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casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword Class Reference

reserved FITS keyword More...

#include <fits.h>

Public Member Functions

const char * aname () const
FITS::ReservedName name () const
int namesize () const
FITS::ValueType type () const
Bool isindexed () const
Bool isessential () const

Public Attributes

FITS::ReservedName name_
const char * aname_
int namesize_
FITS::ValueType type_
Bool isindexed_
Bool isessential_

Detailed Description

reserved FITS keyword

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Definition at line 347 of file fits.h.

Member Function Documentation

const char * casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::aname ( ) const

Definition at line 370 of file fits.h.

References aname_.

Referenced by casacore::FitsKeyword::name().

Bool casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::isessential ( ) const

Definition at line 374 of file fits.h.

References isessential_.

Bool casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::isindexed ( ) const

Definition at line 373 of file fits.h.

References isindexed_.

FITS::ReservedName casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::name ( ) const
int casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::namesize ( ) const

Definition at line 371 of file fits.h.

References namesize_.

FITS::ValueType casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::type ( ) const

Definition at line 372 of file fits.h.

References type_.

Member Data Documentation

const char* casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::aname_

Definition at line 363 of file fits.h.

Referenced by aname().

Bool casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::isessential_

Definition at line 367 of file fits.h.

Referenced by isessential().

Bool casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::isindexed_

Definition at line 366 of file fits.h.

Referenced by isindexed().

FITS::ReservedName casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::name_

Definition at line 362 of file fits.h.

int casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::namesize_

Definition at line 364 of file fits.h.

Referenced by namesize().

FITS::ValueType casacore::ReservedFitsKeyword::type_

Definition at line 365 of file fits.h.

Referenced by type().

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