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casa::SplatResult Class Reference

#include <SplatResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 SplatResult (int speciesId, const string &species, const string &chemicalName, const string &quantumNumbers, const pair< double, string > &frequency, const pair< double, string > &temperature, double smu2, const pair< double, string > &el, const pair< double, string > &eu, double logA, double intensity)
int getSpeciesId () const
std::string getSpecies () const
std::string getChemicalName () const
std::string getQuantumNumbers () const
pair< double, std::string > getFrequency () const
pair< double, std::string > getTemperature () const
pair< double, std::string > getEL () const
pair< double, std::string > getEU () const
double getLogA () const
double getSmu2 () const
double getIntensity () const
string toString () const
string toLine (string spacer=" ") const
virtual ~SplatResult ()

Private Attributes

std::string _species
std::string _chemicalName
std::string _quantumNumbers
int _speciesId
pair< double, std::string > _frequency
pair< double, std::string > _temperature
pair< double, std::string > _el
pair< double, std::string > _eu
double _smu2
double _logA
double _intensity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file SplatResult.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::SplatResult::SplatResult ( int  speciesId,
const string &  species,
const string &  chemicalName,
const string &  quantumNumbers,
const pair< double, string > &  frequency,
const pair< double, string > &  temperature,
double  smu2,
const pair< double, string > &  el,
const pair< double, string > &  eu,
double  logA,
double  intensity 
virtual casa::SplatResult::~SplatResult ( )

Member Function Documentation

std::string casa::SplatResult::getChemicalName ( ) const
pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::getEL ( ) const
pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::getEU ( ) const
pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::getFrequency ( ) const
double casa::SplatResult::getIntensity ( ) const
double casa::SplatResult::getLogA ( ) const
std::string casa::SplatResult::getQuantumNumbers ( ) const
double casa::SplatResult::getSmu2 ( ) const
std::string casa::SplatResult::getSpecies ( ) const
int casa::SplatResult::getSpeciesId ( ) const
pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::getTemperature ( ) const
string casa::SplatResult::toLine ( string  spacer = " ") const
string casa::SplatResult::toString ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

std::string casa::SplatResult::_chemicalName

Definition at line 57 of file SplatResult.h.

pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::_el

Definition at line 62 of file SplatResult.h.

pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::_eu

Definition at line 63 of file SplatResult.h.

pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::_frequency

Definition at line 60 of file SplatResult.h.

double casa::SplatResult::_intensity

Definition at line 66 of file SplatResult.h.

double casa::SplatResult::_logA

Definition at line 65 of file SplatResult.h.

std::string casa::SplatResult::_quantumNumbers

Definition at line 58 of file SplatResult.h.

double casa::SplatResult::_smu2

Definition at line 64 of file SplatResult.h.

std::string casa::SplatResult::_species

Definition at line 56 of file SplatResult.h.

int casa::SplatResult::_speciesId

Definition at line 59 of file SplatResult.h.

pair<double,std::string> casa::SplatResult::_temperature

Definition at line 61 of file SplatResult.h.

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