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casa::PlotMSAxisWidget Class Reference

Widget for choosing a single axis. More...

#include <PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::PlotMSAxisWidget:


void axisIdentifierChanged (PlotMSAxisWidget *)
void axisChanged ()
- Signals inherited from casa::QtEditingWidget
void changed ()
 This signal should be emitted whenever the user changes any value settings in the GUI. More...
void differentFromSet ()
 This signal should be emitted when the user changes any value settings in the GUI AND the new value is different from the last set value. More...
void editDone ()
 to change widget focus when editing done More...

Public Member Functions

 PlotMSAxisWidget (PMS::Axis defaultAxis, int attachAxes, QWidget *parent=NULL)
 Constructor which takes optional parent widget. More...
 ~PlotMSAxisWidget ()
 Destructor. More...
QLabel * axisLabel ()
 Returns the labels used in the widget. More...
QLabel * dataLabel ()
QLabel * interpLabel ()
QLabel * refFrameLabel ()
QLabel * attachLabel ()
QLabel * rangeLabel ()
PMS::Axis axis () const
 Gets the current set values in the widget. More...
PMS::DataColumn data () const
PMS::InterpMethod interpMethod () const
PMS::CoordSystem refFrame () const
PlotAxis attachAxis () const
bool matchesData (const PlotMSAxisWidget *other) const
bool rangeCustom () const
prange_t range () const
void setRange (bool isDate, double from, double to)
 set default custom range according to chosen MS More...
void setValue (PMS::Axis axis, PMS::DataColumn data, PlotAxis attachAxis, bool rangeCustom, prange_t range)
 Sets the displayed value to the given. More...
void setDirParams (PMS::InterpMethod interp, PMS::CoordSystem refFrame)
 Sets the displayed direction parameters values to the given. More...
void setInCache (bool inCache)
 Sets the "in cache" checkbox to the given. More...
void insertLabelDefaults (QMap< QLabel *, QString > &map)
QString getIdentifier () const
 Returns an identifier for this axis data. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::QtEditingWidget
 QtEditingWidget (QWidget *parent=NULL)
 Constructor which takes an optional parent widget. More...
virtual ~QtEditingWidget ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void addRadioButtonsToGroup (QButtonGroup *group) const
 Adds any radio buttons in the widget to the given button group. More...

Private Slots

void axisChanged (const QString &value)
 Slot for when the axis value changed. More...
void axisDataChanged ()
void axisInterpChanged ()
void axisRefFrameChanged ()

Private Member Functions

void initPlotAxis (int attachAxis)
void setAttachAxis (PlotAxis attachAxis)

Private Attributes

 Widget for the range. More...

Detailed Description

Widget for choosing a single axis.

Definition at line 43 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::PlotMSAxisWidget ( PMS::Axis  defaultAxis,
int  attachAxes,
QWidget *  parent = NULL 

Constructor which takes optional parent widget.

casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::~PlotMSAxisWidget ( )


Member Function Documentation

PlotAxis casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::attachAxis ( ) const
QLabel* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::attachLabel ( )

Definition at line 60 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

PMS::Axis casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axis ( ) const

Gets the current set values in the widget.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisChanged ( )
void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisChanged ( const QString &  value)

Slot for when the axis value changed.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisDataChanged ( )
void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisIdentifierChanged ( PlotMSAxisWidget )
void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisInterpChanged ( )
QLabel* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisLabel ( )

Returns the labels used in the widget.

Definition at line 56 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::axisRefFrameChanged ( )
PMS::DataColumn casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::data ( ) const
QLabel* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::dataLabel ( )

Definition at line 57 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

QString casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::getIdentifier ( ) const

Returns an identifier for this axis data.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::initPlotAxis ( int  attachAxis)
void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::insertLabelDefaults ( QMap< QLabel *, QString > &  map)
QLabel* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::interpLabel ( )

Definition at line 58 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

PMS::InterpMethod casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::interpMethod ( ) const
bool casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::matchesData ( const PlotMSAxisWidget other) const
prange_t casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::range ( ) const
bool casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::rangeCustom ( ) const
QLabel* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::rangeLabel ( )

Definition at line 61 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

PMS::CoordSystem casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::refFrame ( ) const
QLabel* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::refFrameLabel ( )

Definition at line 59 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::setAttachAxis ( PlotAxis  attachAxis)
void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::setDirParams ( PMS::InterpMethod  interp,
PMS::CoordSystem  refFrame 

Sets the displayed direction parameters values to the given.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::setInCache ( bool  inCache)

Sets the "in cache" checkbox to the given.

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::setRange ( bool  isDate,
double  from,
double  to 

set default custom range according to chosen MS

void casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::setValue ( PMS::Axis  axis,
PMS::DataColumn  data,
PlotAxis  attachAxis,
bool  rangeCustom,
prange_t  range 

Sets the displayed value to the given.

Member Data Documentation

PlotRangeWidget* casa::PlotMSAxisWidget::itsRangeWidget_

Widget for the range.

Definition at line 103 of file PlotMSAxisWidget.qo.h.

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