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casacore::LSQReal Class Reference

Typing support classes for LSQ classes. More...

#include <LSQTraits.h>

Private Types

typedef LSQReal value_type

Detailed Description

Typing support classes for LSQ classes.

Review Status

Reviewed By:
Wim Brouw
Date Reviewed:
Test programs:
tLSQFit, tLSQaips


The following classes are used in detremining the type of iterator presented to the LSQFit class. They are for a large part based on ideas by Alexandrescu(2001), 'Modern C++ design'.


See LSQFit class, especially the defintion file.


To ease the interface to Fitting (and probably other) classes, by producing a framework that can be used with Casacore containers.

To Do

Type of real numeric class indicator

Definition at line 65 of file LSQTraits.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 66 of file LSQTraits.h.

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