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casacore::FitsValueResult Class Reference

analyse the value of a header card More...

#include <fits.h>

Public Attributes

FITS::ValueType type
union {
   Bool   b
   int   s [2]
   Int   l
   float   f
   double   d
Complex c
IComplex lc
DComplex dc
int begpos
int endpos
Bool isa_point
int pointpos
int no_sig
const char * errmsg

Detailed Description

analyse the value of a header card

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Analyse the value of a header card

Definition at line 463 of file fits.h.

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }
Bool casacore::FitsValueResult::b

Definition at line 467 of file fits.h.

int casacore::FitsValueResult::begpos

Definition at line 476 of file fits.h.

Complex casacore::FitsValueResult::c

Definition at line 473 of file fits.h.

double casacore::FitsValueResult::d

Definition at line 471 of file fits.h.

DComplex casacore::FitsValueResult::dc

Definition at line 475 of file fits.h.

int casacore::FitsValueResult::endpos

Definition at line 477 of file fits.h.

const char* casacore::FitsValueResult::errmsg

Definition at line 481 of file fits.h.

float casacore::FitsValueResult::f

Definition at line 470 of file fits.h.

Bool casacore::FitsValueResult::isa_point

Definition at line 478 of file fits.h.

Int casacore::FitsValueResult::l

Definition at line 469 of file fits.h.

IComplex casacore::FitsValueResult::lc

Definition at line 474 of file fits.h.

int casacore::FitsValueResult::no_sig

Definition at line 480 of file fits.h.

int casacore::FitsValueResult::pointpos

Definition at line 479 of file fits.h.

int casacore::FitsValueResult::s[2]

Definition at line 468 of file fits.h.

FITS::ValueType casacore::FitsValueResult::type

Definition at line 465 of file fits.h.

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