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casa::FlagAgentSummary Class Reference

#include <FlagAgentSummary.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::FlagAgentSummary:
casa::FlagAgentBase casa::async::Thread


struct  summary

Public Member Functions

 FlagAgentSummary (FlagDataHandler *dh, casacore::Record config)
 ~FlagAgentSummary ()
casacore::Record getResult ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::FlagAgentBase
 FlagAgentBase (FlagDataHandler *dh, casacore::Record config, casacore::uShort iterationApproach, casacore::Bool writePrivateFlagCube=false, casacore::Bool flag=true)
virtual ~FlagAgentBase ()
void start ()
void terminate ()
void queueProcess ()
void chunkSummary ()
void tableSummary ()
void completeProcess ()
void * run ()
void setProfiling (bool enable)
 Set function to activate profiling. More...
void setCheckMode (bool enable)
 Set function to activate check mode. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::async::Thread
 Thread ()
virtual ~Thread ()
pthread_t getId () const
pid_t gettid () const
bool isTerminationRequested () const
void * join ()
void startThread ()

Protected Member Functions

void preProcessBuffer (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer)
 Common functionality for each visBuffer (don't repeat at the row level) More...
bool computeRowFlags (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer, FlagMapper &flags, casacore::uInt row)
 Compute flags for a given mapped visibility point. More...
void setAgentParameters (casacore::Record config)
 Parse configuration parameters. More...
FlagReport getReport ()
 Get the summary dictionary, and 'view' reports. More...
void getResultCore (casacore::Record &summary)
 Utility method to facilitate creation of sub-summaries per field. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::FlagAgentBase
void initialize ()
void runCore ()
 Convenience function to be shared by parallel/non-parallel mode. More...
void setDataSelection (casacore::Record config)
casacore::String sanitizeCorrExpression (casacore::String corrExpression, std::vector< casacore::String > *corrProducts)
 Method to sanitize correlation expression and keep going. More...
void generateAllIndex ()
void generateRowsIndex (casacore::uInt nRows)
void generateChannelIndex (casacore::uInt nChannels)
void generatePolarizationIndex (casacore::uInt nPolarizations)
std::vector< casacore::uInt > * generateAntennaPairRowsIndex (casacore::Int antenna1, casacore::Int antenna2)
void indigen (std::vector< casacore::uInt > &index, casacore::uInt size)
 Generate index for all rows. More...
bool find (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Int > &validRange, casacore::Int element)
 For checking ids. More...
bool find (const casacore::Matrix< casacore::Double > &validRange, casacore::Double element)
 For checking ranges. More...
bool find (const casacore::Matrix< casacore::Int > &validPairs, casacore::Int element1, casacore::Int element2)
 For checking pairs. More...
bool find (const casacore::Block< int > &columns, int col)
 For checking columns. More...
bool isNaN (casacore::Double number)
 Check if a given number is nan (for visibilities,gains and Tsys primarily) More...
bool isNaN (casacore::Float number)
bool isZero (casacore::Double number)
bool isZero (casacore::Float number)
bool isNaNOrZero (casacore::Float number)
bool isNaNOrZero (casacore::Double number)
bool checkIfProcessBuffer ()
 Check if buffer has to be processed. More...
void iterateRows ()
 Iterate trough list of rows. More...
void iterateInRows ()
 Iterate trough visibilities mapper. More...
void iterateAntennaPairs ()
 Iterate trough list of antenna pairs. More...
void iterateAntennaPairsFlags ()
 Iterate trough list of antenna pairs w/o loading visibilities. More...
void processAntennaPair (casacore::Int antenna1, casacore::Int antenna2)
 Methods to interactively iterate trough list of antenna pairs. More...
virtual void iterateAntennaPairsInteractive (antennaPairMap *antennaPairMap_ptr)
virtual void passIntermediate (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer)
 Iter-passes method. More...
virtual void passFinal (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer)
void setVisibilitiesMap (std::vector< casacore::uInt > *rows, VisMapper *visMap)
 Mapping functions (abs, real, imag, etc.) as requested by Urvashi. More...
void setFlagsMap (std::vector< casacore::uInt > *rows, FlagMapper *flagMap)
casacore::Bool checkVisExpression (polarizationMap *polMap)
virtual bool computeInRowFlags (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer, VisMapper &visibilities, FlagMapper &flags, casacore::uInt row)
 Compute flags for a given visibilities point. More...
virtual bool computeAntennaPairFlags (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer, VisMapper &visibilities, FlagMapper &flags, casacore::Int antenna1, casacore::Int antenna2, std::vector< casacore::uInt > &rows)
 Compute flags for a given (time,freq) antenna pair map. More...
virtual bool computeAntennaPairFlags (const vi::VisBuffer2 &visBuffer, FlagMapper &flags, casacore::Int antenna1, casacore::Int antenna2, std::vector< casacore::uInt > &rows)
 Compute flags for a given (time,freq) antenna pair map w/o using visibilities. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::async::Thread
bool isStarted () const

Private Member Functions

FlagReport buildFlagCountPlots ()
 Build simple plot-reports from the summary dictionary. More...

Private Attributes

std::map< casacore::Int,
std::vector< casacore::Double > > 
casacore::Bool spwChannelCounts
casacore::Bool spwPolarizationCounts
casacore::Bool baselineCounts
casacore::Bool fieldCounts
casacore::String display_p
std::map< std::string, summary * > fieldSummaryMap
casacore::Int arrayId
casacore::Int fieldId
casacore::Int spw
casacore::Int scan
casacore::Int observationId
string arrayId_str
string fieldId_str
string spw_str
string scan_str
string observationId_str

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::FlagAgentBase
enum  datacolumn {
enum  iteration {
- Public Types inherited from casa::async::Thread
typedef void *(* ThreadFunction )(void *)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casa::FlagAgentBase
static FlagAgentBasecreate (FlagDataHandler *dh, casacore::Record config)
- Public Attributes inherited from casa::FlagAgentBase
casacore::Bool backgroundMode_p
 Externally visible configuration. More...
casacore::LogIO::Command logLevel_p
casacore::Bool apply_p
casacore::Bool flag_p
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::async::Thread
static void * threadFunction (void *)
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::FlagAgentBase
 Common used members that must be accessible to derived classes. More...
std::unique_ptr< casacore::LogIOlogger_p
casacore::String agentName_p
casacore::String summaryName_p
casacore::String mode_p
casacore::uInt64 chunkFlags_p
 Flag counters. More...
casacore::uInt64 chunkNaNs_p
casacore::uInt64 tableFlags_p
casacore::uInt64 tableNaNs_p
casacore::uInt64 visBufferFlags_p
bool flagRow_p
casacore::Bool multiThreading_p
 Multithreading configuration and agent id. More...
casacore::Int nThreads_p
casacore::Int threadId_p
casacore::Bool prepass_p
 Running configuration. More...
std::vector< casacore::uIntrowsIndex_p
 Lists of elements to process jagonzal (CAS-4312): We need channelIndex_p available for the Rflag agent, in order to take into account channel selection for the frequency mapping. More...
std::vector< casacore::uIntchannelIndex_p
std::vector< casacore::uIntpolarizationIndex_p
casacore::String dataColumn_p
 Needed to be protected for timeavg in clip. More...
casacore::Bool timeavg_p
 Pre-averaging parameters. More...
casacore::Double timebin_p
casacore::Bool channelavg_p
casacore::Vector< casacore::Intchanbin_p

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::FlagAgentSummary::FlagAgentSummary ( FlagDataHandler dh,
casacore::Record  config 
casa::FlagAgentSummary::~FlagAgentSummary ( )

Member Function Documentation

FlagReport casa::FlagAgentSummary::buildFlagCountPlots ( )

Build simple plot-reports from the summary dictionary.

bool casa::FlagAgentSummary::computeRowFlags ( const vi::VisBuffer2 visBuffer,
FlagMapper flags,
casacore::uInt  row 

Compute flags for a given mapped visibility point.

Reimplemented from casa::FlagAgentBase.

FlagReport casa::FlagAgentSummary::getReport ( )

Get the summary dictionary, and 'view' reports.

Reimplemented from casa::FlagAgentBase.

casacore::Record casa::FlagAgentSummary::getResult ( )
void casa::FlagAgentSummary::getResultCore ( casacore::Record summary)

Utility method to facilitate creation of sub-summaries per field.

void casa::FlagAgentSummary::preProcessBuffer ( const vi::VisBuffer2 visBuffer)

Common functionality for each visBuffer (don't repeat at the row level)

Reimplemented from casa::FlagAgentBase.

void casa::FlagAgentSummary::setAgentParameters ( casacore::Record  config)

Parse configuration parameters.

Reimplemented from casa::FlagAgentBase.

Member Data Documentation

casacore::Int casa::FlagAgentSummary::arrayId

Definition at line 101 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

string casa::FlagAgentSummary::arrayId_str

Definition at line 107 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Bool casa::FlagAgentSummary::baselineCounts

Definition at line 95 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

summary* casa::FlagAgentSummary::currentSummary

Definition at line 100 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::String casa::FlagAgentSummary::display_p

Definition at line 97 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Bool casa::FlagAgentSummary::fieldCounts

Definition at line 96 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Int casa::FlagAgentSummary::fieldId

Definition at line 102 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

string casa::FlagAgentSummary::fieldId_str

Definition at line 108 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

std::map<std::string, summary* > casa::FlagAgentSummary::fieldSummaryMap

Definition at line 99 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

std::map<casacore::Int , std::vector<casacore::Double> > casa::FlagAgentSummary::frequencyList

Definition at line 91 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Int casa::FlagAgentSummary::observationId

Definition at line 105 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

string casa::FlagAgentSummary::observationId_str

Definition at line 111 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Int casa::FlagAgentSummary::scan

Definition at line 104 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

string casa::FlagAgentSummary::scan_str

Definition at line 110 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Int casa::FlagAgentSummary::spw

Definition at line 103 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

string casa::FlagAgentSummary::spw_str

Definition at line 109 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Bool casa::FlagAgentSummary::spwChannelCounts

Definition at line 93 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

casacore::Bool casa::FlagAgentSummary::spwPolarizationCounts

Definition at line 94 of file FlagAgentSummary.h.

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