()
 Create matrix renderers for dMs. More...
virtual void initTrivDM ()
 Initialize trivial diff'd Muellers. More...
virtual void stateSVM (const casacore::Bool &doVC)
 SVM-specific state. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::SolvableVisCal
void setSolved (const casacore::Bool &flag)
 Set to-be-solved-for flag. More...
virtual void setSolveChannelization (VisSet &vs)
 Set matrix channelization according to a VisSet. More...
virtual void convertHzToCh ()
 Convert Hz to Ch in fsolint. More...
virtual void setFracChanAve ()
 Calculate chan averaging bounds. More...
void inflateNCTwithMetaData (VisSet &vs)
 Inflate an NCT w/ meta-data according to a VisSet (for accum) More...
void syncSolveCal ()
 Synchronize calibration for solve context. More...
void syncSolvePar ()
 Synchronize parameters for solve context. More...
virtual void calcPar ()
 Calculate parameters by some means (e.g., interpolation from a CalSet) More...
virtual void calcParByCLPP ()
virtual void stateSVC (const casacore::Bool &doVC)
 Report the SVC-specific state, w/ option for VC::state() More...
casacore::Complex normSolnArray (casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &sol, const casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &solOK, const casacore::Bool doPhase=false)
 Normalize a (complex) solution array (generic) More...
casacore::LogIOlogSink ()
 Logger. More...
void verifyCalTable (const casacore::String &caltablename)
 Check if a cal table is appropriate. More...
void sortVisSet (VisSet &vs, const casacore::Bool verbose=false)
void setSimulated (const casacore::Bool &flag)
 Set state flag to simulate cal terms. More...
casacore::BoolsimOnTheFly ()
 RI todo implement calcOneJones like calcAllMueller calculate terms during apply, or up front during setSim? More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::VisCal
void setApplied (const casacore::Bool &flag)
 Set applied state flag. More...
casacore::StringmsName ()
casacore::IntnSpw ()
 General Shape Info. More...
casacore::IntnAnt ()
casacore::IntnBln ()
casacore::IntcurrSpw ()
 Current in-focus spw. More...
casacore::DoublelastTime ()
 Current coords. More...
casacore::DoublecurrTime ()
casacore::IntcurrScan ()
casacore::IntcurrObs ()
casacore::IntcurrField ()
casacore::IntcurrIntent ()
< casacore::Double > & 
currFreq ()
casacore::DoublerefTime ()
casacore::DoublerefFreq ()
casacore::IntnChanPar ()
 Current spectral shapes. More...
casacore::IntnChanMat ()
casacore::IntstartChan ()
casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > & nChanParList ()
casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > & nChanMatList ()
casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > & startChanList ()
VisVectorV ()
 Access to matrix renderings of Visibilities. More...
void invalidateP ()
 Validation of calibration parameters. More...
void validateP ()
casacore::Bool PValid ()
casacore::Cube< casacore::Float > & currWtScale ()
 Access to weight-scaling factors. More...
virtual void countInFlag (const VisBuffer &vb)
 Flag counting. More...
virtual void countInFlag2 (const vi::VisBuffer2 &vb)
virtual void countOutFlag (const VisBuffer &vb)
virtual void countOutFlag2 (const vi::VisBuffer2 &vb)
virtual void syncCal (const VisBuffer &vb, const casacore::Bool &doInv=false)
 Synchronize "gains" with a VisBuffer or another VisCal. More...
virtual void syncCal2 (const vi::VisBuffer2 &vb, const casacore::Bool &doInv=false)
virtual void syncCal (VisCal &vc)
virtual void syncMeta (const VisBuffer &vb)
 Set internal meta data from a VisBuffer or another VisCal. More...
virtual void syncMeta2 (const vi::VisBuffer2 &vb)
void syncMeta (VisCal &vc)
void syncMeta (const casacore::Int &spw, const casacore::Double &time, const casacore::Int &field, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Double > &freq, const casacore::Int &nchan)
void setCalChannelization (const casacore::Int &nChanDat)
 Set the calibration matrix channelization. More...
void checkCurrCal ()
 Test for need of new calibration. More...
virtual void syncCal (const casacore::Bool &doInv=false)
 Synchronize "gains" with current meta-data. More...
virtual void syncPar ()
 Sync parameters for current meta data. More...
casacore::Intprtlev ()
 Return print (cout) level. More...
void setCurrField (const casacore::Int &ifld)
 set current field index vector to given field id More...
const MSMetaInfoForCalmsmc () const
 Access to the MSMetaInfoForCal (throws if none) More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::VisMueller
MuellerM ()
 Access to matrix renderings of Muellers. More...
< casacore::Complex > & 
currMElem ()
 Access to current matrices. More...
casacore::Cube< casacore::Bool > & currMElemOK ()
void invalidateM ()
 Validation of Mueller matrices (for currSpw) More...
void validateM ()
casacore::Bool MValid ()
virtual void syncMueller (const casacore::Bool &doInv=false)
 Sync Mueller matrix elements for current parameters. More...
virtual void calcOneMueller (casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > &mat, casacore::Vector< casacore::Bool > &mOk, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Complex > &par, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Bool > &pOk)
 Calculate a single Mueller matrix by some means. More...
virtual void invMueller ()
 Invert Mueller matrices. More...
void createMueller ()
 Create Mueller matrix algebra interface. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::VisJones
virtual casacore::IntnElem ()
 Number of parameter sets is number of antennas. More...
virtual casacore::Bool trivialMuellerElem ()
 Jones matrices can never be trivial Muellers! More...
virtual casacore::Bool applyByMueller ()
 Are we applying via Mueller or Jones multiplication? (probably by Jones for native Jones?) More...
virtual casacore::Bool applyByJones ()
JonesJ1 ()
 Access to matrix renderings of Jones matrices. More...
JonesJ2 ()
< casacore::Complex > & 
currJElem ()
 Access to Jones matrix element array. More...
casacore::Cube< casacore::Bool > & currJElemOK ()
virtual void invalidateCalMat ()
 Invalidate cal matrices generically (at this level, both Mueller and Jones) More...
void invalidateJ ()
 Validation of Jones matrices. More...
void validateJ ()
casacore::Bool JValid ()
virtual void applyCal (VisBuffer &vb, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &Vout, casacore::Bool trial=false)
 Row-by-row apply to a casacore::Cube<casacore::Complex> (applyByJones override) More...
virtual void applyCal2 (vi::VisBuffer2 &vb, casacore::Cube< casacore::Complex > &Vout, casacore::Cube< casacore::Float > &Wout, casacore::Bool trial=false)
virtual void syncCalMat (const casacore::Bool &doInv=false)
 Sync matrices for current meta data (VisJones override) More...
virtual void calcAllMueller ()
 Calculate an ensemble of Mueller matrices (all baselines, channels) (only meaningful if applyByMueller()=T) More...
virtual void syncJones (const casacore::Bool &doInv=false)
 Synchronize current Jones matrices. More...
virtual void calcAllJones ()
 Calculate an ensemble of Jones matrices (all antennas, channels) More...
virtual void invJones ()
 Invert Jones matrices. More...
void createJones ()
 Create Jones interface. More...
virtual void syncWtScale ()
 Synchronize weight scale factors. More...
virtual void calcWtScale ()
 Perform weight scale calculation (specializable) More...
virtual void updateWt (casacore::Vector< casacore::Float > &wt, const casacore::Int &a1, const casacore::Int &a2)
 Update the wt vector for a baseline. More...
virtual void updateWt2 (casacore::Matrix< casacore::Float > &wt, const casacore::Int &a1, const casacore::Int &a2)
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::SolvableVisCal
casacore::Int parType_
 New CalTable. More...
casacore::Vector< casacore::BoolspwOK_
casacore::Double maxTimePerSolution_p
casacore::Double minTimePerSolution_p
casacore::Double avgTimePerSolution_p
casacore::Float userPrintActivityInterval_p
casacore::Float userPrintActivityFraction_p
casacore::uInt caiRC_p
casacore::uInt cafRC_p
casacore::Timer timer_p

Detailed Description

DlinJones (linearized DJones)

Definition at line 170 of file DJones.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::DlinJones::DlinJones ( VisSet vs)


casa::DlinJones::DlinJones ( casacore::String  msname,
casacore::Int  MSnAnt,
casacore::Int  MSnSpw 
casa::DlinJones::DlinJones ( const MSMetaInfoForCal msmc)
casa::DlinJones::DlinJones ( const casacore::Int nAnt)
virtual casa::DlinJones::~DlinJones ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual Jones::JonesType casa::DlinJones::jonesType ( )

Type of Jones matrix according to nPar() Do linearized matrix algebra.

Reimplemented from casa::DJones.

Definition at line 187 of file DJones.h.

References casa::Jones::GenLinear.

virtual casacore::String casa::DlinJones::longTypeName ( )

Reimplemented from casa::DJones.

Reimplemented in casa::DflinJones.

Definition at line 183 of file DJones.h.

virtual casacore::String casa::DlinJones::typeName ( )

Return type name as string.

Reimplemented from casa::DJones.

Reimplemented in casa::DflinJones.

Definition at line 182 of file DJones.h.

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