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casacore::ImageFITSConverterImpl< HDUType > Class Template Reference

This class is an internal class for ImageFITSConverter. More...

#include <ImageFITSConverter.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void FITSToImage (ImageInterface< Float > *&newImage, String &error, const String &newImageName, const uInt whichRep, HDUType &fitsImage, const String &fitsFilename, const DataType dataType, const uInt memoryInMB=64, const Bool zeroBlanks=False)

Detailed Description

template<class HDUType>
class casacore::ImageFITSConverterImpl< HDUType >

This class is an internal class for ImageFITSConverter.

Intended use:



This class is an internal class used to implement ImageFitsConverter::FITSToImage - in particular, it has the code which is dependent on the various types (BITPIX values).

Definition at line 394 of file ImageFITSConverter.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class HDUType >
static void casacore::ImageFITSConverterImpl< HDUType >::FITSToImage ( ImageInterface< Float > *&  newImage,
String error,
const String newImageName,
const uInt  whichRep,
HDUType &  fitsImage,
const String fitsFilename,
const DataType  dataType,
const uInt  memoryInMB = 64,
const Bool  zeroBlanks = False 

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