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casa::NSTDS::FluxStdPerley90 Class Reference

FluxStdPerley90: The Perley90 flux standard. More...

#include <FluxStdsQS2.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::NSTDS::FluxStdPerley90:
casa::FluxCalcVQS casa::FluxCalcLogFreqPolynomial casa::FluxStdSrcs

Private Member Functions

virtual casacore::Bool setSourceCoeffs ()
- Private Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxCalcLogFreqPolynomial
virtual casacore::Bool operator() (Flux< casacore::Double > &value, Flux< casacore::Double > &error, const casacore::MFrequency &mfreq, const casacore::Bool updatecoeffs=false)
 Set the log10(frequency) polynomial coefficients for calculating the flux density and its uncertainty, and the unit (typically "MHz" or "GHz") that the coefficients assume. More...
virtual casacore::Bool setSource (const casacore::String &sourceName, const casacore::MDirection &sourceDir)
void setFreqUnit (const casacore::String &freqUnit)
template<casacore::Int lford, casacore::Int errord>
void fill_coeffs (const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, lford > &lfrv, const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, errord > &errrv)
 Functions for setting up coeffs_p by taking a bunch of numbers (packaged in RigidVectors) and formatting them into coeffs_p. More...
template<casacore::Int lford>
void fill_coeffs (const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, lford > &lfrv)
 Like fill_coeffs(lfrv, errrv), but it only takes the flux density coefficients, and substitutes an empty casacore::Vector for the error coefficients. More...
void fill_coeffs (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Float > &lfv)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::FluxCalcVQS
typedef FluxCalcVQS FCVQS
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::String, 4 > 
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::String, 5 > 
- Public Types inherited from casa::FluxStdSrcs
enum  Source {
 Source identifiers. More...
typedef FluxStdSrcs FSS
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::String, 6 > 
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxStdSrcs
FSS::Source srcNameToEnum (const casacore::String &srcName, const casacore::MDirection &dir) const
 Returns an enum of srcName. More...
casacore::String EnumToSrcName (const FSS::Source srcEnum) const
 Returns srcName string of the srcEnum. More...
casacore::MDirection getDirection (const FSS::Source srcEnum) const
 Get source direction of srcEnum. More...
 ~FluxStdSrcs ()
- Public Attributes inherited from casa::FluxCalcVQS
 Source identifiers. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxStdSrcs
 FluxStdSrcs ()
- Private Types inherited from casa::FluxCalcLogFreqPolynomial
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 2 > 
 Some abbreviations, since the classes derived from this have to define many polynomial coefficients. More...
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 3 > 
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 4 > 
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 5 > 

Detailed Description

FluxStdPerley90: The Perley90 flux standard.

Intended use:

Public interface



From "flux density", "standard", "Perley", and "1990".


This specializes FluxCalcLogFreqPolynomial with the Perley_90 coefficients and list of recognized sources.



Support flux density calibration.

Definition at line 107 of file FluxStdsQS2.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual casacore::Bool casa::NSTDS::FluxStdPerley90::setSourceCoeffs ( )

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