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casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec Class Reference

FVisJonesIonoMRec: FVisJonesIono cal_main table record access/creation. More...

#include <FVisJonesMRec.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec:
casa::FVisJonesMRec casa::TimeVarVisJonesMRec casa::VisJonesMRec casa::CalMainRecord

Public Member Functions

 FVisJonesIonoMRec ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
 ~FVisJonesIonoMRec ()
 FVisJonesIonoMRec (const casacore::Record &inpRec)
 Construct from an existing record. More...
void defineTEC (const casacore::Float &tec)
 Field accessors a) define. More...
void defineTECErr (const casacore::Float &tecErr)
void getTEC (casacore::Float &tec)
 b) get More...
void getTECErr (casacore::Float &tecErr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::FVisJonesMRec
 FVisJonesMRec ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
 ~FVisJonesMRec ()
 FVisJonesMRec (const casacore::Record &inpRec)
 Construct from an existing record. More...
void defineRotMeas (const casacore::Float &rotMeas)
 a) define More...
void defineRotMeasErr (const casacore::Float &rotMeasErr)
void getRotMeas (casacore::Float &rotMeas)
 b) get More...
void getRotMeasErr (casacore::Float &rotMeasErr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::TimeVarVisJonesMRec
 TimeVarVisJonesMRec ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
 ~TimeVarVisJonesMRec ()
 TimeVarVisJonesMRec (const casacore::Record &inpRec)
 Construct from an existing record. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::VisJonesMRec
 VisJonesMRec ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
 ~VisJonesMRec ()
 VisJonesMRec (const casacore::Record &inpRec)
 Construct from an existing record. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::CalMainRecord
 CalMainRecord ()
 Default null constructor, and destructor. More...
 ~CalMainRecord ()
 CalMainRecord (const casacore::Record &inpRec)
 Construct from an existing record. More...
const casacore::Recordrecord ()
 Return as record. More...
void defineTime (const casacore::Double &time)
 Field accessors a) define. More...
void defineTime (const casacore::MEpoch &time)
void defineTimeEP (const casacore::Double &timeEP)
void defineInterval (const casacore::Double &interval)
void defineAntenna1 (const casacore::Int &antenna1)
void defineFeed1 (const casacore::Int &feed1)
void defineFieldId (const casacore::Int &fieldId)
void defineArrayId (const casacore::Int &arrayId)
void defineObsId (const casacore::Int &obsId)
void defineScanNo (const casacore::Int &scanNo)
void defineProcessorId (const casacore::Int &processorId)
void defineStateId (const casacore::Int &stateId)
void definePhaseId (const casacore::Int &phaseId)
void definePulsarBin (const casacore::Int &pulsarBin)
void definePulsarGateId (const casacore::Int &pulsarGateId)
void defineFreqGrp (const casacore::Int &freqGrp)
void defineFreqGrpName (const casacore::String &freqGrpName)
void defineFieldName (const casacore::String &fieldName)
void defineFieldCode (const casacore::String &fieldCode)
void defineSourceName (const casacore::String &sourceName)
void defineSourceCode (const casacore::String &sourceCode)
void defineCalGrp (const casacore::Int &calGrp)
void defineGain (const casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &gain)
void defineRefAnt (const casacore::Array< casacore::Int > &refAnt)
void defineRefFeed (const casacore::Array< casacore::Int > &refFeed)
void defineRefReceptor (const casacore::Array< casacore::Int > &refReceptor)
void defineRefFreq (const casacore::Array< casacore::Double > &refFreq)
void defineMeasFreqRef (const casacore::Int &measFreqRef)
void defineRefDir (const casacore::Array< casacore::Double > &refDir)
void defineMeasDirRef (const casacore::Int &measDirRef)
void defineCalDescId (const casacore::Int &calDescId)
void defineCalHistoryId (const casacore::Int &calHistoryId)
void getTime (casacore::Double &time)
 b) get More...
void getTimeEP (casacore::Double &timeEP)
void getInterval (casacore::Double &interval)
void getAntenna1 (casacore::Int &antenna1)
void getFeed1 (casacore::Int &feed1)
void getFieldId (casacore::Int &fieldId)
void getArrayId (casacore::Int &arrayId)
void getObsId (casacore::Int &obsId)
void getScanNo (casacore::Int &scanNo)
void getProcessorId (casacore::Int &processorId)
void getStateId (casacore::Int &stateId)
void getPhaseId (casacore::Int &phaseId)
void getPulsarBin (casacore::Int &pulsarBin)
void getPulsarGateId (casacore::Int &pulsarGateId)
void getFreqGrp (casacore::Int &freqGrp)
void getFreqGrpName (casacore::String &freqGrpName)
void getFieldName (casacore::String &fieldName)
void getFieldCode (casacore::String &fieldCode)
void getSourceName (casacore::String &sourceName)
void getSourceCode (casacore::String &sourceCode)
void getCalGrp (casacore::Int &calGrp)
void getGain (casacore::Array< casacore::Complex > &gain)
void getRefAnt (casacore::Array< casacore::Int > &refAnt)
void getRefFeed (casacore::Array< casacore::Int > &refFeed)
void getRefReceptor (casacore::Array< casacore::Int > &refReceptor)
void getRefFreq (casacore::Array< casacore::Double > &refFreq)
void getMeasFreqRef (casacore::Int &measFreqRef)
void getRefDir (casacore::Array< casacore::Double > &refDir)
void getMeasDirRef (casacore::Int &measDirRef)
void getCalDescId (casacore::Int &calDescId)
void getCalHistoryId (casacore::Int &calHistoryId)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::CalMainRecord
void addRec (const casacore::Record &newRec)
 Add to itsRecord. More...
void dTotalSolnOk (const casacore::Bool &totalSolnOk)
 Field accessors for fit parameters. More...
void dTotalFit (const casacore::Float &totalFit)
void dTotalFitWgt (const casacore::Float &totalFitWgt)
void dSolnOk (const casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &solnOk)
void dFit (const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &fit)
void dFitWgt (const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &fitWgt)
void dFlag (const casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &flag)
void dSnr (const casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &snr)
void gTotalSolnOk (casacore::Bool &totalSolnOk)
 b) get More...
void gTotalFit (casacore::Float &totalFit)
void gTotalFitWgt (casacore::Float &totalFitWgt)
void gSolnOk (casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &solnOk)
void gFit (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &fit)
void gFitWgt (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &fitWgt)
void gFlag (casacore::Array< casacore::Bool > &flag)
void gSnr (casacore::Array< casacore::Float > &snr)

Detailed Description

FVisJonesIonoMRec: FVisJonesIono cal_main table record access/creation.

Intended use:

Public interface



From "F VisJones - Ionosphere" and "main record".


The FVisJonesIonoMRec class allows the creation of records for the main calibration table of FVisJonesIono type, and provides access to the individual record fields.



Encapsulate access to FVisJonesIono calibration table records.

Definition at line 129 of file FVisJonesMRec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::FVisJonesIonoMRec ( )

Default null constructor, and destructor.

casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::~FVisJonesIonoMRec ( )

Definition at line 134 of file FVisJonesMRec.h.

casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::FVisJonesIonoMRec ( const casacore::Record inpRec)

Construct from an existing record.

Member Function Documentation

void casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::defineTEC ( const casacore::Float tec)

Field accessors a) define.

void casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::defineTECErr ( const casacore::Float tecErr)
void casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::getTEC ( casacore::Float tec)

b) get

void casa::FVisJonesIonoMRec::getTECErr ( casacore::Float tecErr)

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