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casa::HogbomCleanImageSkyModel Class Reference

Hogbom Clean Image Sky Model: Image Sky Model implementing the Hogbom Clean algorithm. More...

#include <HogbomCleanImageSkyModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::HogbomCleanImageSkyModel:
casa::CleanImageSkyModel casa::ImageSkyModel casa::SkyModel casa::Iterate

Public Member Functions

virtual casacore::Bool solve (SkyEquation &me)
 Solve for this SkyModel. More...
< casacore::Float > * 
makeMaskMatrix (const casacore::Int &nx, const casacore::Int &ny, casacore::Int &newNx, casacore::Int &newNy, casacore::RO_LatticeIterator< casacore::Float > &maskIter, casacore::Int &xbeg, casacore::Int &xend, casacore::Int &ybeg, casacore::Int &yend)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::CleanImageSkyModel
 CleanImageSkyModel ()
 Empty constructor. More...
 CleanImageSkyModel (const CleanImageSkyModel &sm)
 Copy constructor. More...
casacore::Bool hasMask (casacore::Int model=0)
 Has a mask for model? More...
virtual casacore::Bool add (ComponentList &compList)
 Add a componentlist. More...
virtual casacore::Int add (casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image, const casacore::Int maxNumXfr=100)
 Add an image. More...
virtual casacore::Bool addMask (casacore::Int image, casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &mask)
 Add an mask. More...
casacore::Bool hasFluxMask (casacore::Int model=0)
 Has a flux mask? More...
virtual casacore::Bool addFluxMask (casacore::Int image, casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &fluxMask)
< casacore::Float > & 
fluxMask (casacore::Int model=0)
virtual ~CleanImageSkyModel ()
 Destructor. More...
CleanImageSkyModeloperator= (const CleanImageSkyModel &other)
 Assignment operator. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
mask (casacore::Int model=0)
 Return masks. More...
virtual void setJointStokesClean (casacore::Bool joint=true)
 set to search for peak in I^2+Q^2+U^2+V^2 domain or each stokes plane seperately Ignored for hogbom and msclean for now More...
virtual casacore::Float maxField (casacore::Vector< casacore::Float > &imagemax, casacore::Vector< casacore::Float > &imagemin)
 Return the maximum absolute value from residual images per field. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::ImageSkyModel
 ImageSkyModel (const casacore::Int maxNumModels=1)
 Empty constructor. More...
void setMaxNumberModels (const casacore::Int maxNumModels)
 ImageSkyModel (const ImageSkyModel &sm)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual casacore::Bool updatemodel (ComponentList &compList)
 update componentlist More...
virtual casacore::Bool updatemodel (const casacore::Int thismodel, casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &image)
 update model have to have added it before...nmodels_p held has to be bigger that image here its left to the caller to make sure the image is conformant...otherwise you are in trouble. More...
virtual casacore::Bool addResidual (casacore::Int image, casacore::ImageInterface< casacore::Float > &residual)
 Add a residual image. More...
virtual ~ImageSkyModel ()
 Destructor. More...
ImageSkyModeloperator= (const ImageSkyModel &other)
 Assignment operator. More...
virtual casacore::Int numberOfModels ()
 Number of models contained. More...
virtual casacore::Int numberOfTaylorTerms ()
 MFS : Number of taylor terms per model. More...
virtual casacore::Bool calculateCoeffResiduals ()
 MFS : In-place coefficient residual calculations. More...
virtual casacore::Bool calculateAlphaBeta (const casacore::Vector< casacore::String > &, const casacore::Vector< casacore::String > &)
 MFS : Calculate restored alpha and beta. More...
virtual casacore::Double getReferenceFrequency ()
 MFS : Reference Frequency. More...
virtual casacore::Int getTaylorIndex (casacore::Int index)
MFS : Index of Taylor term in array of nmodels x ntaylorterms

virtual casacore::Int getTaylorIndex(casacore::Int index){return 0;} More...

casacore::Bool isSolveable (casacore::Int model=0)
 Is this model solveable? More...
casacore::Bool free (casacore::Int model=0)
 Free and fix the model (returns previous status). More...
casacore::Bool fix (casacore::Int model=0)
virtual void initializeGradients ()
 Initialize for gradient search. More...
virtual void finalizeGradients ()
 Finalize for gradient search. More...
casacore::Bool hasComponentList ()
 Does this have a component list? More...
casacore::Bool isEmpty (casacore::Int model=0)
 Is this model empty. More...
virtual ComponentListcomponentList ()
 Return the component list. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
image (casacore::Int model=0)
 Return actual images to be used by SkyEquation. More...
< casacore::Complex > & 
cImage (casacore::Int model=0)
 casacore::Complex image (needed for e.g. More...
< casacore::Complex > & 
XFR (casacore::Int model=0, casacore::Int numXFR=0)
 casacore::Complex XFR More...
< casacore::Float > & 
PSF (casacore::Int model=0)
 PSF. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
gS (casacore::Int model=0)
 Gradient of chi-squared wrt pixels. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
residual (casacore::Int model=0)
< casacore::Float > & 
ggS (casacore::Int model=0)
 Grad Grad chi-squared wrt pixels (diagonal elements only) More...
< casacore::Float > & 
fluxScale (casacore::Int model=0)
 if (doFluxScale(mod)) image(mod) * fluxScale(mod) gives actual brightness distribution More...
< casacore::Float > & 
work (casacore::Int model=0)
 Work image. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
deltaImage (casacore::Int model=0)
 Increment in the image. More...
casacore::Bool doFluxScale (casacore::Int model=0)
 tells if this model needs to be multiplied by a flux scale image More...
void mandateFluxScale (casacore::Int model=0)
 require use of flux scale image More...
casacore::Bool hasXFR (casacore::Int model=0)
void addStatistics (casacore::Float sumwt, casacore::Float chisq)
 Add to Sum weights, Chi-Squared. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
weight (casacore::Int model=0)
 Weight per model (channels, polarizations) More...
casacore::Bool solveResiduals (SkyEquation &me, casacore::Bool modelToMS=false)
 Solve explicitly for the residuals: same as solve for this class modelToMs determines if predicted vis is put in the MODEL_DATA column. More...
virtual void makeApproxPSFs (SkyEquation &se)
 Make the approximate PSFs needed for each model. More...
< casacore::Float > & 
getResidual (casacore::Int model=0)
 Get current residual image: this is either that image specified via addResidual, or a scratch image. More...
casacore::ImageBeamSetbeam (casacore::Int model=0)
 Return the fitted beam for each model. More...
void setPGPlotter (casacore::PGPlotter &pgp)
 Set casacore::PGPlotter to be used. More...
void setCycleFactor (float x)
 This is the factor by which you multiply the worst outer sidelobe by to get the threshold for the current cycle. More...
void setCycleSpeedup (float x)
 Cycle threshold will double in this number of iterations (ie, use a large number if you don't want cycle threshold to inch up) More...
void setCycleMaxPsfFraction (float x)
 Yet another control for the minor cycle threshold. More...
void setDisplayProgress (const casacore::Bool display)
 Set the variable that switches on the progress display. More...
void setDataPolFrame (StokesImageUtil::PolRep datapolrep)
 Set a variable to indicate the polarization frame in the data (circular or linear). More...
virtual casacore::Int getModelIndex (casacore::uInt field, casacore::uInt)
virtual void setMemoryUse (casacore::Bool useMem=false)
 try to make templattices use memory if possible if set to false then always use disk More...
virtual casacore::Bool getMemoryUse ()
void setTileVol (const casacore::Int tileVol=1000000)
 Set templattice tile vol in pixels. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::SkyModel
 SkyModel ()
void setAlgorithm (const casacore::String &alg)
 set Algorithm (e.g clean, mem, nnls) More...
const casacore::String getAlgorithm ()
 get Algorithm More...
void setSubAlgorithm (const casacore::String &alg)
 set Sub Algorithm More...
const casacore::String getSubAlgorithm ()
 get Sub Algorithm More...
void setImageRegion (casacore::ImageRegion &ir)
 Set the imageregion that will be used for the next XFR generation. More...
void unsetImageRegion ()
 use the default shape More...
void setImageNormalization (casacore::Bool val)
casacore::Bool isImageNormalized ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::Iterate
 Iterate ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Iterate ()
void setFree ()
 Is this a free variable? More...
void setNotFree ()
casacore::Bool free ()
void setNumberIterations (const casacore::Int n)
void setGain (const casacore::Float g)
void setTolerance (const casacore::Float t)
void setThreshold (const casacore::Float t)
void setMode (const casacore::String m)
casacore::Int numberIterations ()
casacore::Float gain ()
casacore::Float tolerance ()
virtual casacore::Float threshold ()
const casacore::String mode ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::SkyModel
enum  PolRep {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casa::ImageSkyModel
template<class M >
static casacore::TempImage< M > * getTempImage (const casacore::TiledShape &imgShp, const casacore::CoordinateSystem &imgCoords, const casacore::uInt nMouthsToFeed=1)
 Tries to return a pointer to a casacore::TempImage (allocated with new, so remember to use delete) with the given shape and CoordinateSystem. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::ImageSkyModel
casacore::Bool makeNewtonRaphsonStep (SkyEquation &se, casacore::Bool incremental=false, casacore::Bool modelToMS=false)
 Make Newton Raphson step internally. More...
casacore::PGPlottergetPGPlotter ()
 Get casacore::PGPlotter to be used. More...
casacore::LogSinklogSink ()
casacore::Long cacheSize (casacore::Int model)
casacore::IPosition tileShape (casacore::Int model)
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::CleanImageSkyModel
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
casacore::Bool doPolJoint_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::ImageSkyModel
casacore::Int maxnmodels_p
casacore::Int nmodels_p
casacore::Int nfields_p
 MFS. More...
casacore::Int maxNumXFR_p
casacore::Float sumwt_p
casacore::Float chisq_p
 ComponentList. More...
< casacore::String
 Images. More...
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
 Everything here can be just interface. More...
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Complex > * > 
 We actually create these. More...
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Complex > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
 if (doFluxScale_p), image_p * fluxScale_p gives the true brightness More...
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageInterface
< casacore::Float > * > 
casacore::Block< casacore::Boolsolve_p
casacore::Block< casacore::BooldoFluxScale_p
< casacore::Matrix
< casacore::Float > * > 
< casacore::ImageBeamSet * > 
casacore::LogSink logSink_p
casacore::Bool displayProgress_p
casacore::Float cycleFactor_p
 This is the factor by which you multiply the worst outer sidelobe by to get the threshold for the current cycle. More...
casacore::Float cycleSpeedup_p
 Cycle threshold will double in this number of iterations (ie, use a large number if you don't want cycle threshold to inch up) More...
casacore::Float cycleMaxPsfFraction_p
 Cycle threshold = maxResidual x min(Max-Psf-Fraction, cyclefactor x maxpsfsidelobe) More...
casacore::Bool donePSF_p
 If PSF is done..should not redo it. More...
casacore::Bool modified_p
 check if model has been modified especially for continuing a deconvolution More...
StokesImageUtil::PolRep dataPolRep_p
 Parameter to indicate the polaraization type of the data (circular or linear) Required by cImage() to decide shapes. More...
casacore::Bool workDirOnNFS_p
casacore::Bool useMem_p
casacore::Int tileVol_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::SkyModel
casacore::String itsAlgorithm
casacore::String itsSubAlgorithm
 this casacore::ImageRegion is used to suggest the shape for the XFR. More...
casacore::Bool isImageNormalized_p

Detailed Description

Hogbom Clean Image Sky Model: Image Sky Model implementing the Hogbom Clean algorithm.

Intended use:

Public interface



HogbomCleanImageSkyModel implements the Hogbom Clean algorithm. It is derived from SkyModel and uses the fortran code in hclean.f


The Hogbom Clean is the standard classic clean.

The Hogbom Clean is implemented using the hclean.f code.

Masking is optionally performed using a mask image: only points where the mask is non-zero are cleaned. If no mask is specified all points in the inner quarter of the image are cleaned.


See the example for SkyModel.


Definition at line 82 of file HogbomCleanImageSkyModel.h.

Member Function Documentation

casacore::Matrix<casacore::Float>* casa::HogbomCleanImageSkyModel::makeMaskMatrix ( const casacore::Int nx,
const casacore::Int ny,
casacore::Int newNx,
casacore::Int newNy,
casacore::RO_LatticeIterator< casacore::Float > &  maskIter,
casacore::Int xbeg,
casacore::Int xend,
casacore::Int ybeg,
casacore::Int yend 
virtual casacore::Bool casa::HogbomCleanImageSkyModel::solve ( SkyEquation me)

Solve for this SkyModel.

Reimplemented from casa::ImageSkyModel.

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