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casa::PreferencesFunction Class Reference

Displays, handles persistence, and stores display properties for a particular curve that can be shown on the plot. More...

#include <PreferencesFunction.qo.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::PreferencesFunction:


void displayStatusChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 PreferencesFunction (int index, QWidget *parent=0)
 ~PreferencesFunction ()
void setColor (QColor color)
 Initialization of the default color. More...
void setDisplayed (bool visible)
void setScatterEligible (bool eligible)
void setDisplayHidden ()
void setName (const QString &name)
bool isDisplayed () const
 Getters. More...
bool isDisplayedGUI () const
 Displayed in the GUI. More...
bool isScatterEligible () const
 Can this curve be included in the scatter plot. More...
QString getName () const
void initialize (QSettings &settings)
 Initializes the defaults from user settings. More...
void persist (QSettings &settings)
 Writes what is currently displayed into the user settings. More...
void reset ()
 Copies the defaults into what is displayed. More...
const CurveDisplay getFunctionPreferences () const

Private Slots

void visibilityChanged ()
void showColorDialog ()

Private Member Functions

QString getBaseStorageId () const
void setButtonColor (QColor color)
QColor getButtonColor () const

Private Attributes

int id
bool scatterEligible
CurveDisplay curveSettings
const QString COLOR_KEY
Ui::PreferencesFunctionClass ui

Static Private Attributes

static const QString FUNCTION_COLOR

Detailed Description

Displays, handles persistence, and stores display properties for a particular curve that can be shown on the plot.

Definition at line 16 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::PreferencesFunction::PreferencesFunction ( int  index,
QWidget *  parent = 0 
casa::PreferencesFunction::~PreferencesFunction ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casa::PreferencesFunction::displayStatusChanged ( )
QString casa::PreferencesFunction::getBaseStorageId ( ) const
QColor casa::PreferencesFunction::getButtonColor ( ) const
const CurveDisplay casa::PreferencesFunction::getFunctionPreferences ( ) const
QString casa::PreferencesFunction::getName ( ) const
void casa::PreferencesFunction::initialize ( QSettings &  settings)

Initializes the defaults from user settings.

bool casa::PreferencesFunction::isDisplayed ( ) const


Whether it is displayed from the permanent, persistent settings.

bool casa::PreferencesFunction::isDisplayedGUI ( ) const

Displayed in the GUI.

The GUI state will not be persisted until the "Apply" button is pressed.

bool casa::PreferencesFunction::isScatterEligible ( ) const

Can this curve be included in the scatter plot.

void casa::PreferencesFunction::persist ( QSettings &  settings)

Writes what is currently displayed into the user settings.

void casa::PreferencesFunction::reset ( )

Copies the defaults into what is displayed.

void casa::PreferencesFunction::setButtonColor ( QColor  color)
void casa::PreferencesFunction::setColor ( QColor  color)

Initialization of the default color.

void casa::PreferencesFunction::setDisplayed ( bool  visible)
void casa::PreferencesFunction::setDisplayHidden ( )
void casa::PreferencesFunction::setName ( const QString &  name)
void casa::PreferencesFunction::setScatterEligible ( bool  eligible)
void casa::PreferencesFunction::showColorDialog ( )
void casa::PreferencesFunction::visibilityChanged ( )

Member Data Documentation

const QString casa::PreferencesFunction::COLOR_KEY

Definition at line 72 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

CurveDisplay casa::PreferencesFunction::curveSettings

Definition at line 69 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

const QString casa::PreferencesFunction::FUNCTION_COLOR

Definition at line 75 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

int casa::PreferencesFunction::id

Definition at line 67 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

bool casa::PreferencesFunction::scatterEligible

Definition at line 68 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

Ui::PreferencesFunctionClass casa::PreferencesFunction::ui

Definition at line 76 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

const QString casa::PreferencesFunction::VISIBILITY_KEY

Definition at line 73 of file PreferencesFunction.qo.h.

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