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casacore::TableExprGroupLast Class Reference

Class derived from TableExprGroupFuncBase for the first value in a group. More...

#include <ExprGroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::TableExprGroupLast:
casacore::TableExprGroupFirst casacore::TableExprGroupFuncBase

Public Member Functions

 TableExprGroupLast (TableExprNodeRep *node)
virtual ~TableExprGroupLast ()
virtual void apply (const TableExprId &id)
 Get the operand's value for the given row and apply it to the aggregation. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TableExprGroupFirst
 TableExprGroupFirst (TableExprNodeRep *node)
virtual ~TableExprGroupFirst ()
virtual Bool getBool (const vector< TableExprId > &)
 Get the aggregated value. More...
virtual Int64 getInt (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual Double getDouble (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual DComplex getDComplex (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MVTime getDate (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual String getString (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MArray< BoolgetArrayBool (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MArray< Int64getArrayInt (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MArray< DoublegetArrayDouble (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MArray< DComplex > getArrayDComplex (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MArray< MVTimegetArrayDate (const vector< TableExprId > &)
virtual MArray< StringgetArrayString (const vector< TableExprId > &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TableExprGroupFuncBase
 TableExprGroupFuncBase (TableExprNodeRep *node)
 Construct from the TaQL aggregation node. More...
virtual ~TableExprGroupFuncBase ()
virtual Bool isLazy () const
 Does the aggregate function use lazy semantics? The default implementation returns False. More...
uInt seqnr () const
 Get the function's sequence nr. More...
void setSeqnr (uInt seqnr)
 Set the function's sequence nr. More...
virtual void finish ()
 If needed, finish the aggregation. More...
virtual CountedPtr< vector
< TableExprId > > 
getIds () const
 Get the assembled TableExprIds of a group. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from casacore::TableExprGroupFirst
TableExprId itsId
- Protected Attributes inherited from casacore::TableExprGroupFuncBase
uInt itsSeqnr

Detailed Description

Class derived from TableExprGroupFuncBase for the first value in a group.

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This class keeps the TableExprId of the last value in a group. The 'getXXX' functions get the value for that TableExprId.
For ease of use this class is derived from TableExprGroupFirst.

Definition at line 318 of file ExprGroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::TableExprGroupLast::TableExprGroupLast ( TableExprNodeRep node)
virtual casacore::TableExprGroupLast::~TableExprGroupLast ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void casacore::TableExprGroupLast::apply ( const TableExprId id)

Get the operand's value for the given row and apply it to the aggregation.

This function should not be called for lazy classes.

Reimplemented from casacore::TableExprGroupFirst.

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