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casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter Class Reference

Class to convert a MeasurementSet v1 to v2. More...

#include <MS1ToMS2Converter.h>

Public Member Functions

 MS1ToMS2Converter (const String &ms2, const String &ms1, Bool inPlace)
 Create the converter for the given output (ms2) and input (ms1) name. More...
 ~MS1ToMS2Converter ()
Bool convert ()
 Do the actual conversion. More...

Private Member Functions

 MS1ToMS2Converter (const MS1ToMS2Converter &)
 Forbid copy constrcutor and assignment. More...
MS1ToMS2Converteroperator= (const MS1ToMS2Converter &)
void removeColumn (Table &t, const String &col)
 If possible remove a column from the table. More...

Private Attributes

String ms1_p
String ms2_p
Bool inPlace_p
LogIO os_p
 Logger. More...

Detailed Description

Class to convert a MeasurementSet v1 to v2.

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This class converts a version 1 MeasurementSet to version 2. The keyword MS_VERSION tells the version. If not present it is 1. If it is found that the MS is already a version 2 one, nothing is done.

It is possible to do the conversion in place. If not, first a copy is made which is thereafter changed in place.
The conversion process does the following steps:

The constructor only keeps the names of the input and output MS. The actual conversion is done by the convert function.

Definition at line 73 of file MS1ToMS2Converter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::MS1ToMS2Converter ( const String ms2,
const String ms1,
Bool  inPlace 

Create the converter for the given output (ms2) and input (ms1) name.

The input name has to be an MS version 1. If not, nothing will be done.
If inPlace==True, the ms2 name is ignored. In that case the ms is changed in place.

casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::~MS1ToMS2Converter ( )
casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::MS1ToMS2Converter ( const MS1ToMS2Converter )

Forbid copy constrcutor and assignment.

Member Function Documentation

Bool casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::convert ( )

Do the actual conversion.

MS1ToMS2Converter& casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::operator= ( const MS1ToMS2Converter )
void casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::removeColumn ( Table t,
const String col 

If possible remove a column from the table.

Otherwise rename it by prefixing it with OBSOLETE.

Member Data Documentation

Bool casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::inPlace_p

Definition at line 103 of file MS1ToMS2Converter.h.

String casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::ms1_p

Definition at line 101 of file MS1ToMS2Converter.h.

String casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::ms2_p

Definition at line 102 of file MS1ToMS2Converter.h.

LogIO casacore::MS1ToMS2Converter::os_p


Definition at line 106 of file MS1ToMS2Converter.h.

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