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casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep Class Reference

Raw TaQL parse tree node defining an alter table rename or drop command. More...

#include <TaQLNodeDer.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep:

Public Member Functions

 TaQLRenDropNodeRep (Int type, const TaQLMultiNode &cols)
virtual ~TaQLRenDropNodeRep ()
virtual TaQLNodeResult visit (TaQLNodeVisitor &) const
 Visit a node for tree traversal. More...
virtual void show (std::ostream &os) const
 Print the object in an ostream. More...
virtual void save (AipsIO &aio) const
 Save the object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TaQLNodeRep
 TaQLNodeRep (int nodeType)
 Constructor for derived classes specifying the type. More...
virtual ~TaQLNodeRep ()
char nodeType () const
 Get the node type of the derived class. More...
const TaQLStylestyle () const
 Get the TaQL style. More...
String addEscape (const String &str) const
 Add escape characters to a table name where needed. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static TaQLRenDropNodeReprestore (AipsIO &aio)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TaQLNodeRep
static String checkDataType (const String &)
 Check the data type string and return its standard form. More...

Public Attributes

Int itsType
TaQLMultiNode itsNames

Detailed Description

Raw TaQL parse tree node defining an alter table rename or drop command.

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This class is a TaQLNodeRep holding the parts of the rename or drop subcommand.

Definition at line 1225 of file TaQLNodeDer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::TaQLRenDropNodeRep ( Int  type,
const TaQLMultiNode cols 
virtual casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::~TaQLRenDropNodeRep ( )

Member Function Documentation

static TaQLRenDropNodeRep* casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::restore ( AipsIO aio)
virtual void casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::save ( AipsIO aio) const

Save the object.

Implements casacore::TaQLNodeRep.

virtual void casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::show ( std::ostream &  os) const

Print the object in an ostream.

Implements casacore::TaQLNodeRep.

virtual TaQLNodeResult casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::visit ( TaQLNodeVisitor ) const

Visit a node for tree traversal.

Implements casacore::TaQLNodeRep.

Member Data Documentation

TaQLMultiNode casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::itsNames

Definition at line 1236 of file TaQLNodeDer.h.

Int casacore::TaQLRenDropNodeRep::itsType

Definition at line 1235 of file TaQLNodeDer.h.

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