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casa::StatWt Class Reference

This class implements reweighting of visibilities based on the statwt algorithm. More...

#include <StatWt.h>

Public Member Functions

 StatWt (casacore::MeasurementSet *ms, const StatWtColConfig *const statwtColConfig)
 ~StatWt ()
void setCombine (const casacore::String &combine)
 set columns for which to ignore changes when aggregating data More...
void setOutputMS (const casacore::String &outname)
void setPreview (casacore::Bool preview)
 set preview mode (True) or not (False) More...
void setTimeBinWidth (const casacore::Quantity &binWidth)
void setTimeBinWidth (casacore::Double binWidth)
 binWidth must be in seconds More...
void setTimeBinWidthUsingInterval (casacore::uInt n)
 set the time bin width using an integral number of integration time. More...
void setTVIConfig (const casacore::Record &config)
 set the StatWtTVI config record More...
casacore::Record writeWeights ()

Private Member Functions

void _constructVi (std::shared_ptr< vi::VisibilityIterator2 > &vi, std::shared_ptr< vi::StatWtTVILayerFactory > &factory) const
 Construct the iterator. More...

Private Attributes

casacore::String _outname
casacore::Double _timeBinWidth
 time bin width in seconds More...
casacore::LogIO _log
std::unique_ptr< casacore::Int_chanBinWidthInt
std::unique_ptr< casacore::Record_chanBinWidthQ
casacore::String _combine
< casacore::Double,
< casacore::Float >
< casacore::Bool >
std::unique_ptr< std::pair
< casacore::Double,
casacore::Double > > 
casacore::Record _tviConfig
casacore::Bool _preview
const StatWtColConfig_statwtColConfig

Detailed Description

This class implements reweighting of visibilities based on the statwt algorithm.

Definition at line 50 of file StatWt.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::StatWt::StatWt ( casacore::MeasurementSet ms,
const StatWtColConfig *const  statwtColConfig 
casa::StatWt::~StatWt ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casa::StatWt::_constructVi ( std::shared_ptr< vi::VisibilityIterator2 > &  vi,
std::shared_ptr< vi::StatWtTVILayerFactory > &  factory 
) const

Construct the iterator.

void casa::StatWt::setCombine ( const casacore::String combine)

set columns for which to ignore changes when aggregating data

void casa::StatWt::setOutputMS ( const casacore::String outname)
void casa::StatWt::setPreview ( casacore::Bool  preview)

set preview mode (True) or not (False)

void casa::StatWt::setTimeBinWidth ( const casacore::Quantity binWidth)
void casa::StatWt::setTimeBinWidth ( casacore::Double  binWidth)

binWidth must be in seconds

void casa::StatWt::setTimeBinWidthUsingInterval ( casacore::uInt  n)

set the time bin width using an integral number of integration time.

For this purpose, the integration time is defined as the median value of the INTERVAL column. If either extrema in this column is more than 25% different from the median, an exception will be thrown because there is no single representative value of the integration time.

void casa::StatWt::setTVIConfig ( const casacore::Record config)

set the StatWtTVI config record

casacore::Record casa::StatWt::writeWeights ( )

Member Data Documentation

std::unique_ptr<casacore::Int> casa::StatWt::_chanBinWidthInt

Definition at line 92 of file StatWt.h.

std::unique_ptr<casacore::Record> casa::StatWt::_chanBinWidthQ

Definition at line 93 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::String casa::StatWt::_combine

Definition at line 94 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::LogIO casa::StatWt::_log

Definition at line 91 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::MeasurementSet* casa::StatWt::_ms

Definition at line 87 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::String casa::StatWt::_outname

Definition at line 88 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::Bool casa::StatWt::_preview

Definition at line 101 of file StatWt.h.

Definition at line 98 of file StatWt.h.

const StatWtColConfig* casa::StatWt::_statwtColConfig

Definition at line 102 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::Double casa::StatWt::_timeBinWidth

time bin width in seconds

Definition at line 90 of file StatWt.h.

casacore::Record casa::StatWt::_tviConfig

Definition at line 100 of file StatWt.h.

std::unique_ptr<std::pair<casacore::Double, casacore::Double> > casa::StatWt::_wtrange

Definition at line 99 of file StatWt.h.

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