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casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab Class Reference

Handles adding multiple plots to the GUI. More...

#include <PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab:
casa::PlotMSTab casa::PlotMSPlotManagerWatcher casa::PlotMSParametersWatcher


void changed (int index)

Public Member Functions

 PlotMSDataSummaryTab (PlotMSPlotter *parent)
 Constructor which takes the parent tab and plotter. More...
 ~PlotMSDataSummaryTab ()
 Destructor. More...
QString tabName () const
 Implements PlotMSTab::tabName(). More...
void parametersHaveChanged (const PlotMSWatchedParameters &params, int updateFlag)
 Implements PlotMSParametersWatcher::parametersHaveChanged(). More...
void plotsChanged (const PlotMSPlotManager &manager)
 Implements PlotMSPlotManagerWatcher::plotsChanged(). More...
void setGridSize (int rowCount, int colCount)
 Size of the grid (rows & cols). More...
std::vector< std::vector
< PMS::Axis > > 
selectedLoadAxes () const
 Returns the axes that the user has selected to load/release into the cache. More...
std::vector< std::vector
< PMS::Axis > > 
selectedReleaseAxes () const
bool plot ()
 Tell all of the supported plots to update their displays. More...
void insertData (int index)
 Add a plot. More...
std::vector< PlotMSPlot * > getCurrentPlots ()
 Return the currently supported plots. More...
void emptyLayout ()
std::vector< casacore::StringgetFiles () const
 Get the files that the user loaded. More...
void completePlotting (bool success, PlotMSPlot *plot)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSTab
 PlotMSTab (PlotMSPlotter *parent)
 Non-Static //. More...
virtual ~PlotMSTab ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual QList< QToolButton * > toolButtons () const
 Returns all tool buttons on this tab. More...
virtual void setupForMaxWidth (int maxWidth)
 Sets up the tab for the given maximum width. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSParametersWatcher
 PlotMSParametersWatcher ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~PlotMSParametersWatcher ()
 Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSPlotManagerWatcher
 PlotMSPlotManagerWatcher ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~PlotMSPlotManagerWatcher ()
 Destructor. More...

Protected Member Functions

void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *event)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSTab
void highlightWidgetText (QLabel *label, bool highlight)
 These alter the displayed text of Some widget types have a.title not a.text, and there's no Qt4 abstract class that encompasses all types that do have.text, so we overload highlightWidgetText for several classes. More...
void highlightWidgetText (QGroupBox *box, bool highlight)
void highlightWidgetText (QAbstractButton *but, bool highlight)

Private Slots

void singleDataChanged (PlotMSDataCollapsible *collapsible)
void addSinglePlot (int plotIndex=-1)
void observeModKeys ()
void close (PlotMSDataCollapsible *collapsible)

Private Member Functions

void completePlotting (bool success, int plotIndex)
 This was put in to support overplotting. More...
void fillLayout ()
void refreshPageHeader ()

Private Attributes

QList< PlotMSDataCollapsible * > dataList
QWidget * scrollWidget
QSpacerItem * bottomSpacer
int rowLimit
int colLimit
bool its_force_reload
 Flag set if user uses shift+plot or otherwise requests reload&replot. More...
bool makingPlot
Ui::PlotMSDataSummaryTabClass ui

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSTab
static bool setChooser (QComboBox *chooser, const QString &value)
 Static //. More...
static bool setChooser (QComboBox *chooser, const casacore::String &value)
static bool setChooser (QComboBox *chooser, const char *value)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSTab
static QString highlightifyText (const QString &text, bool highlight)
 Returns the given text altered with HTML tags for highlighting, meant to be assigned to a Qt widget's title or similar property. More...
static QString highlightifyText (const casacore::String &text, bool changed)
 Variation taking a casacore String. More...
static QString highlightifyText (const char *text, bool changed)
 Variation of highlightifyText taking plain C-style text. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::PlotMSTab
 Parent. More...
 Plotter. More...
QMap< QLabel *, QString > itsLabelDefaults_
 Default text for labels, so that they can be easily switched to red or normal depending on whether the item has changed or not. More...

Detailed Description

Handles adding multiple plots to the GUI.

Definition at line 44 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::PlotMSDataSummaryTab ( PlotMSPlotter parent)

Constructor which takes the parent tab and plotter.

casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::~PlotMSDataSummaryTab ( )


Member Function Documentation

void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::addSinglePlot ( int  plotIndex = -1)
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::changed ( int  index)
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::close ( PlotMSDataCollapsible collapsible)
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::completePlotting ( bool  success,
PlotMSPlot plot 
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::completePlotting ( bool  success,
int  plotIndex 

This was put in to support overplotting.

When two plots are sharing the same canvas, we don't want to trigger a redraw until all the plots sharing the same canvas are done updating their data in background threads.

void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::emptyLayout ( )
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::fillLayout ( )
std::vector<PlotMSPlot*> casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::getCurrentPlots ( )

Return the currently supported plots.

std::vector<casacore::String> casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::getFiles ( ) const

Get the files that the user loaded.

void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::insertData ( int  index)

Add a plot.

void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::observeModKeys ( )
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::parametersHaveChanged ( const PlotMSWatchedParameters params,
int  updateFlag 

Implements PlotMSParametersWatcher::parametersHaveChanged().

Updates the GUI as needed if the given parameters are the current PlotMSPlot's parameters.

Implements casa::PlotMSParametersWatcher.

bool casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::plot ( )

Tell all of the supported plots to update their displays.

void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::plotsChanged ( const PlotMSPlotManager manager)
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::refreshPageHeader ( )
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent *  event)
std::vector<std::vector<PMS::Axis> > casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::selectedLoadAxes ( ) const

Returns the axes that the user has selected to load/release into the cache.

std::vector<std::vector<PMS::Axis> > casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::selectedReleaseAxes ( ) const
void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::setGridSize ( int  rowCount,
int  colCount 

Size of the grid (rows & cols).

void casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::singleDataChanged ( PlotMSDataCollapsible collapsible)
QString casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::tabName ( ) const

Implements PlotMSTab::tabName().

Implements casa::PlotMSTab.

Definition at line 55 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

Member Data Documentation

QSpacerItem* casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::bottomSpacer

Definition at line 111 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

int casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::colLimit

Definition at line 113 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

QList<PlotMSDataCollapsible*> casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::dataList

Definition at line 109 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

bool casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::its_force_reload

Flag set if user uses shift+plot or otherwise requests reload&replot.

Definition at line 116 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

bool casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::makingPlot

Definition at line 117 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

int casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::rowLimit

Definition at line 112 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

QWidget* casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::scrollWidget

Definition at line 110 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

Ui::PlotMSDataSummaryTabClass casa::PlotMSDataSummaryTab::ui

Definition at line 118 of file PlotMSDataSummaryTab.qo.h.

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