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casa::PlotMSParameters Class Reference

Subclass of PlotMSWatchedParameters that hold parameters for the whole plotter. More...

#include <PlotMSParameters.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::PlotMSParameters:

Public Member Functions

 PlotMSParameters (const casacore::String &logFilename=PMS::DEFAULT_LOG_FILENAME, int logEvents=PMS::DEFAULT_LOG_EVENTS, casacore::LogMessage::Priority logPriority=PMS::DEFAULT_LOG_PRIORITY, bool clearSelections=PMS::DEFAULT_CLEAR_SELECTIONS, int cachedImageWidth=PMS::DEFAULT_CACHED_IMAGE_WIDTH, int cachedImageHeight=PMS::DEFAULT_CACHED_IMAGE_HEIGHT, int rowCount=PMS::DEFAULT_GRID_ROWS, int colCount=PMS::DEFAULT_GRID_COLS)
 Non-Static //. More...
 PlotMSParameters (const PlotMSParameters &copy)
 Copy constructor. More...
 ~PlotMSParameters ()
 Destructor. More...
casacore::String logFilename () const
 Gets/Sets the log sink location/filename. More...
void setLogFilename (const casacore::String &filename)
int logEvents () const
 Returns the current log events. More...
casacore::LogMessage::Priority logPriority () const
 Returns the current log minimum priority. More...
void setLogFilter (int logEvents, casacore::LogMessage::Priority priority)
 Sets the current log filter. More...
bool clearSelectionsOnAxesChange () const
 Gets/Sets whether any selections are cleared when plot axes are changed or not. More...
void setClearSelectionsOnAxesChange (bool flag)
std::pair< int, int > cachedImageSize () const
 Gets/Sets the cached image size. More...
void setCachedImageSize (int width, int height)
void setCachedImageSizeToResolution ()
 Sets the cached image size to the current screen resolution. More...
bool setGridSize (int rows, int cols)
int getRowCount () const
int getColCount () const
void setRowCount (int rowCount)
void setColCount (int colCount)
PlotMSParametersoperator= (const PlotMSParameters &copy)
 Copy operator. More...
bool equals (const PlotMSWatchedParameters &other, int updateFlags) const
 Implements PlotMSWatchedParameters::equals(). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSWatchedParameters
 PlotMSWatchedParameters ()
 Non-Static //. More...
virtual ~PlotMSWatchedParameters ()
 Destructor. More...
void addWatcher (PlotMSParametersWatcher *watcher)
 Adds/Removes the given watcher for this PlotMSParameters. More...
void removeWatcher (PlotMSParametersWatcher *watcher)
void holdNotification (PlotMSParametersWatcher *updater=NULL)
 Holds update notifications for any registered watchers. More...
void releaseNotification ()
 Releases update notification; notifies all watchers of an update except for the one (if any) that called holdNotification. More...
virtual bool operator== (const PlotMSWatchedParameters &other) const
 Equality operators. More...
virtual bool operator!= (const PlotMSWatchedParameters &other) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int chooserHistoryLimit ()
 Gets/Sets the file chooser history limit. More...
static void setChooserListoryLimit (int histLimit)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSWatchedParameters
static int REGISTER_UPDATE_FLAG (const casacore::String &name)
 Registers an update flag with the given name (if it is not already registered) and returns its flag value. More...
static void UNREGISTER_UPDATE_FLAG (const casacore::String &name)
 Unregisters the given update flag, if it is registered. More...
static void UNREGISTER_UPDATE_FLAG (int flag)
static int UPDATE_FLAG (const casacore::String &name)
 Converts between an update flag's name and value, if valid. More...
static casacore::String UPDATE_FLAG (int flag)
static std::vector< int > UPDATE_FLAGS ()
 Returns all registered update flags. More...
static std::vector
< casacore::String
static int ALL_UPDATE_FLAGS ()
 Returns all registered update flags as one or-ed value. More...
static std::vector< int > UPDATE_FLAGS (int value)
 Returns all registered update flags that were turned on in the given flags value. More...
static std::vector
< casacore::String

Static Public Attributes

static const int UPDATE_LOG
 Static //. More...
static const int UPDATE_PLOTMS_OPTIONS
- Static Public Attributes inherited from casa::PlotMSWatchedParameters
static const int NO_UPDATES
 Static //. More...

Private Attributes

casacore::String itsLogFilename_
 Log filename. More...
int itsLogEvents_
 Log events flag. More...
casacore::LogMessage::Priority itsLogPriority_
 Log minimum priority. More...
bool itsClearSelectionsOnAxesChange_
 Clear selections on axes change flag. More...
int itsCachedImageWidth_
 Cached image sizes. More...
int itsCachedImageHeight_
int rowCount
int colCount

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::PlotMSWatchedParameters
int currentUpdateFlag () const
 Returns the current update flag. More...
void updateFlag (int updateFlag, bool on=true)
 Provides access to children to indicate whether the given update flag should be turned on or off. More...
void updateFlag (const casacore::String &updateFlagName, bool on=true)
void updateFlags (int updateFlags)
 Provides access to children to indicate which update flags are on. More...

Detailed Description

Subclass of PlotMSWatchedParameters that hold parameters for the whole plotter.

These parameters include: log file name log events flag log minimum priority filter whether to clear any selections when axes are changed or not width and height for the cached image

Definition at line 41 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::PlotMSParameters::PlotMSParameters ( const casacore::String logFilename = PMS::DEFAULT_LOG_FILENAME,
int  logEvents = PMS::DEFAULT_LOG_EVENTS,
casacore::LogMessage::Priority  logPriority = PMS::DEFAULT_LOG_PRIORITY,
bool  clearSelections = PMS::DEFAULT_CLEAR_SELECTIONS,
int  cachedImageWidth = PMS::DEFAULT_CACHED_IMAGE_WIDTH,
int  cachedImageHeight = PMS::DEFAULT_CACHED_IMAGE_HEIGHT,
int  rowCount = PMS::DEFAULT_GRID_ROWS,
int  colCount = PMS::DEFAULT_GRID_COLS 

Non-Static //.

Constructor, with default values for parameters.

casa::PlotMSParameters::PlotMSParameters ( const PlotMSParameters copy)

Copy constructor.

See operator=().

casa::PlotMSParameters::~PlotMSParameters ( )


Member Function Documentation

std::pair<int, int> casa::PlotMSParameters::cachedImageSize ( ) const

Gets/Sets the cached image size.

See PlotCanvas::cachedAxesStackImageSize().

static int casa::PlotMSParameters::chooserHistoryLimit ( )

Gets/Sets the file chooser history limit.

(See QtFileDialog.) Static parameter.

bool casa::PlotMSParameters::clearSelectionsOnAxesChange ( ) const

Gets/Sets whether any selections are cleared when plot axes are changed or not.

bool casa::PlotMSParameters::equals ( const PlotMSWatchedParameters other,
int  updateFlags 
) const

Implements PlotMSWatchedParameters::equals().

Will return false if the other parameters are not of type PlotMSParameters.

Implements casa::PlotMSWatchedParameters.

int casa::PlotMSParameters::getColCount ( ) const
int casa::PlotMSParameters::getRowCount ( ) const
int casa::PlotMSParameters::logEvents ( ) const

Returns the current log events.

casacore::String casa::PlotMSParameters::logFilename ( ) const

Gets/Sets the log sink location/filename.

casacore::LogMessage::Priority casa::PlotMSParameters::logPriority ( ) const

Returns the current log minimum priority.

PlotMSParameters& casa::PlotMSParameters::operator= ( const PlotMSParameters copy)

Copy operator.

void casa::PlotMSParameters::setCachedImageSize ( int  width,
int  height 
void casa::PlotMSParameters::setCachedImageSizeToResolution ( )

Sets the cached image size to the current screen resolution.

static void casa::PlotMSParameters::setChooserListoryLimit ( int  histLimit)
void casa::PlotMSParameters::setClearSelectionsOnAxesChange ( bool  flag)
void casa::PlotMSParameters::setColCount ( int  colCount)
bool casa::PlotMSParameters::setGridSize ( int  rows,
int  cols 
void casa::PlotMSParameters::setLogFilename ( const casacore::String filename)
void casa::PlotMSParameters::setLogFilter ( int  logEvents,
casacore::LogMessage::Priority  priority 

Sets the current log filter.

void casa::PlotMSParameters::setRowCount ( int  rowCount)

Member Data Documentation

int casa::PlotMSParameters::colCount

Definition at line 145 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

int casa::PlotMSParameters::itsCachedImageHeight_

Definition at line 142 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

int casa::PlotMSParameters::itsCachedImageWidth_

Cached image sizes.

Definition at line 142 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

bool casa::PlotMSParameters::itsClearSelectionsOnAxesChange_

Clear selections on axes change flag.

Definition at line 139 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

int casa::PlotMSParameters::itsLogEvents_

Log events flag.

Definition at line 133 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

casacore::String casa::PlotMSParameters::itsLogFilename_

Log filename.

Definition at line 130 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

casacore::LogMessage::Priority casa::PlotMSParameters::itsLogPriority_

Log minimum priority.

Definition at line 136 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

int casa::PlotMSParameters::rowCount

Definition at line 144 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

const int casa::PlotMSParameters::UPDATE_LOG

Static //.

Update flags.

Definition at line 47 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

const int casa::PlotMSParameters::UPDATE_PLOTMS_OPTIONS

Definition at line 48 of file PlotMSParameters.h.

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