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casa::ExtendFlagger Class Reference

#include <ExtendFlagger.h>

Public Member Functions

 ExtendFlagger ()
 Constructor. More...
 ExtendFlagger (casacore::MeasurementSet &ms, const casacore::String &exchan, const casacore::String &excorr, const casacore::String &exant, const casacore::String &exspw, const casacore::String &time, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Vector< casacore::String > > &corrs, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &chans)
virtual ~ExtendFlagger ()
 Destructor. More...
ExtendFlaggeroperator= (const ExtendFlagger &)
 Operator= Equate by reference. More...
casacore::Bool attach (casacore::MeasurementSet &ms)
void detach ()
casacore::Bool initdata (const casacore::String &field="", const casacore::String &spw="", const casacore::String &array="", const casacore::String &feed="", const casacore::String &scan="", const casacore::String &baseline="", const casacore::String &uvrange="", const casacore::String &time="", const casacore::String &correlation="", const casacore::String &intent="")
casacore::Bool setdata ()
casacore::Bool selectdata (casacore::Bool useoriginalms=true)
casacore::Bool setmanualflags (casacore::Bool unflag=false, casacore::Bool autocorr=false)
casacore::Bool run (casacore::Bool trial=false, casacore::Bool reset=false)
casacore::Bool extend (const casacore::Vector< FlagID > &flagids)
casacore::Bool extend2 (const casacore::Vector< FlagID > &flagids)
void setField (const casacore::String &field)
void setSpw (const casacore::String &spw)
void setArray (const casacore::String &array)
void setFeed (const casacore::String &feed)
void setScan (const casacore::String &scan)
void setBaseline (const casacore::String &baseline)
void setUvrange (const casacore::String &uvrange)
void setTime (const casacore::String &time)
void setCorrelation (const casacore::String &correlation)
void setIntent (const casacore::String &intent)
void setUnflag (casacore::Bool unflg)
void setExtendChan (const casacore::String &exchan)
void setExtendCorr (const casacore::String &excorr)
void setExtendSpw (const casacore::String &exspw)
void setExtendTime (const casacore::String &extime)
void setExtendAnt (const casacore::String &exant)
void setExtend (const casacore::String &exchan, const casacore::String &excorr, const casacore::String &exspw, const casacore::String &exant, const casacore::String &extime, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Vector< casacore::String > > &corrs, const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &chans)
void setAbleCorr (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Vector< casacore::String > > &corrName)
void setChanNum (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &chanNum)
casacore::String halfExtendCorr (const casacore::String &corr, const casacore::uInt polid=0)
casacore::String ableSpw (const casacore::Int spw)
void show ()

Private Attributes

Flagger flagger
casacore::String field
 casacore::Bool useoriginalms; More...
casacore::String spw
casacore::String array
casacore::String feed
casacore::String scan
casacore::String baseline
casacore::String uvrange
casacore::String time
casacore::String correlation
casacore::String intent
casacore::String clipexpr
< casacore::Double
casacore::String clipcolumn
casacore::Bool outside
casacore::Bool channelavg
casacore::Double quackinterval
casacore::String opmode
casacore::Bool unflag
casacore::String extendChan
casacore::String extendCorr
casacore::String extendSpw
casacore::String extendAnt
casacore::String extendTime
< casacore::Vector
< casacore::String > > 
casacore::Vector< casacore::IntchanNum

Detailed Description

Definition at line 321 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::ExtendFlagger::ExtendFlagger ( )


casa::ExtendFlagger::ExtendFlagger ( casacore::MeasurementSet ms,
const casacore::String exchan,
const casacore::String excorr,
const casacore::String exant,
const casacore::String exspw,
const casacore::String time,
const casacore::Vector< casacore::Vector< casacore::String > > &  corrs,
const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &  chans 
virtual casa::ExtendFlagger::~ExtendFlagger ( )


Member Function Documentation

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::ableSpw ( const casacore::Int  spw)
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::attach ( casacore::MeasurementSet ms)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::detach ( )
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::extend ( const casacore::Vector< FlagID > &  flagids)
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::extend2 ( const casacore::Vector< FlagID > &  flagids)
casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::halfExtendCorr ( const casacore::String corr,
const casacore::uInt  polid = 0 
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::initdata ( const casacore::String field = "",
const casacore::String spw = "",
const casacore::String array = "",
const casacore::String feed = "",
const casacore::String scan = "",
const casacore::String baseline = "",
const casacore::String uvrange = "",
const casacore::String time = "",
const casacore::String correlation = "",
const casacore::String intent = "" 
ExtendFlagger& casa::ExtendFlagger::operator= ( const ExtendFlagger )

Operator= Equate by reference.

Definition at line 336 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::run ( casacore::Bool  trial = false,
casacore::Bool  reset = false 
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::selectdata ( casacore::Bool  useoriginalms = true)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setAbleCorr ( const casacore::Vector< casacore::Vector< casacore::String > > &  corrName)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setArray ( const casacore::String array)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setBaseline ( const casacore::String baseline)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setChanNum ( const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &  chanNum)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setCorrelation ( const casacore::String correlation)
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::setdata ( )
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setExtend ( const casacore::String exchan,
const casacore::String excorr,
const casacore::String exspw,
const casacore::String exant,
const casacore::String extime,
const casacore::Vector< casacore::Vector< casacore::String > > &  corrs,
const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &  chans 
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setExtendAnt ( const casacore::String exant)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setExtendChan ( const casacore::String exchan)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setExtendCorr ( const casacore::String excorr)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setExtendSpw ( const casacore::String exspw)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setExtendTime ( const casacore::String extime)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setFeed ( const casacore::String feed)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setField ( const casacore::String field)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setIntent ( const casacore::String intent)
casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::setmanualflags ( casacore::Bool  unflag = false,
casacore::Bool  autocorr = false 
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setScan ( const casacore::String scan)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setSpw ( const casacore::String spw)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setTime ( const casacore::String time)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setUnflag ( casacore::Bool  unflg)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::setUvrange ( const casacore::String uvrange)
void casa::ExtendFlagger::show ( )

Member Data Documentation

casacore::Vector<casacore::Vector<casacore::String> > casa::ExtendFlagger::ableCorr

Definition at line 417 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::array

Definition at line 392 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::baseline

Definition at line 395 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::channelavg

Definition at line 405 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Vector<casacore::Int> casa::ExtendFlagger::chanNum

Definition at line 418 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::clipcolumn

Definition at line 403 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::clipexpr

Definition at line 401 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Vector<casacore::Double> casa::ExtendFlagger::cliprange

Definition at line 402 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::correlation

Definition at line 398 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::extendAnt

Definition at line 414 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::extendChan

Definition at line 411 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::extendCorr

Definition at line 412 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::extendSpw

Definition at line 413 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::extendTime

Definition at line 415 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::feed

Definition at line 393 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::field

casacore::Bool useoriginalms;

Definition at line 390 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

Flagger casa::ExtendFlagger::flagger

Definition at line 387 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::intent

Definition at line 399 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::opmode

Definition at line 407 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::outside

Definition at line 404 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Double casa::ExtendFlagger::quackinterval

Definition at line 406 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::scan

Definition at line 394 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::spw

Definition at line 391 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::time

Definition at line 397 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::Bool casa::ExtendFlagger::unflag

Definition at line 409 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

casacore::String casa::ExtendFlagger::uvrange

Definition at line 396 of file ExtendFlagger.h.

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