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casacore::MSSpwParse Class Reference

Class to hold values from field grammar parser. More...

#include <MSSpwParse.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::MSSpwParse:

Public Member Functions

 MSSpwParse ()
 Default constructor. More...
 MSSpwParse (const MeasurementSet *ms)
 ~MSSpwParse() {if (node_p) delete node_p;node_p=0x0;}; More...
 MSSpwParse (const MSSpectralWindow &spwSubTable, const MSDataDescription &ddSubTable, const TableExprNode &columnAsTEN)
 ~MSSpwParse ()
const TableExprNodeselectSpwIdsFromIDList (const Vector< Int > &spwIds, const Bool addTen=True, const Bool addIDs=True)
const TableExprNodeselectSpwIdsFromFreqList (const Vector< Float > &spwIds, const Float factor)
void selectChannelsFromIDList (Vector< Int > &spwIds, Vector< Int > &chanIDList, Int nFSpec)
void selectChannelsFromDefaultList (Vector< Int > &spwIds, Vector< Int > &chanDefaultList)
const TableExprNodeendOfCeremony (const TableExprNode &ten)
MSSpectralWindowsubTable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::MSParse
 MSParse ()
 Default constructor for List container class. More...
 MSParse (const MSParse &)
 Copy constructor (copy semantics). More...
 ~MSParse ()
MSParseoperator= (const MSParse &)
 Assignment (copy semantics). More...
 MSParse (const MeasurementSet *ms, const String &shorthand)
 Associate the ms and the shorthand. More...
 MSParse (const MSSelectableTable *ms, const String &shorthand)
 Associate the ms and the shorthand. More...
Bool test (const String &shortHand) const
 Test if shorthand matches. More...
Stringshorthand ()
 Get the shorthand. More...
MeasurementSetms ()
 Get ms object. More...
MSSelectableTablemsInterface ()
 Get ms object. More...
void setMS (MeasurementSet *ms)
void setMSInterface (MSSelectableTable *msI)
void addCondition (TableExprNode &target, TableExprNode &source)

Static Public Member Functions

static const TableExprNodenode ()
 const TableExprNode *selectSpwOrSource(const String& fieldName); More...
static Vector< IntselectedDDIDs ()
static Vector< IntselectedIDs ()
static Matrix< IntselectedChanIDs ()
static void reset ()
static void cleanupNode ()
static void cleanupErrorHandler ()
static void cleanup ()

Static Public Attributes

static MSSpwParsethisMSSParser
static CountedPtr
< MSSelectionErrorHandler
- Static Public Attributes inherited from casacore::MSParse
static MeasurementSetms_p
static MSSelectableTablemsInterface_p

Private Attributes

MSSpectralWindow spwSubTable_p
MSDataDescription ddSubTable_p

Static Private Attributes

static TableExprNodenode_p
static Vector< IntidList
static Vector< IntddidList
static Matrix< IntchanList
static TableExprNode columnAsTEN_p

Detailed Description

Class to hold values from field grammar parser.

Intended use:



MSSpwParse is the class used to parse a spectral window selection command.


MSSpwParse is used by the parser of spectral window (Spw) sub-expression statements. The parser is written in Bison and Flex in files MSSpwGram.y and.l. The statements in there use the routines in this file to act upon a reduced rule. Since multiple tables can be given (with a shorthand), the table names are stored in a list. The variable names can be qualified by the table name and will be looked up in the appropriate table.

The class MSSpwParse only contains information about a table used in the table command. Global variables (like a list and a vector) are used in to hold further information.

Global functions are used to operate on the information. The main function is the global function msSpwCommand. It executes the given STaQL command and returns the resulting ms. This is, in fact, the only function to be used by a user.


It is necessary to be able to give a ms command in ASCII. This can be used in a CLI or in the table browser to get a subset of a table or to sort a table.

Definition at line 88 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::MSSpwParse::MSSpwParse ( )

Default constructor.

casacore::MSSpwParse::MSSpwParse ( const MeasurementSet ms)

~MSSpwParse() {if (node_p) delete node_p;node_p=0x0;};

Associate the ms and the shorthand.

casacore::MSSpwParse::MSSpwParse ( const MSSpectralWindow spwSubTable,
const MSDataDescription ddSubTable,
const TableExprNode columnAsTEN 
casacore::MSSpwParse::~MSSpwParse ( )

Definition at line 99 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References columnAsTEN_p.

Member Function Documentation

static void casacore::MSSpwParse::cleanup ( )

Definition at line 126 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References cleanupErrorHandler(), and cleanupNode().

static void casacore::MSSpwParse::cleanupErrorHandler ( )

Definition at line 125 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References thisMSSpwErrorHandler.

Referenced by cleanup().

static void casacore::MSSpwParse::cleanupNode ( )

Definition at line 124 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References node_p.

Referenced by cleanup().

const TableExprNode* casacore::MSSpwParse::endOfCeremony ( const TableExprNode ten)
static const TableExprNode* casacore::MSSpwParse::node ( )

const TableExprNode *selectSpwOrSource(const String& fieldName);

Get table expression node object.

static void casacore::MSSpwParse::reset ( void  )
void casacore::MSSpwParse::selectChannelsFromDefaultList ( Vector< Int > &  spwIds,
Vector< Int > &  chanDefaultList 
void casacore::MSSpwParse::selectChannelsFromIDList ( Vector< Int > &  spwIds,
Vector< Int > &  chanIDList,
Int  nFSpec 
static Matrix<Int> casacore::MSSpwParse::selectedChanIDs ( )

Definition at line 122 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References chanList.

static Vector<Int> casacore::MSSpwParse::selectedDDIDs ( )

Definition at line 120 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References ddidList.

static Vector<Int> casacore::MSSpwParse::selectedIDs ( )

Definition at line 121 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References idList.

const TableExprNode* casacore::MSSpwParse::selectSpwIdsFromFreqList ( const Vector< Float > &  spwIds,
const Float  factor 
const TableExprNode* casacore::MSSpwParse::selectSpwIdsFromIDList ( const Vector< Int > &  spwIds,
const Bool  addTen = True,
const Bool  addIDs = True 
MSSpectralWindow& casacore::MSSpwParse::subTable ( )

Definition at line 128 of file MSSpwParse.h.

References spwSubTable_p.

Member Data Documentation

Matrix<Int> casacore::MSSpwParse::chanList

Definition at line 132 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by reset(), and selectedChanIDs().

TableExprNode casacore::MSSpwParse::columnAsTEN_p

Definition at line 135 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by ~MSSpwParse().

Vector<Int> casacore::MSSpwParse::ddidList

Definition at line 131 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by reset(), and selectedDDIDs().

MSDataDescription casacore::MSSpwParse::ddSubTable_p

Definition at line 134 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Vector<Int> casacore::MSSpwParse::idList

Definition at line 131 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by reset(), and selectedIDs().

TableExprNode* casacore::MSSpwParse::node_p

Definition at line 130 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by cleanupNode().

MSSpectralWindow casacore::MSSpwParse::spwSubTable_p

Definition at line 133 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by subTable().

MSSpwParse* casacore::MSSpwParse::thisMSSParser

Definition at line 118 of file MSSpwParse.h.

CountedPtr<MSSelectionErrorHandler> casacore::MSSpwParse::thisMSSpwErrorHandler

Definition at line 119 of file MSSpwParse.h.

Referenced by cleanupErrorHandler().

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