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casacore::FitsOutput Class Reference

fixed-length sequential blocked FITS output More...

#include <fitsio.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::FitsOutput:

Public Member Functions

 FitsOutput (const char *, const FITS::FitsDevice &, int=10, FITSErrorHandler errhandler=FITSError::defaultHandler)
 FitsOutput (FITSErrorHandler errhandler=FITSError::defaultHandler)
 ~FitsOutput ()
void set_data_info (FitsKeywordList &kwl, FITS::HDUType t, FITS::ValueType dt, OFF_T ds, Int is)
 used by PrimaryArray, BinaryTabelExtention etc to work with the constructor without keyword list. More...
int write_sp (char *rec)
 write a special record. More...
int hdu_complete ()
 check if the current hdu is done. More...
BlockOutputgetfout ()
void setfptr (fitsfile *ffp)
Bool required_keys_only ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::FitsIO
virtual ~FitsIO ()
int err () const
int fitsrecsize () const
 record size, in bytes, of a FITS block. More...
Bool isafits () const
 is it a valid fits file (SIMPLE==T). More...
Bool isextend () const
 see if there may be FITS extensions present (EXTENT==T) More...
Bool eof () const
 test if end of file has been reached More...
FITS::FitsRecType rectype () const
 the FITS record type More...
FITS::HDUType hdutype () const
 Header Data Unit type (e.g. More...
FITS::ValueType datatype () const
OFF_T datasize () const
 return the datasize of the current HDU. More...
Int itemsize () const
 data characteristics More...
OFF_T currsize () const
 for input, size of remaining data for output, size of data written More...
FitsKeyCardTranslatorgetkc ()
 get FitsKeyCardTranslator More...
fitsfile * getfptr () const
 get the fitsfile pointer More...
OFF_T getskipsize () const
 get the size of the last skipped HDU More...

Private Member Functions

BlockOutputmake_output (const char *, const FITS::FitsDevice &, int, FITSErrorHandler errhandler=FITSError::defaultHandler)
virtual void errmsg (FitsErrs, const char *)
 set error message that belongs to one of the enumerated types More...
int hdu_inprogress ()
int write_hdr (FitsKeywordList &, FITS::HDUType, FITS::ValueType, OFF_T, Int)
 Special interface to class HeaderDataUnit. More...
int write_all (FITS::HDUType, char *, char)
 write all data from address More...
int write (FITS::HDUType, char *, Int, char)
 write N bytes from address More...

Private Attributes

Bool m_required_keys_only


int HeaderDataUnit::write_hdr (FitsOutput &)
int HeaderDataUnit::write_all_data (FitsOutput &, char *)
int HeaderDataUnit::write_data (FitsOutput &, char *, Int)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casacore::FitsIO
enum  FitsErrs {
 error return code. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casacore::FitsIO
 FitsIO (FITSErrorHandler)
- Protected Attributes inherited from casacore::FitsIO
fitsfile * m_fptr
const int m_recsize
Bool m_valid_fits
Bool m_extend
Bool m_isaprimary
Bool m_header_done
FITS::FitsRecType m_rec_type
FITS::HDUType m_hdu_type
FITSErrorHandler m_errfn
FitsErrs m_err_status
FitsKeyCardTranslator m_kc
FitsKeywordList m_kw
char * m_curr
int m_bytepos
Int m_item_size
FITS::ValueType m_data_type
OFF_T m_data_size
 uInt m_data_size; More...
OFF_T m_curr_size
for input, size of remaining data

for output, size of data written uInt m_curr_size; More...

OFF_T m_skipHDU_size
 for size of the last HDU skipped More...

Detailed Description

fixed-length sequential blocked FITS output

Definition at line 228 of file fitsio.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::FitsOutput::FitsOutput ( const char *  ,
const FITS::FitsDevice ,
int  = 10,
FITSErrorHandler  errhandler = FITSError::defaultHandler 
casacore::FitsOutput::FitsOutput ( FITSErrorHandler  errhandler = FITSError::defaultHandler)
casacore::FitsOutput::~FitsOutput ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void casacore::FitsOutput::errmsg ( FitsErrs  ,
const char *   

set error message that belongs to one of the enumerated types

Implements casacore::FitsIO.

BlockOutput& casacore::FitsOutput::getfout ( )

Definition at line 249 of file fitsio.h.

References m_fout.

int casacore::FitsOutput::hdu_complete ( )

check if the current hdu is done.

It was private.

Definition at line 246 of file fitsio.h.

References casacore::FITS::HDURecord, casacore::FitsIO::m_data_size, and casacore::FitsIO::m_rec_type.

int casacore::FitsOutput::hdu_inprogress ( )
BlockOutput& casacore::FitsOutput::make_output ( const char *  ,
const FITS::FitsDevice ,
int  ,
FITSErrorHandler  errhandler = FITSError::defaultHandler 
Bool casacore::FitsOutput::required_keys_only ( )

Definition at line 251 of file fitsio.h.

References m_required_keys_only.

void casacore::FitsOutput::set_data_info ( FitsKeywordList kwl,
FITS::HDUType  t,
FITS::ValueType  dt,
OFF_T  ds,
Int  is 

used by PrimaryArray, BinaryTabelExtention etc to work with the constructor without keyword list.

void casacore::FitsOutput::setfptr ( fitsfile *  ffp)
int casacore::FitsOutput::write ( FITS::HDUType  ,
char *  ,
Int  ,

write N bytes from address

int casacore::FitsOutput::write_all ( FITS::HDUType  ,
char *  ,

write all data from address

int casacore::FitsOutput::write_hdr ( FitsKeywordList ,
FITS::HDUType  ,
FITS::ValueType  ,
OFF_T  ,

Special interface to class HeaderDataUnit.

int casacore::FitsOutput::write_sp ( char *  rec)

write a special record.

For this the record type must also be to set to FITS::SpecialRecord

Friends And Related Function Documentation

int HeaderDataUnit::write_all_data ( FitsOutput ,
char *   
int HeaderDataUnit::write_data ( FitsOutput ,
char *  ,

Member Data Documentation

BlockOutput& casacore::FitsOutput::m_fout

Definition at line 254 of file fitsio.h.

Referenced by getfout().

Bool casacore::FitsOutput::m_required_keys_only

Definition at line 255 of file fitsio.h.

Referenced by required_keys_only().

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