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casacore::FITSExtInfo Class Reference

class FitsKeywordList; More...

#include <FITSImgParser.h>

Public Member Functions

 FITSExtInfo (const String &name, const uInt &extindex, const String &extname, const Int &extversion, const Bool &hasdata)
 Construct the object. More...
 FITSExtInfo ()
 Construct the object. More...
 FITSExtInfo (const FITSExtInfo &other)
 Copy constructor (reference semantics) More...
 ~FITSExtInfo ()
 Destructor does nothing. More...
FITSExtInfooperator= (const FITSExtInfo &other)
 Assignment (reference semantics). More...
Bool operator== (const FITSExtInfo &extinfo)
 Relational operator. More...
String get_extexpr (void)
 All extension information as a string. More...
String get_extname (void)
 Return the extension name. More...
Int get_extversion (void)
 Return the extension version. More...
Bool has_data (void)
 Return whether there is data. More...
void add_kwlist (FitsKeywordList &kwlist)
 Add a list of keywords. More...
FitsKeywordget_keyword (const String kname)
 Return a keyword. More...

Private Attributes

String name_p
uInt extindex_p
String extname_p
Int extversion_p
Bool hasdata_p
FitsKeywordList kwlist_p

Detailed Description

class FitsKeywordList;

Class for storing FITS Image extension information

Intended use:

Public interface

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The class stores the essential information on a FITS image extension.


The class stores the essential information on a FITS image extension, which is the FITS file name, the extension name, the extension version, the index within the FITS file.


FITSImgParser fitsImg("in.fits");
FITSExtInfo extinfo("in.fits", 0, "SCI", 1, True);
Int index = fitsImg.get_index(extinfo); // get the index of extension "[SCI, 1]"


Helper class for accessing multi-extension FITS files.

Definition at line 216 of file FITSImgParser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::FITSExtInfo::FITSExtInfo ( const String name,
const uInt extindex,
const String extname,
const Int extversion,
const Bool hasdata 

Construct the object.

casacore::FITSExtInfo::FITSExtInfo ( )

Construct the object.

Definition at line 224 of file FITSImgParser.h.

References casacore::False.

casacore::FITSExtInfo::FITSExtInfo ( const FITSExtInfo other)

Copy constructor (reference semantics)

casacore::FITSExtInfo::~FITSExtInfo ( )

Destructor does nothing.

Member Function Documentation

void casacore::FITSExtInfo::add_kwlist ( FitsKeywordList kwlist)

Add a list of keywords.

String casacore::FITSExtInfo::get_extexpr ( void  )

All extension information as a string.

String casacore::FITSExtInfo::get_extname ( void  )

Return the extension name.

Definition at line 245 of file FITSImgParser.h.

References extname_p.

Int casacore::FITSExtInfo::get_extversion ( void  )

Return the extension version.

Definition at line 248 of file FITSImgParser.h.

References extversion_p.

FitsKeyword* casacore::FITSExtInfo::get_keyword ( const String  kname)

Return a keyword.

Definition at line 257 of file FITSImgParser.h.

Bool casacore::FITSExtInfo::has_data ( void  )

Return whether there is data.

Definition at line 251 of file FITSImgParser.h.

References hasdata_p.

FITSExtInfo& casacore::FITSExtInfo::operator= ( const FITSExtInfo other)

Assignment (reference semantics).

Bool casacore::FITSExtInfo::operator== ( const FITSExtInfo extinfo)

Relational operator.

Member Data Documentation

uInt casacore::FITSExtInfo::extindex_p

Definition at line 261 of file FITSImgParser.h.

String casacore::FITSExtInfo::extname_p

Definition at line 262 of file FITSImgParser.h.

Referenced by get_extname().

Int casacore::FITSExtInfo::extversion_p

Definition at line 263 of file FITSImgParser.h.

Referenced by get_extversion().

Bool casacore::FITSExtInfo::hasdata_p

Definition at line 264 of file FITSImgParser.h.

Referenced by has_data().

FitsKeywordList casacore::FITSExtInfo::kwlist_p

Definition at line 265 of file FITSImgParser.h.

String casacore::FITSExtInfo::name_p

Definition at line 257 of file FITSImgParser.h.

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