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casa::FeatherCurve Class Reference

Represents a curve on one of the plots. More...

#include <FeatherCurve.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::FeatherCurve:

Public Member Functions

 FeatherCurve (FeatherPlot *plot, QwtPlot::Axis xAxis, QwtPlot::Axis yAxis, bool sumCurve)
void initScatterPlot (int dotSize)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void setFunctionColor (const QColor &color, bool diagonalLine)
void setCurveData (const QVector< double > &xVals, const QVector< double > &yVals)
 Change the data the curve contains. More...
QVector< double > getXValues () const
QVector< double > getYValues () const
QColor getRectColor () const
void adjustData (bool uvLog, bool ampLog)
 Change the scale of existing data (Log<–>No Log) More...
void setCurveSize (bool scatterPlot, bool diagonalLine, int dotSize, int lineThickness)
std::pair< double, double > getBoundsX () const
std::pair< double, double > getBoundsY () const
QwtPlot::Axis getVerticalAxis () const
QString getTitle () const
virtual ~FeatherCurve ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::ColorProvider
virtual ~ColorProvider ()

Private Member Functions

 FeatherCurve (const FeatherCurve &other)
FeatherCurve operator= (const FeatherCurve &other)
void setCurvePenColor (const QColor &color)
bool isSumCurve () const
bool isWeightCurve () const
double logarithm (double value, casacore::Bool &valid) const
QList< int > doLogs (double *values, int count) const
void resetDataBounds ()

Private Attributes

bool scatterPlot
bool scaleLogUV
bool scaleLogAmplitude
bool sumCurve
 This variable was added for scatter plots. More...
bool firstTime
double minX
double maxX
double minY
double maxY
QColor functionColor
QVector< double > xValues
QVector< double > yValues

Detailed Description

Represents a curve on one of the plots.

Definition at line 44 of file FeatherCurve.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::FeatherCurve::FeatherCurve ( FeatherPlot plot,
QwtPlot::Axis  xAxis,
QwtPlot::Axis  yAxis,
bool  sumCurve 
virtual casa::FeatherCurve::~FeatherCurve ( )
casa::FeatherCurve::FeatherCurve ( const FeatherCurve other)

Member Function Documentation

void casa::FeatherCurve::adjustData ( bool  uvLog,
bool  ampLog 

Change the scale of existing data (Log<–>No Log)

QList<int> casa::FeatherCurve::doLogs ( double *  values,
int  count 
) const
std::pair<double,double> casa::FeatherCurve::getBoundsX ( ) const
std::pair<double,double> casa::FeatherCurve::getBoundsY ( ) const
QColor casa::FeatherCurve::getRectColor ( ) const

Implements casa::ColorProvider.

QString casa::FeatherCurve::getTitle ( ) const
QwtPlot::Axis casa::FeatherCurve::getVerticalAxis ( ) const
QVector<double> casa::FeatherCurve::getXValues ( ) const
QVector<double> casa::FeatherCurve::getYValues ( ) const
void casa::FeatherCurve::initScatterPlot ( int  dotSize)
bool casa::FeatherCurve::isSumCurve ( ) const
bool casa::FeatherCurve::isWeightCurve ( ) const
double casa::FeatherCurve::logarithm ( double  value,
casacore::Bool valid 
) const
FeatherCurve casa::FeatherCurve::operator= ( const FeatherCurve other)
void casa::FeatherCurve::resetDataBounds ( )
void casa::FeatherCurve::setCurveData ( const QVector< double > &  xVals,
const QVector< double > &  yVals 

Change the data the curve contains.

void casa::FeatherCurve::setCurvePenColor ( const QColor &  color)
void casa::FeatherCurve::setCurveSize ( bool  scatterPlot,
bool  diagonalLine,
int  dotSize,
int  lineThickness 
void casa::FeatherCurve::setFunctionColor ( const QColor &  color,
bool  diagonalLine 
void casa::FeatherCurve::setTitle ( const QString &  title)

Member Data Documentation

bool casa::FeatherCurve::firstTime

Definition at line 95 of file FeatherCurve.h.

QColor casa::FeatherCurve::functionColor

Definition at line 101 of file FeatherCurve.h.

double casa::FeatherCurve::maxX

Definition at line 97 of file FeatherCurve.h.

double casa::FeatherCurve::maxY

Definition at line 99 of file FeatherCurve.h.

double casa::FeatherCurve::minX

Definition at line 96 of file FeatherCurve.h.

double casa::FeatherCurve::minY

Definition at line 98 of file FeatherCurve.h.

LegendCurve* casa::FeatherCurve::plotCurve

Definition at line 100 of file FeatherCurve.h.

bool casa::FeatherCurve::scaleLogAmplitude

Definition at line 84 of file FeatherCurve.h.

bool casa::FeatherCurve::scaleLogUV

Definition at line 83 of file FeatherCurve.h.

bool casa::FeatherCurve::scatterPlot

Definition at line 82 of file FeatherCurve.h.

bool casa::FeatherCurve::sumCurve

This variable was added for scatter plots.

Normally if the FeatherCurveType is SUM_LOW_HIGH, it will be a sum curve. However, scatter plots can have x-values which are sums, and y-values which are something else, say a low-weighted curve. In this case, the FeatherCurveType will be whatever the y-axis. Thus, we set a boolean variable to indicated if it is a sum curve. This is imported because sums have to be specially calculated in the case of a logarithm scale and cannot be done directly by taking log( sum).

Definition at line 94 of file FeatherCurve.h.

QVector<double> casa::FeatherCurve::xValues

Definition at line 102 of file FeatherCurve.h.

QVector<double> casa::FeatherCurve::yValues

Definition at line 103 of file FeatherCurve.h.

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