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casa::HistogramMain Class Reference

Used when the histogram needs to come up as a main window. More...

#include <HistogramMain.qo.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::HistogramMain:


void rangeChanged ()
void closing ()

Public Member Functions

 HistogramMain (bool showFileLoader, bool fitControls, bool rangeControls, bool plotModeControls, QWidget *parent)
 showFileLoader: true, for allowing the user to load image files (as opposed to just setting them programmatically). More...
bool setImage (std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< float > > img)
bool setImageRegion (casacore::ImageRegion *imageRegion, int id)
std::pair< double, double > getRange () const
void deleteImageRegion (int id)
void imageRegionSelected (int id)
void setChannelCount (int count)
void setChannelValue (int value)
void setDisplayPlotTitle (bool display)
void setDisplayAxisTitles (bool display)
void setPlotMode (int mode)
 ~HistogramMain ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)
 Clean up images and regions because we are going down. More...

Private Slots

void openFileLoader ()
void openHistogramSaver ()
void imageFileChanged ()
void openColorPreferences ()
void colorsChanged ()
void postStatusMessage (const QString &statusMsg)

Private Member Functions

 HistogramMain (const HistogramMain &histMain)
HistogramMainoperator= (const HistogramMain &histMain)
bool generateImage (const QString &imagePath, std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< float > > image)

Private Attributes

ImageLoader fileLoader
SaveHistogramWidget histogramSaver
casacore::LogIO logger
Ui::HistogramMainClass ui

Detailed Description

Used when the histogram needs to come up as a main window.

Definition at line 53 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::HistogramMain::HistogramMain ( bool  showFileLoader,
bool  fitControls,
bool  rangeControls,
bool  plotModeControls,
QWidget *  parent 

showFileLoader: true, for allowing the user to load image files (as opposed to just setting them programmatically).

fitControls: true, to allow the user to fit various curves to the histogram (Gaussian, casacore::Poisson, etc) rangeControls: true, allows the user to specify a min/max value plotModeControls: true, allows the user to specify whether to histogram images, a selected region, or multiple regions.

casa::HistogramMain::~HistogramMain ( )
casa::HistogramMain::HistogramMain ( const HistogramMain histMain)

Member Function Documentation

virtual void casa::HistogramMain::closeEvent ( QCloseEvent *  event)

Clean up images and regions because we are going down.

void casa::HistogramMain::closing ( )
void casa::HistogramMain::colorsChanged ( )
void casa::HistogramMain::deleteImageRegion ( int  id)
bool casa::HistogramMain::generateImage ( const QString &  imagePath,
std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< float > >  image 
std::pair<double,double> casa::HistogramMain::getRange ( ) const
void casa::HistogramMain::imageFileChanged ( )
void casa::HistogramMain::imageRegionSelected ( int  id)
void casa::HistogramMain::openColorPreferences ( )
void casa::HistogramMain::openFileLoader ( )
void casa::HistogramMain::openHistogramSaver ( )
HistogramMain& casa::HistogramMain::operator= ( const HistogramMain histMain)
void casa::HistogramMain::postStatusMessage ( const QString &  statusMsg)
void casa::HistogramMain::rangeChanged ( )
void casa::HistogramMain::setChannelCount ( int  count)
void casa::HistogramMain::setChannelValue ( int  value)
void casa::HistogramMain::setDisplayAxisTitles ( bool  display)
void casa::HistogramMain::setDisplayPlotTitle ( bool  display)
bool casa::HistogramMain::setImage ( std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< float > >  img)
bool casa::HistogramMain::setImageRegion ( casacore::ImageRegion imageRegion,
int  id 
void casa::HistogramMain::setPlotMode ( int  mode)

Member Data Documentation

ImageLoader casa::HistogramMain::fileLoader

Definition at line 101 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

SaveHistogramWidget casa::HistogramMain::histogramSaver

Definition at line 102 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

casacore::LogIO casa::HistogramMain::logger

Definition at line 105 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

BinPlotWidget* casa::HistogramMain::plotWidget

Definition at line 104 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

ColorPreferences* casa::HistogramMain::preferencesColor

Definition at line 103 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

Ui::HistogramMainClass casa::HistogramMain::ui

Definition at line 107 of file HistogramMain.qo.h.

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