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casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry Class Reference

Returns a Display casacore::List Element for recording GL commands. More...

#include <GLPCDisplayList.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry:
casa::GLPCDisplayListElement casa::GLPCTexturedImage

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 GLPCDisplayListEntry::GLPCDisplayListEntry (const char *name=NULL, GLenum mode=GL_COMPILE_AND_EXECUTE)
virtual ~GLPCDisplayListEntry ()
virtual void call (casacore::Bool force, const casacore::uInt spaces)
 Draw element unless disabled or force is true. More...
virtual void start ()
 Begin recording commands. More...
virtual void stop ()
 Stop display list recording. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement
casacore::Bool enabled () const
 enable/disable More...
casacore::Bool disabled () const
virtual void disable ()
virtual void enable ()
const char * name () const
 Each element has a name which is printed out when tracing. More...
void name (const char *)
casacore::Bool trace () const
 Enable/disable tracing. More...
void trace (const casacore::Bool t)
casacore::uLong useCount () const
 Each element is reference counted. More...
void ref ()
void unref ()

Private Attributes

GLenum mode_
GLuint id_
RECORDSTATE recording_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement
 GLPCDisplayListElement (const char *name=NULL)
virtual ~GLPCDisplayListElement ()
 Elements self delete when the reference count goes to 0. More...
void traceCheck (casacore::uInt spaces=0, const char *str=NULL, const char *name=NULL)

Detailed Description

Returns a Display casacore::List Element for recording GL commands.


Returns a Display casacore::List Element for recording GL commands. Commands are recorded until stop is called by creating an OpenGL display list and letting OpenGL do the actual recording. Calling stop ends the list. Typically, these OpenGL lists are very short, containing just one or two commands. eg. draw a rectangle.

Definition at line 134 of file GLPCDisplayList.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 136 of file GLPCDisplayList.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::~GLPCDisplayListEntry ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::call ( casacore::Bool  force,
const casacore::uInt  nspaces 

Draw element unless disabled or force is true.

Reimplemented from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement.

casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::GLPCDisplayListEntry::GLPCDisplayListEntry ( const char *  name = NULL,
virtual void casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::start ( )

Begin recording commands.

Recording is a one shot deal. After stop is called, recording can not be reenabled.

Reimplemented from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement.

virtual void casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::stop ( )

Stop display list recording.

Ignored if not already recording.

Reimplemented from casa::GLPCDisplayListElement.

Member Data Documentation

GLuint casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::id_

Definition at line 152 of file GLPCDisplayList.h.

GLenum casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::mode_

Definition at line 151 of file GLPCDisplayList.h.

RECORDSTATE casa::GLPCDisplayListEntry::recording_

Definition at line 153 of file GLPCDisplayList.h.

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