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casacore::MSTimeParse Class Reference

Class to hold values from time grammar parser. More...

#include <MSTimeParse.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::MSTimeParse:

Public Member Functions

 MSTimeParse ()
 Default constructor. More...
 MSTimeParse (const MeasurementSet *ms, const TableExprNode &otherTens, const Bool honourRowFlags=True)
 Associate the ms and the shorthand. More...
 MSTimeParse (const MeasurementSet *ms, const TableExprNode &colAsTEN, MSSelectableMainColumn &msMainColInterface, const TableExprNode &otherTEN, const Bool honourRowFlags=True)
 ~MSTimeParse ()
const TableExprNodeselectTime (const MEpoch &time, bool daytime=false)
 ~MSTimeParse() { if (node_p) delete node_p;node_p=0x0; if (otherTens_p) delete otherTens_p;otherTens_p=0x0; } More...
const TableExprNodeselectTimeGT (const MEpoch &lowboundTime, bool daytime=false)
const TableExprNodeselectTimeLT (const MEpoch &upboundTime, bool daytime=false)
const TableExprNodeselectTimeRange (const MEpoch &lowboundTime, const MEpoch &upboundTime, bool daytime=false, Float edgeWidth=-1.0)
Matrix< DoubleselectedTimes ()
const TableExprNodeaddCondition (TableExprNode &condition)
void getDefaults ()
Int year0 ()
Int month0 ()
Int day0 ()
Int hour0 ()
Int minute0 ()
Int second0 ()
Int fractionalsec0 ()
Double defaultInteg ()
void accumulateTimeList (const Double t0, const Double t1, const Double dT=-1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::MSParse
 MSParse ()
 Default constructor for List container class. More...
 MSParse (const MSParse &)
 Copy constructor (copy semantics). More...
 ~MSParse ()
MSParseoperator= (const MSParse &)
 Assignment (copy semantics). More...
 MSParse (const MeasurementSet *ms, const String &shorthand)
 Associate the ms and the shorthand. More...
 MSParse (const MSSelectableTable *ms, const String &shorthand)
 Associate the ms and the shorthand. More...
Bool test (const String &shortHand) const
 Test if shorthand matches. More...
Stringshorthand ()
 Get the shorthand. More...
MeasurementSetms ()
 Get ms object. More...
MSSelectableTablemsInterface ()
 Get ms object. More...
void setMS (MeasurementSet *ms)
void setMSInterface (MSSelectableTable *msI)
void addCondition (TableExprNode &target, TableExprNode &source)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDefaults (TimeFields &tf, Bool dataOrigin=True)
static void copyDefaults (TimeFields &target, TimeFields &source)
static const MEpochyearTimeConvert (Int year=-1, Int month=-1, Int day=-1, Int hour=-1, Int minute=-1, Int second=-1, Int millisec=-1)
static const MEpochyearTimeConvert (const TimeFields &tf)
static const TableExprNodenode ()
 Get table expression node object. More...
static void validate (const TimeFields &tf)
static void reset ()
static void cleanup ()
static Double toTAIInSec (const MEpoch &time)

Public Attributes

MVTime firstRowTime
Int defaultYear
Int defaultMonth
Int defaultDay
Int defaultHour
Int defaultMinute
Int defaultSeconds
Int defaultFractionalSec
Double defaultExposure
const String colName
Bool honourRowFlags_p

Static Public Attributes

static TableExprNodenode_p
static TableExprNodeotherTens_p
 private: More...
static Bool defaultTimeComputed
static MeasurementSetms_p
static MEpochyeartime
static MEpochdaytime
static Matrix< DoubletimeList
static MSTimeParsethisMSTParser
static TableExprNode columnAsTEN_p
static MSSelectableMainColumnmainColumn_p
- Static Public Attributes inherited from casacore::MSParse
static MeasurementSetms_p
static MSSelectableTablemsInterface_p

Detailed Description

Class to hold values from time grammar parser.

Intended use:



MSTimeParse is the class used to parse a time command.


MSTimeParse is used by the parser of time sub-expression statements. The parser is written in Bison and Flex in files MSTimeGram.y and.l. The statements in there use the routines in this file to act upon a reduced rule. Since multiple tables can be given (with a shorthand), the table names are stored in a list. The variable names can be qualified by the table name and will be looked up in the appropriate table.

The class MSTimeParse only contains information about a table used in the table command. Global variables (like a list and a vector) are used in to hold further information.

Global functions are used to operate on the information. The main function is the global function msTimeCommand. It executes the given STaQL command and returns the resulting ms. This is, in fact, the only function to be used by a user.


It is necessary to be able to give a ms command in ASCII. This can be used in a CLI or in the table browser to get a subset of a table or to sort a table.

Definition at line 90 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::MSTimeParse::MSTimeParse ( )

Default constructor.

casacore::MSTimeParse::MSTimeParse ( const MeasurementSet ms,
const TableExprNode otherTens,
const Bool  honourRowFlags = True 

Associate the ms and the shorthand.

casacore::MSTimeParse::MSTimeParse ( const MeasurementSet ms,
const TableExprNode colAsTEN,
MSSelectableMainColumn msMainColInterface,
const TableExprNode otherTEN,
const Bool  honourRowFlags = True 
casacore::MSTimeParse::~MSTimeParse ( )

Definition at line 103 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References columnAsTEN_p.

Member Function Documentation

void casacore::MSTimeParse::accumulateTimeList ( const Double  t0,
const Double  t1,
const Double  dT = -1 
const TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::addCondition ( TableExprNode condition)
static void casacore::MSTimeParse::cleanup ( )

Definition at line 152 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References node_p.

static void casacore::MSTimeParse::copyDefaults ( TimeFields target,
TimeFields source 
Int casacore::MSTimeParse::day0 ( )

Definition at line 143 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultDay.

Double casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultInteg ( )

Definition at line 148 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultExposure.

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::fractionalsec0 ( )

Definition at line 147 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultFractionalSec.

void casacore::MSTimeParse::getDefaults ( )
Int casacore::MSTimeParse::hour0 ( )

Definition at line 144 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultHour.

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::minute0 ( )

Definition at line 145 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultMinute.

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::month0 ( )

Definition at line 142 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultMonth.

static const TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::node ( )

Get table expression node object.

static void casacore::MSTimeParse::reset ( )

Definition at line 151 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References casacore::Matrix< T >::resize(), and timeList.

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::second0 ( )

Definition at line 146 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultSeconds.

Matrix<Double> casacore::MSTimeParse::selectedTimes ( )

Definition at line 121 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References timeList.

const TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::selectTime ( const MEpoch time,
bool  daytime = false 

~MSTimeParse() { if (node_p) delete node_p;node_p=0x0; if (otherTens_p) delete otherTens_p;otherTens_p=0x0; }

const TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::selectTimeGT ( const MEpoch lowboundTime,
bool  daytime = false 
const TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::selectTimeLT ( const MEpoch upboundTime,
bool  daytime = false 
const TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::selectTimeRange ( const MEpoch lowboundTime,
const MEpoch upboundTime,
bool  daytime = false,
Float  edgeWidth = -1.0 
static void casacore::MSTimeParse::setDefaults ( TimeFields tf,
Bool  dataOrigin = True 
static Double casacore::MSTimeParse::toTAIInSec ( const MEpoch time)
static void casacore::MSTimeParse::validate ( const TimeFields tf)
Int casacore::MSTimeParse::year0 ( )

Definition at line 141 of file MSTimeParse.h.

References defaultYear.

static const MEpoch* casacore::MSTimeParse::yearTimeConvert ( Int  year = -1,
Int  month = -1,
Int  day = -1,
Int  hour = -1,
Int  minute = -1,
Int  second = -1,
Int  millisec = -1 
static const MEpoch* casacore::MSTimeParse::yearTimeConvert ( const TimeFields tf)

Member Data Documentation

const String casacore::MSTimeParse::colName

Definition at line 167 of file MSTimeParse.h.

TableExprNode casacore::MSTimeParse::columnAsTEN_p

Definition at line 172 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by ~MSTimeParse().

MEpoch* casacore::MSTimeParse::daytime

Definition at line 163 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultDay

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by day0().

Double casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultExposure

Definition at line 166 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by defaultInteg().

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultFractionalSec

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by fractionalsec0().

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultHour

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by hour0().

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultMinute

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by minute0().

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultMonth

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by month0().

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultSeconds

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by second0().

Bool casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultTimeComputed

Definition at line 158 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Int casacore::MSTimeParse::defaultYear

Definition at line 164 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by year0().

MVTime casacore::MSTimeParse::firstRowTime

Definition at line 159 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Bool casacore::MSTimeParse::honourRowFlags_p

Definition at line 168 of file MSTimeParse.h.

MSSelectableMainColumn* casacore::MSTimeParse::mainColumn_p

Definition at line 173 of file MSTimeParse.h.

MeasurementSet* casacore::MSTimeParse::ms_p

Definition at line 160 of file MSTimeParse.h.

TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::node_p

Definition at line 154 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by cleanup().

TableExprNode* casacore::MSTimeParse::otherTens_p


Definition at line 157 of file MSTimeParse.h.

MSTimeParse* casacore::MSTimeParse::thisMSTParser

Definition at line 171 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Matrix<Double> casacore::MSTimeParse::timeList

Definition at line 169 of file MSTimeParse.h.

Referenced by reset(), and selectedTimes().

MEpoch* casacore::MSTimeParse::yeartime

Definition at line 162 of file MSTimeParse.h.

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