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casacore::MeasData Class Reference

MeasData provides Measure computing data. More...

#include <MeasData.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const RotMatrixGALtoB1950 ()
 Get the rotation matrices for galactic coordinates. More...
static const RotMatrixGALtoJ2000 ()
static const RotMatrixJ2000toGAL ()
static const RotMatrixB1950toGAL ()
static const RotMatrixMToB1950 (uInt which)
 Get one of the 4 3x3 sub rotation matrices for B1950-J2000 conversions. More...
static const RotMatrixMToJ2000 (uInt which)
static Double SunSemiDiameter ()
 Get the solar semi diameter at 1 AU in rad. More...
static Double eps0J2000 ()
 J2000 obliquity. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const Double MJD2000
 General constants. More...
static const Double MJDB1950
 MJD of B1950.0. More...
static const Double MJDB1900
 MJD of B1900.0. More...
static const Double MJDB1850
 MJD of B1850.0. More...
static const Double TROPCEN
 Length Tropical century. More...
static const Double JDCEN
 Length Julian century. More...
static const Double SECinDAY
 Length of day in sec. More...

Private Member Functions

 MeasData ()
 Default constructor, NOT defined. More...
MeasDataoperator= (const MeasData &other)
 Copy assign, NOT defined. More...

Detailed Description

MeasData provides Measure computing data.

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MeasData from Measure and Data


MeasData contains the constant data necessary for precession, nutation and other Measure related calculations.
Database (Table) related data, or data that can be changed by the user, is available in the MeasTable class.
All data. apart from a set of simple constants:

are obtained by calls to a method. This class contains no constructors or destructors, only static methods and (static) constants.
Explanatory supplements to the Astronomical Almanac
C. Ron and J. Vondrak, Bull. Astron. Inst. Czechosl. 37, p96, 1986
M. Soma, Th. Hirayama and H. Kinoshita, Celest. Mech. 41, p389, 1988
V.S. Gubanov, Astron. Zh. 49, p1112, 1972 (English translation: Sov. Astronomy - AJ, Vol. 16, No. 5, p. 907)


Usage examples can be found in Precession


To create a clean interface between the actual calculations and the methods to obtain the parameters for these calculations. Note that the tables are in general in the format and units found in the literature. This is to be able to easy check and change them. However, in the future re-arrangement could produce faster and more compact code.

To Do

Definition at line 99 of file MeasData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::MeasData::MeasData ( )

Default constructor, NOT defined.

Member Function Documentation

static const RotMatrix& casacore::MeasData::B1950toGAL ( )
static Double casacore::MeasData::eps0J2000 ( )

J2000 obliquity.

static const RotMatrix& casacore::MeasData::GALtoB1950 ( )

Get the rotation matrices for galactic coordinates.

static const RotMatrix& casacore::MeasData::GALtoJ2000 ( )
static const RotMatrix& casacore::MeasData::J2000toGAL ( )
static const RotMatrix& casacore::MeasData::MToB1950 ( uInt  which)

Get one of the 4 3x3 sub rotation matrices for B1950-J2000 conversions.

static const RotMatrix& casacore::MeasData::MToJ2000 ( uInt  which)
MeasData& casacore::MeasData::operator= ( const MeasData other)

Copy assign, NOT defined.

static Double casacore::MeasData::SunSemiDiameter ( )

Get the solar semi diameter at 1 AU in rad.

Member Data Documentation

const Double casacore::MeasData::JDCEN

Length Julian century.

Definition at line 117 of file MeasData.h.

const Double casacore::MeasData::MJD2000

General constants.

MJD of J2000.0

Definition at line 107 of file MeasData.h.

const Double casacore::MeasData::MJDB1850

MJD of B1850.0.

Definition at line 113 of file MeasData.h.

const Double casacore::MeasData::MJDB1900

MJD of B1900.0.

Definition at line 111 of file MeasData.h.

const Double casacore::MeasData::MJDB1950

MJD of B1950.0.

Definition at line 109 of file MeasData.h.

const Double casacore::MeasData::SECinDAY

Length of day in sec.

Definition at line 119 of file MeasData.h.

const Double casacore::MeasData::TROPCEN

Length Tropical century.

Definition at line 115 of file MeasData.h.

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