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casacore::JsonKVMap Class Reference

Class to hold a collection of JSON key:value pairs. More...

#include <JsonKVMap.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::JsonKVMap:

Public Types

typedef std::map< String,
JsonValue >::const_iterator 
 Define the iterator types. More...
typedef std::map< String,
JsonValue >::iterator 

Public Member Functions

 JsonKVMap ()
 Construct an empty map. More...
 JsonKVMap (const JsonKVMap &that)
 Copy constructor (copy semantics) More...
 ~JsonKVMap ()
JsonKVMapoperator= (const JsonKVMap &that)
 Assignment (copy semantics) More...
Bool isDefined (const String &name) const
 Is a key defined? More...
const JsonValueget (const String &name) const
 Get the value of a key. More...
Get the typed value of a key

Use the default if not existing.

Bool getBool (const String &name, Bool defVal) const
Int64 getInt (const String &name, Int64 defVal) const
double getDouble (const String &name, double defVal) const
DComplex getDComplex (const String &name, const DComplex &defVal) const
const StringgetString (const String &name, const String &defVal) const
Record toRecord () const
 Convert the map to a Record. More...

Show the contents of the object

void show (ostream &) const
ostream & operator<< (ostream &, const JsonKVMap &)

Detailed Description

Class to hold a collection of JSON key:value pairs.

Intended use:

Public interface

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A JsonKVMap object is the result of a JSON file parsed by JsonParser. It is a map of name to a JsonValue object holding an arbitrary value (including a JsonKVMap for nested structs).

JsonKVMap has functions to test if a given field is present and to get its JsonValue. It also has functions to get a scalar value where a default value is used if the key is undefined.

JsonKVMap is derived from std::map, so all its functions are available. Iterators make standard iteration possible.


JSON is a commonly used interchange format.

Definition at line 72 of file JsonKVMap.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Define the iterator types.

Definition at line 76 of file JsonKVMap.h.

Definition at line 77 of file JsonKVMap.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::JsonKVMap::JsonKVMap ( )

Construct an empty map.

casacore::JsonKVMap::JsonKVMap ( const JsonKVMap that)

Copy constructor (copy semantics)

casacore::JsonKVMap::~JsonKVMap ( )

Member Function Documentation

const JsonValue& casacore::JsonKVMap::get ( const String name) const

Get the value of a key.

An exception is thrown if undefined.

Bool casacore::JsonKVMap::getBool ( const String name,
Bool  defVal 
) const
DComplex casacore::JsonKVMap::getDComplex ( const String name,
const DComplex &  defVal 
) const
double casacore::JsonKVMap::getDouble ( const String name,
double  defVal 
) const
Int64 casacore::JsonKVMap::getInt ( const String name,
Int64  defVal 
) const
const String& casacore::JsonKVMap::getString ( const String name,
const String defVal 
) const
Bool casacore::JsonKVMap::isDefined ( const String name) const

Is a key defined?

Definition at line 91 of file JsonKVMap.h.

References casa::vi::end().

JsonKVMap& casacore::JsonKVMap::operator= ( const JsonKVMap that)

Assignment (copy semantics)

void casacore::JsonKVMap::show ( ostream &  ) const
Record casacore::JsonKVMap::toRecord ( ) const

Convert the map to a Record.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  ,
const JsonKVMap  

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