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casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares Class Reference

#include <DenoisingLib.h>

Inheritance diagram for casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares:
casa::denoising::GslMultifitWeightedLinear casa::denoising::GslMultifitLinearBase

Public Member Functions

 IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares ()
 IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares (GslLinearModelBase< Double > &model, size_t nIter)
 ~IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares ()
void setNIter (size_t nIter)
virtual void calcFitCoeffCore (Vector< Double > data, gsl_vector *coeff)
virtual void updateWeights (Vector< Double > &data, Vector< Double > &model, Vector< Double > &weights)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::denoising::GslMultifitWeightedLinear
 GslMultifitWeightedLinear ()
 GslMultifitWeightedLinear (GslLinearModelBase< Double > &model)
 ~GslMultifitWeightedLinear ()
void setWeights (Vector< Float > &weights)
void setFlags (Vector< Bool > &flags, Bool goodIsTrue=True)
void setWeightsAndFlags (Vector< Float > &weights, Vector< Bool > &flags, Bool goodIsTrue=True)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casa::denoising::GslMultifitLinearBase
 GslMultifitLinearBase ()
 GslMultifitLinearBase (GslLinearModelBase< Double > &model)
 ~GslMultifitLinearBase ()
void resetModel (GslLinearModelBase< Double > &model)
void resetNComponents (size_t ncomponents)
void setDebug (Bool debug)
Vector< Complex > calcFitCoeff (Vector< Complex > &data)
template<class T >
Vector< T > calcFitCoeff (Vector< T > &data)
void getFitCoeff (Vector< Complex > &coeff)
template<class T >
void getFitCoeff (Vector< T > &coeff)
void calcFitModelStd (Vector< Complex > &model, Vector< Complex > &std)
template<class T >
void calcFitModelStd (Vector< T > &model, Vector< T > &std)
void calcFitModel (Vector< Complex > &model)
template<class T >
void calcFitModel (Vector< T > &model)

Protected Attributes

size_t nIter_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::denoising::GslMultifitWeightedLinear
Vector< Doubleweights_p
 Weights. More...
gsl_vector gls_weights_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from casa::denoising::GslMultifitLinearBase
size_t ndata_p
 Model. More...
size_t ncomponents_p
size_t max_ncomponents_p
gsl_matrix gsl_model_p
GslLinearModelBase< Double > * model_p
gsl_vector * gsl_coeff_real_p
 GSL Resources. More...
gsl_vector * gsl_coeff_imag_p
gsl_matrix * gsl_covariance_p
gsl_multifit_linear_workspace * gsl_workspace_p
Matrix< Doubledata_p
 Data. More...
int errno_p
 Fit result. More...
double chisq_p
Bool debug_p
 Misc. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::denoising::GslMultifitWeightedLinear
void setModel (GslLinearModelBase< Double > &model)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casa::denoising::GslMultifitLinearBase
void allocGslResources ()
void freeGslResources ()
void setData (Vector< Float > &data)
void setData (Vector< Double > &data)
void setData (Vector< Complex > &data)
template<class T >
void calcFitModelStdCore (Vector< T > &model, Vector< T > &std, gsl_vector *coeff)
template<class T >
void calcFitModelCore (Vector< T > &model, gsl_vector *coeff)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 331 of file DenoisingLib.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares ( )
casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares ( GslLinearModelBase< Double > &  model,
size_t  nIter 
casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::~IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::calcFitCoeffCore ( Vector< Double data,
gsl_vector *  coeff 
void casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::setNIter ( size_t  nIter)

Definition at line 343 of file DenoisingLib.h.

virtual void casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::updateWeights ( Vector< Double > &  data,
Vector< Double > &  model,
Vector< Double > &  weights 

Member Data Documentation

size_t casa::denoising::IterativelyReweightedLeastSquares::nIter_p

Definition at line 350 of file DenoisingLib.h.

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