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casacore::LogFilterInterface Class Referenceabstract

Abstract base class for filtering LogMessages. More...

#include <LogFilterInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::LogFilterInterface:
casa::PlotLoggerFilter casacore::LogFilter casacore::LogFilterTaql casa::LogFilterParallel

Public Member Functions

 LogFilterInterface ()
 Construct a filter with the LOWEST priority that you want passed. More...
virtual ~LogFilterInterface ()
virtual LogFilterInterfaceclone () const =0
 Clone the object. More...
virtual Bool pass (const LogMessage &message) const =0
 Return True if message passes this filter. More...

Private Member Functions

 LogFilterInterface (const LogFilterInterface &other)
 Copy constructor and assignment cannot be used. More...
LogFilterInterfaceoperator= (const LogFilterInterface &other)

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for filtering LogMessages.

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Log[Message] Filter.


The LogFilter class is used by the various log sink classes, typically accessed through LogSink, to decide whether a particular LogMessage should be accepted or rejected.

Simple filtering is based on the messages priority. In particular, you typically will choose to only pass messages greater than or equal to NORMAL in priority, but you might choose DEBUGGING to see all messages, or SEVERE to only see messages that report serious problems.


Suppose we wanted to change the global sink so that it prints all messages, including debugging messages:


Definition at line 84 of file LogFilterInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::LogFilterInterface::LogFilterInterface ( )

Construct a filter with the LOWEST priority that you want passed.

Thus DEBUGGING passes everything. Note that it is not possible to block SEVERE level messages, although you can use a NullLogSink which will have this effect.

Definition at line 92 of file LogFilterInterface.h.

virtual casacore::LogFilterInterface::~LogFilterInterface ( )
casacore::LogFilterInterface::LogFilterInterface ( const LogFilterInterface other)

Copy constructor and assignment cannot be used.

Member Function Documentation

virtual LogFilterInterface* casacore::LogFilterInterface::clone ( ) const
pure virtual
LogFilterInterface& casacore::LogFilterInterface::operator= ( const LogFilterInterface other)
virtual Bool casacore::LogFilterInterface::pass ( const LogMessage message) const
pure virtual

Return True if message passes this filter.

Implemented in casa::PlotLoggerFilter, casacore::LogFilterTaql, casacore::LogFilter, and casa::LogFilterParallel.

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