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casa::NSTDS::FluxStdStevensReynolds2016 Class Reference

FluxStdStevensReynolds: The StevensReynolds2016 flux standard. More...

#include <FluxStdsQS2.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::NSTDS::FluxStdStevensReynolds2016:
casa::FluxCalcVQS casa::FluxCalcLogFreqBrokenPolynomial casa::FluxStdSrcs

Private Member Functions

virtual casacore::Bool setSourceCoeffs ()
- Private Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxCalcLogFreqBrokenPolynomial
 FluxCalcLogFreqBrokenPolynomial ()
template<casacore::Int lford1, casacore::Int lford2>
void fill_lohi_coeffs (const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, lford1 > &lorv, const casacore::MFrequency &break_freq, const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, lford2 > &hirv)
virtual casacore::Bool operator() (Flux< casacore::Double > &value, Flux< casacore::Double > &error, const casacore::MFrequency &mfreq, const casacore::Bool updatecoeffs)
 Set the log10(frequency) polynomial coefficients for calculating the flux density and its uncertainty, and the unit (typically "MHz" or "GHz") that the coefficients assume. More...
- Private Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxCalcLogFreqPolynomial
virtual casacore::Bool setSource (const casacore::String &sourceName, const casacore::MDirection &sourceDir)
void setFreqUnit (const casacore::String &freqUnit)
template<casacore::Int lford, casacore::Int errord>
void fill_coeffs (const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, lford > &lfrv, const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, errord > &errrv)
 Functions for setting up coeffs_p by taking a bunch of numbers (packaged in RigidVectors) and formatting them into coeffs_p. More...
template<casacore::Int lford>
void fill_coeffs (const casacore::RigidVector< casacore::Float, lford > &lfrv)
 Like fill_coeffs(lfrv, errrv), but it only takes the flux density coefficients, and substitutes an empty casacore::Vector for the error coefficients. More...
void fill_coeffs (const casacore::Vector< casacore::Float > &lfv)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casa::FluxCalcVQS
typedef FluxCalcVQS FCVQS
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::String, 4 > 
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::String, 5 > 
- Public Types inherited from casa::FluxStdSrcs
enum  Source {
 Source identifiers. More...
typedef FluxStdSrcs FSS
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::String, 6 > 
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxStdSrcs
FSS::Source srcNameToEnum (const casacore::String &srcName, const casacore::MDirection &dir) const
 Returns an enum of srcName. More...
casacore::String EnumToSrcName (const FSS::Source srcEnum) const
 Returns srcName string of the srcEnum. More...
casacore::MDirection getDirection (const FSS::Source srcEnum) const
 Get source direction of srcEnum. More...
 ~FluxStdSrcs ()
- Public Attributes inherited from casa::FluxCalcVQS
 Source identifiers. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::FluxStdSrcs
 FluxStdSrcs ()
- Private Types inherited from casa::FluxCalcLogFreqPolynomial
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 2 > 
 Some abbreviations, since the classes derived from this have to define many polynomial coefficients. More...
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 3 > 
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 4 > 
typedef casacore::RigidVector
< casacore::Float, 5 > 

Detailed Description

FluxStdStevensReynolds: The StevensReynolds2016 flux standard.

Intended use:

Public interface



From "flux density", "standard", "Stevens", "Reynolds", and "2016".


This specializes FluxCalcLogFreqBrokenPolynomial with the StevensReynolds coefficients and list of recognized sources.



Support flux density calibration.

Definition at line 336 of file FluxStdsQS2.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual casacore::Bool casa::NSTDS::FluxStdStevensReynolds2016::setSourceCoeffs ( )

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