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casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet Class Reference

Class containing the results of aggregated values in a group. More...

#include <ExprGroup.h>

Public Member Functions

 TableExprGroupFuncSet ()
 TableExprGroupFuncSet (const vector< TableExprNodeRep * > &aggrNodes)
 Let the aggregate node objects construct the function set. More...
void add (const CountedPtr< TableExprGroupFuncBase > &func)
 Add a function object. More...
void apply (const TableExprId &id)
 Apply the functions to the given row. More...
const vector< CountedPtr
< TableExprGroupFuncBase > > & 
getFuncs () const
 Get the vector of functions. More...
const TableExprIdgetId () const
 Get the TableExprId. More...

Private Member Functions

 TableExprGroupFuncSet (const TableExprGroupFuncSet &)
 Copying is not needed, thus not allowed. More...
TableExprGroupFuncSetoperator= (const TableExprGroupFuncSet &)

Private Attributes

vector< CountedPtr
< TableExprGroupFuncBase > > 
TableExprId itsId

Detailed Description

Class containing the results of aggregated values in a group.

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This class contains the set of aggregate function objects containing all aggregate results of a particular GROUPBY group. It also contains the TableExprId of the last row in the group. It is used for possible non-aggregate expressions.

Definition at line 801 of file ExprGroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::TableExprGroupFuncSet ( )

Definition at line 804 of file ExprGroup.h.

casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::TableExprGroupFuncSet ( const vector< TableExprNodeRep * > &  aggrNodes)

Let the aggregate node objects construct the function set.

casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::TableExprGroupFuncSet ( const TableExprGroupFuncSet )

Copying is not needed, thus not allowed.

Member Function Documentation

void casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::add ( const CountedPtr< TableExprGroupFuncBase > &  func)

Add a function object.

void casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::apply ( const TableExprId id)

Apply the functions to the given row.

const vector<CountedPtr<TableExprGroupFuncBase> >& casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::getFuncs ( ) const

Get the vector of functions.

Definition at line 818 of file ExprGroup.h.

References itsFuncs.

const TableExprId& casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::getId ( ) const

Get the TableExprId.

Definition at line 822 of file ExprGroup.h.

References itsId.

TableExprGroupFuncSet& casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::operator= ( const TableExprGroupFuncSet )

Member Data Documentation

vector<CountedPtr<TableExprGroupFuncBase> > casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::itsFuncs

Definition at line 831 of file ExprGroup.h.

Referenced by getFuncs().

TableExprId casacore::TableExprGroupFuncSet::itsId

Definition at line 832 of file ExprGroup.h.

Referenced by getId().

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