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casa::SLog Class Reference

#include <SLog.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::SLog:

Public Member Functions

 ~SLog ()
void out (const casacore::String &msg, const casacore::String &fnname="", const casacore::String &clname="", casacore::LogMessage::Priority msglevel=casacore::LogMessage::DEBUG1, casacore::Bool onconsole=false)
void FnEnter (casacore::String fnname, casacore::String clname)
void FnExit (casacore::String fnname, casacore::String clname)
void FnPass (casacore::String fnname, casacore::String clname)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::LogIO
 LogIO ()
 Attach this LogIO object to the global sink with no origin information. More...
 LogIO (LogSink &sink)
 Attach this LogIO object to the supplied sink. More...
 LogIO (const LogOrigin &OR)
 Attach this LogIO object to the supplied origin and global sink. More...
 LogIO (const LogOrigin &OR, LogSink &sink)
 Attach this LogIO object to the supplied origin and sink. More...
 LogIO (const LogIO &other)
 Copying uses reference semantics, i.e. More...
LogIOoperator= (const LogIO &other)
 ~LogIO ()
 The destructor will post any accumulated message that has not already been posted. More...
void post ()
 Post the accumulated message. More...
void post (LogMessage &amess)
void postLocally ()
 Post the accumulated message locally. More...
template<typename EXC >
void postThenThrow (const EXC &exc)
 Post the accumulated message at SEVERE priority and then throw an exception. More...
void priority (LogMessage::Priority which)
 Change the priority of the message. More...
LogMessage::Priority priority ()
void sourceLocation (const SourceLocation *where)
 Change the location in the origin. More...
void origin (const LogOrigin &origin)
 Change the origin of the accumulated message. More...
ostream & output ()
 Acumulate output in this ostream. More...
LogSinkInterfacelocalSink ()
 Occasionally it is useful to interrogate the local log sink. More...
const LogSinkInterfacelocalSink () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SLogslog ()

Private Member Functions

 SLog ()
 static casacore::uInt refCount; More...

Static Private Attributes

static SLoginstance

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casacore::LogIO
enum  Command {
 Special commands to the LogIO object. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file SLog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::SLog::~SLog ( )
casa::SLog::SLog ( )

static casacore::uInt refCount;

Member Function Documentation

void casa::SLog::FnEnter ( casacore::String  fnname,
casacore::String  clname 
void casa::SLog::FnExit ( casacore::String  fnname,
casacore::String  clname 
void casa::SLog::FnPass ( casacore::String  fnname,
casacore::String  clname 
void casa::SLog::out ( const casacore::String msg,
const casacore::String fnname = "",
const casacore::String clname = "",
casacore::LogMessage::Priority  msglevel = casacore::LogMessage::DEBUG1,
casacore::Bool  onconsole = false 
static SLog* casa::SLog::slog ( )

Member Data Documentation

SLog* casa::SLog::instance

Definition at line 55 of file SLog.h.

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