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casacore::MSSelectionError Class Reference

#include <MSSelectionError.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::MSSelectionError:
casacore::AipsError casacore::MSSelectionAntennaError casacore::MSSelectionArrayError casacore::MSSelectionFeedError casacore::MSSelectionFieldError casacore::MSSelectionNullExpr casacore::MSSelectionNullSelection casacore::MSSelectionNullTEN casacore::MSSelectionObservationError casacore::MSSelectionPolnError casacore::MSSelectionScanError casacore::MSSelectionSpwError casacore::MSSelectionStateError casacore::MSSelectionTimeError casacore::MSSelectionUvDistError

Public Member Functions

 MSSelectionError (Category c=GENERAL)
 The default constructor generates the message "Table error". More...
void changeMessage (String &message)
 Construct with given message. More...
void addMessage (String &message)
void reset ()
 MSSelectionError (const String &message, Category c=GENERAL)
 ~MSSelectionError () noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::AipsError
virtual const char * what () const noexcept
 Simply returns the stored error message. More...
const StringgetMesg () const
String getStackTrace () const
AipsError::Category getCategory () const
void setMessage (const String &msg) const
 Append a message. More...
 AipsError (const Char *str, Category c=GENERAL)
 Creates an AipsError and initializes the error message from the parameter. More...
 AipsError (const String &str, Category c=GENERAL)
 AipsError (const String &msg, const String &filename, uInt lineNumber, Category c=GENERAL)
 AipsError (Category c=GENERAL)
 ~AipsError () noexcept
 Destructor which does nothing. More...

Public Attributes

Bool hasMessage

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casacore::AipsError
enum  Category {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::AipsError
static void getLastInfo (String &message, String &stackTrace)
 Get or clear the stacktrace info. More...
static String getLastMessage ()
static String getLastStackTrace ()
static void clearLastInfo ()
static AipsError repackageAipsError (AipsError &error, const String &message, const char *file, Int line, const char *func)
 Repackage an exception. More...
static void throwIf (Bool condition, const String &message, const char *file, Int line, const char *func="")
 Throw if the condition is true. More...
static void throwIfError (Int errorCode, const String &prefix, const char *file, Int line, const char *func="")
 Throw if the system error code is not 0. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casacore::AipsError
void addStackTrace ()
 Add the stack trace to the message (if USE_STACKTRACE is set). More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from casacore::AipsError
String message
Category category
String stackTrace

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The top-level generic MSSelection exception class. All exceptions thrown by the MSSelection and related classes are derived from this. Catching this class will catch only MSSelection exceptions (but all exceptions from the MSSelection line of classes). To catch more specific MSSelection exceptions, catch the derived classes. Note that you have to catch AipsError to catch all possible exceptions thrown by all of Casacore modules!

Definition at line 58 of file MSSelectionError.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::MSSelectionError::MSSelectionError ( Category  c = GENERAL)

The default constructor generates the message "Table error".

casacore::MSSelectionError::MSSelectionError ( const String message,
Category  c = GENERAL 
casacore::MSSelectionError::~MSSelectionError ( )

Member Function Documentation

void casacore::MSSelectionError::addMessage ( String message)
void casacore::MSSelectionError::changeMessage ( String message)

Construct with given message.

void casacore::MSSelectionError::reset ( )

Definition at line 65 of file MSSelectionError.h.

Member Data Documentation

Bool casacore::MSSelectionError::hasMessage

Definition at line 68 of file MSSelectionError.h.

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