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casa::GroupWriteToNewMS Class Reference

A base class for ROGroupWorkers that write to a new MS. More...

#include <GroupWorker.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::GroupWriteToNewMS:
casa::GroupWorkerBase casa::VBGContinuumSubtractor

Public Member Functions

 GroupWriteToNewMS (casacore::MeasurementSet &outms, casacore::MSColumns *msc, const VBRemapper &remapper)
virtual ~GroupWriteToNewMS ()
 GroupWriteToNewMS(GroupWriteToNewMS& other);. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::GroupWorkerBase
 GroupWorkerBase ()
 Create empty GroupWorkerBase you can assign to or attach. More...
Copy construct GroupWorkerBase (const GroupWorkerBase &other)
Destructor *virtual ~GroupWorkerBase ()
virtual Assignment
operator= (const GroupWorkerBase &gw)
virtual const
prefetchColumns () const
virtual casacore::Bool process (VisBuffGroup &vbg)=0
 This is where all the work gets done! More...

Static Public Member Functions

static casacore::uInt write (casacore::MeasurementSet &outms, casacore::MSColumns *msc, VisBuffer &vb, casacore::uInt rowsdone, const VBRemapper &remapper, const casacore::Bool doFC, const casacore::Bool doFloat, const casacore::Bool doSpWeight)
 Writes vb to outms/msc, and returns the number of rows in outms afterwards. More...

Protected Attributes

casacore::MeasurementSet outms_p
VBRemapper remapper_p
casacore::uInt rowsdone_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::GroupWorkerBase
asyncio::PrefetchColumns prefetchColumns_p

Private Member Functions

 GroupWriteToNewMS ()
 Disable default construction. More...

Detailed Description

A base class for ROGroupWorkers that write to a new MS.

Intended use:

Public interface



Its derived classes are ROGroupWorkers that write to a new MS.


This class cannot be directly used, but it provides a starting point for derived ROGroupWorkers that write to a new MS.

To Do

Definition at line 193 of file GroupWorker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::GroupWriteToNewMS ( casacore::MeasurementSet outms,
casacore::MSColumns msc,
const VBRemapper remapper 
virtual casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::~GroupWriteToNewMS ( )

GroupWriteToNewMS(GroupWriteToNewMS& other);.

Definition at line 200 of file GroupWorker.h.

casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::GroupWriteToNewMS ( )

Disable default construction.

Member Function Documentation

static casacore::uInt casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::write ( casacore::MeasurementSet outms,
casacore::MSColumns msc,
VisBuffer vb,
casacore::uInt  rowsdone,
const VBRemapper remapper,
const casacore::Bool  doFC,
const casacore::Bool  doFloat,
const casacore::Bool  doSpWeight 

Writes vb to outms/msc, and returns the number of rows in outms afterwards.

vb's ID columns may be remapped by remapper. rowsdone: How many rows have been done so far. doFC: do FLAG_CATEGORY? doFloat: do FLOAT_DATA? doSpWeight: do WEIGHT_SPECTRUM?

Member Data Documentation

casacore::MSColumns* casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::msc_p

Definition at line 213 of file GroupWorker.h.

casacore::MeasurementSet casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::outms_p

Definition at line 212 of file GroupWorker.h.

VBRemapper casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::remapper_p

Definition at line 214 of file GroupWorker.h.

casacore::uInt casa::GroupWriteToNewMS::rowsdone_p

Definition at line 215 of file GroupWorker.h.

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