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casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace Class Reference

A class representing an HDF5 dataspace hid. More...

#include <HDF5HidMeta.h>

Public Member Functions

 HDF5HidDataSpace ()
 Default constructor sets hid to invalid. More...
 HDF5HidDataSpace (hid_t hid)
 Construct from given hid. More...
 ~HDF5HidDataSpace ()
 The destructor closes the hid. More...
void close ()
 Close the hid if valid. More...
void operator= (hid_t hid)
 Put hid in it. More...
hid_t getHid () const
 Get the hid. More...
 operator hid_t () const
 Convert automatically to hid_t. More...

Private Member Functions

 HDF5HidDataSpace (const HDF5HidDataSpace &that)
 Copy constructor cannot be used. More...
HDF5HidDataSpaceoperator= (const HDF5HidDataSpace &that)
 Assignment cannot be used. More...

Private Attributes

hid_t itsHid

Detailed Description

A class representing an HDF5 dataspace hid.

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This class wraps an HDF5 dataspace hid (hdf5 id). It offers two benefits:

Definition at line 150 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::HDF5HidDataSpace ( )

Default constructor sets hid to invalid.

Definition at line 154 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::HDF5HidDataSpace ( hid_t  hid)

Construct from given hid.

Definition at line 157 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::~HDF5HidDataSpace ( )

The destructor closes the hid.

Definition at line 160 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

References close().

casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::HDF5HidDataSpace ( const HDF5HidDataSpace that)

Copy constructor cannot be used.

Member Function Documentation

void casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::close ( )

Close the hid if valid.

Referenced by operator=(), and ~HDF5HidDataSpace().

hid_t casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::getHid ( ) const

Get the hid.

Definition at line 168 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

References itsHid.

casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::operator hid_t ( ) const

Convert automatically to hid_t.

Definition at line 171 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

References itsHid.

void casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::operator= ( hid_t  hid)

Put hid in it.

If it already contains a hid, it will be closed.

Definition at line 165 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

References close(), and itsHid.

HDF5HidDataSpace& casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::operator= ( const HDF5HidDataSpace that)

Assignment cannot be used.

Member Data Documentation

hid_t casacore::HDF5HidDataSpace::itsHid

Definition at line 179 of file HDF5HidMeta.h.

Referenced by getHid(), operator hid_t(), and operator=().

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