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casa::RSOption Class Reference

Convenience class for a casacore::String, bool, or double. More...

#include <RSUtils.qo.h>

Public Member Functions

 RSOption (const casacore::String &str)
 casacore::String constructor. More...
 RSOption (bool b=false)
 bool constructor. More...
 RSOption (double d)
 double constructor. More...
 RSOption (const std::vector< casacore::String > &v)
 casacore::String vector constructor. More...
 ~RSOption ()
 Destructor. More...
bool isString () const
 Type methods. More...
bool isBool () const
bool isDouble () const
bool isStringArray () const
const casacore::StringasString () const
 Value methods. More...
bool asBool () const
double asDouble () const
const std::vector
< casacore::String > & 
asStringArray () const
bool operator== (const RSOption &other)
 Operators. More...
bool operator!= (const RSOption &other)
RSOptionoperator= (const casacore::String &str)
RSOptionoperator= (bool b)
RSOptionoperator= (double d)
RSOptionoperator= (const std::vector< casacore::String > &v)

Private Attributes

bool m_isString
casacore::String m_string
bool m_isBool
bool m_bool
bool m_isDouble
double m_double
bool m_isStringArray
std::vector< casacore::Stringm_stringArray

Detailed Description

Convenience class for a casacore::String, bool, or double.

Definition at line 386 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::RSOption::RSOption ( const casacore::String str)

casacore::String constructor.

casa::RSOption::RSOption ( bool  b = false)

bool constructor.

casa::RSOption::RSOption ( double  d)

double constructor.

casa::RSOption::RSOption ( const std::vector< casacore::String > &  v)

casacore::String vector constructor.

casa::RSOption::~RSOption ( )


Member Function Documentation

bool casa::RSOption::asBool ( ) const
double casa::RSOption::asDouble ( ) const
const casacore::String& casa::RSOption::asString ( ) const

Value methods.

const std::vector<casacore::String>& casa::RSOption::asStringArray ( ) const
bool casa::RSOption::isBool ( ) const
bool casa::RSOption::isDouble ( ) const
bool casa::RSOption::isString ( ) const

Type methods.

bool casa::RSOption::isStringArray ( ) const
bool casa::RSOption::operator!= ( const RSOption other)
RSOption& casa::RSOption::operator= ( const casacore::String str)
RSOption& casa::RSOption::operator= ( bool  b)
RSOption& casa::RSOption::operator= ( double  d)
RSOption& casa::RSOption::operator= ( const std::vector< casacore::String > &  v)
bool casa::RSOption::operator== ( const RSOption other)


Member Data Documentation

bool casa::RSOption::m_bool

Definition at line 433 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

double casa::RSOption::m_double

Definition at line 435 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

bool casa::RSOption::m_isBool

Definition at line 432 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

bool casa::RSOption::m_isDouble

Definition at line 434 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

bool casa::RSOption::m_isString

Definition at line 430 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

bool casa::RSOption::m_isStringArray

Definition at line 436 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

casacore::String casa::RSOption::m_string

Definition at line 431 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

std::vector<casacore::String> casa::RSOption::m_stringArray

Definition at line 437 of file RSUtils.qo.h.

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