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casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep Class Reference

Raw TaQL parse tree node defining a select column list. More...

#include <TaQLNodeDer.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep:

Public Member Functions

 TaQLColumnsNodeRep (Bool distinct, const TaQLMultiNode &nodes)
virtual ~TaQLColumnsNodeRep ()
virtual TaQLNodeResult visit (TaQLNodeVisitor &) const
 Visit a node for tree traversal. More...
virtual void show (std::ostream &os) const
 Print the object in an ostream. More...
virtual void save (AipsIO &aio) const
 Save the object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TaQLNodeRep
 TaQLNodeRep (int nodeType)
 Constructor for derived classes specifying the type. More...
virtual ~TaQLNodeRep ()
char nodeType () const
 Get the node type of the derived class. More...
const TaQLStylestyle () const
 Get the TaQL style. More...
String addEscape (const String &str) const
 Add escape characters to a table name where needed. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static TaQLColumnsNodeReprestore (AipsIO &aio)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TaQLNodeRep
static String checkDataType (const String &)
 Check the data type string and return its standard form. More...

Public Attributes

Bool itsDistinct
TaQLMultiNode itsNodes

Detailed Description

Raw TaQL parse tree node defining a select column list.

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This class is a TaQLNodeRep holding a select column list. It also defines if the result must be distinct (unique)

Definition at line 524 of file TaQLNodeDer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::TaQLColumnsNodeRep ( Bool  distinct,
const TaQLMultiNode nodes 
virtual casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::~TaQLColumnsNodeRep ( )

Member Function Documentation

static TaQLColumnsNodeRep* casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::restore ( AipsIO aio)
virtual void casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::save ( AipsIO aio) const

Save the object.

Implements casacore::TaQLNodeRep.

virtual void casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::show ( std::ostream &  os) const

Print the object in an ostream.

Implements casacore::TaQLNodeRep.

virtual TaQLNodeResult casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::visit ( TaQLNodeVisitor ) const

Visit a node for tree traversal.

Implements casacore::TaQLNodeRep.

Member Data Documentation

Bool casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::itsDistinct

Definition at line 534 of file TaQLNodeDer.h.

TaQLMultiNode casacore::TaQLColumnsNodeRep::itsNodes

Definition at line 535 of file TaQLNodeDer.h.

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