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casa::PixelRangeDialog Class Reference

Displays a histogram that allows the user to set a include/exclude pixel range for the fit. More...

#include <PixelRangeDialog.qo.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::PixelRangeDialog:

Public Member Functions

 PixelRangeDialog (QWidget *parent=0)
void setImage (const std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< float > > img)
void setInterval (double minValue, double maxValue)
void setImageMode (bool imageMode)
void setLineMode (bool lineMode)
void setChannelValue (int channel)
bool setImageRegion (casacore::ImageRegion *imageRegion, int id)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
void deleteImageRegion (int id)
void imageRegionSelected (int id)
pair< double, double > getInterval () const
std::vector< float > getXValues () const
 ~PixelRangeDialog ()

Protected Member Functions

void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)

Private Member Functions

 PixelRangeDialog (const PixelRangeDialog &other)
PixelRangeDialog operator= (const PixelRangeDialog &other)

Private Attributes

Ui::PixelRangeDialogClass ui
int channelCount
int spectralIndex
int channelIndex

Detailed Description

Displays a histogram that allows the user to set a include/exclude pixel range for the fit.

Definition at line 49 of file PixelRangeDialog.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::PixelRangeDialog::PixelRangeDialog ( QWidget *  parent = 0)
casa::PixelRangeDialog::~PixelRangeDialog ( )
casa::PixelRangeDialog::PixelRangeDialog ( const PixelRangeDialog other)

Member Function Documentation

void casa::PixelRangeDialog::deleteImageRegion ( int  id)
pair<double,double> casa::PixelRangeDialog::getInterval ( ) const
std::vector<float> casa::PixelRangeDialog::getXValues ( ) const
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::imageRegionSelected ( int  id)
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *  event)
PixelRangeDialog casa::PixelRangeDialog::operator= ( const PixelRangeDialog other)
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::setChannelValue ( int  channel)
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::setImage ( const std::shared_ptr< const casacore::ImageInterface< float > >  img)
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::setImageMode ( bool  imageMode)
bool casa::PixelRangeDialog::setImageRegion ( casacore::ImageRegion imageRegion,
int  id 
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::setInterval ( double  minValue,
double  maxValue 
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::setLineMode ( bool  lineMode)
void casa::PixelRangeDialog::setTitle ( const QString &  title)

Member Data Documentation

int casa::PixelRangeDialog::channelCount

Definition at line 78 of file PixelRangeDialog.qo.h.

int casa::PixelRangeDialog::channelIndex

Definition at line 80 of file PixelRangeDialog.qo.h.

BinPlotWidget* casa::PixelRangeDialog::plotWidget

Definition at line 77 of file PixelRangeDialog.qo.h.

int casa::PixelRangeDialog::spectralIndex

Definition at line 79 of file PixelRangeDialog.qo.h.

Ui::PixelRangeDialogClass casa::PixelRangeDialog::ui

Definition at line 76 of file PixelRangeDialog.qo.h.

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