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casacore::TableExprNodeMulti Class Reference

Abstract base class for a node having multiple child nodes. More...

#include <ExprNodeRep.h>

Inheritance diagram for casacore::TableExprNodeMulti:
casacore::TableExprNodeRep casacore::TableExprFuncNode casacore::TableExprNodeIndex casacore::TableExprUDFNode casacore::TableExprAggrNode casacore::TableExprConeNode

Public Member Functions

 TableExprNodeMulti (NodeDataType, ValueType, OperType, const TableExprNodeRep &source)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TableExprNodeMulti ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void show (ostream &, uInt indent) const
 Show the expression tree. More...
virtual void getAggrNodes (std::vector< TableExprNodeRep * > &aggr)
 Get the nodes representing an aggregate function. More...
virtual void getColumnNodes (std::vector< TableExprNodeRep * > &cols)
 Get the nodes representing a table column. More...
const std::vector< TENShPtr > & getChildren () const
 Get the child nodes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TableExprNodeRep
 TableExprNodeRep (NodeDataType, ValueType, OperType, ArgType, ExprType, Int ndim, const IPosition &shape, const Table &table)
 Construct a node. More...
 TableExprNodeRep (NodeDataType, ValueType, OperType, const Table &)
 This constructor is called from the derived TableExprNodeRep. More...
 TableExprNodeRep (const TableExprNodeRep &)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual ~TableExprNodeRep ()
 The destructor deletes all the underlying TableExprNode objects. More...
virtual void disableApplySelection ()
 Do not apply the selection. More...
virtual void applySelection (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
 Re-create the column object for a selection of rows. More...
virtual Double getUnitFactor () const
 Get the unit conversion factor. More...
void checkAggrFuncs ()
 Throw an exception if an aggregate function is used in the expression node or its children. More...
virtual CountedPtr
< TableExprGroupFuncBase
makeGroupAggrFunc ()
 Create the correct immediate aggregate function object. More...
virtual Bool isLazyAggregate () const
 Is the aggregate function a lazy or an immediate one? The default implementation returns True (because all UDF aggregate functions have to be lazy). More...
virtual Bool getBool (const TableExprId &id)
 Get a scalar value for this node in the given row. More...
virtual Int64 getInt (const TableExprId &id)
virtual Double getDouble (const TableExprId &id)
virtual DComplex getDComplex (const TableExprId &id)
virtual String getString (const TableExprId &id)
virtual TaqlRegex getRegex (const TableExprId &id)
virtual MVTime getDate (const TableExprId &id)
virtual MArray< BoolgetArrayBool (const TableExprId &id)
 Get an array value for this node in the given row. More...
virtual MArray< Int64getArrayInt (const TableExprId &id)
virtual MArray< DoublegetArrayDouble (const TableExprId &id)
virtual MArray< DComplex > getArrayDComplex (const TableExprId &id)
virtual MArray< StringgetArrayString (const TableExprId &id)
virtual MArray< MVTimegetArrayDate (const TableExprId &id)
void get (const TableExprId &id, Bool &value)
 General get functions for template purposes. More...
void get (const TableExprId &id, Int64 &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, Double &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, DComplex &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MVTime &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, String &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MArray< Bool > &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MArray< Int64 > &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MArray< Double > &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MArray< DComplex > &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MArray< MVTime > &value)
void get (const TableExprId &id, MArray< String > &value)
MArray< BoolgetBoolAS (const TableExprId &id)
 Get a value as an array, even it it is a scalar. More...
MArray< Int64getIntAS (const TableExprId &id)
MArray< DoublegetDoubleAS (const TableExprId &id)
MArray< DComplex > getDComplexAS (const TableExprId &id)
MArray< StringgetStringAS (const TableExprId &id)
MArray< MVTimegetDateAS (const TableExprId &id)
virtual Bool hasBool (const TableExprId &id, Bool value)
 Does a value occur in an array or set? The default implementation tests if it is in an array. More...
virtual Bool hasInt (const TableExprId &id, Int64 value)
virtual Bool hasDouble (const TableExprId &id, Double value)
virtual Bool hasDComplex (const TableExprId &id, const DComplex &value)
virtual Bool hasString (const TableExprId &id, const String &value)
virtual Bool hasDate (const TableExprId &id, const MVTime &value)
virtual MArray< BoolhasArrayBool (const TableExprId &id, const MArray< Bool > &value)
virtual MArray< BoolhasArrayInt (const TableExprId &id, const MArray< Int64 > &value)
virtual MArray< BoolhasArrayDouble (const TableExprId &id, const MArray< Double > &value)
virtual MArray< BoolhasArrayDComplex (const TableExprId &id, const MArray< DComplex > &value)
virtual MArray< BoolhasArrayString (const TableExprId &id, const MArray< String > &value)
virtual MArray< BoolhasArrayDate (const TableExprId &id, const MArray< MVTime > &value)
uInt nrow () const
 Get the number of rows in the table associated with this expression. More...
virtual Bool getColumnDataType (DataType &) const
 Get the data type of the column. More...
virtual Array< BoolgetColumnBool (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
 Get the value of the expression evaluated for the entire column. More...
virtual Array< uChargetColumnuChar (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< ShortgetColumnShort (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< uShortgetColumnuShort (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< IntgetColumnInt (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< uIntgetColumnuInt (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< Int64getColumnInt64 (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< FloatgetColumnFloat (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< DoublegetColumnDouble (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< Complex > getColumnComplex (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< DComplex > getColumnDComplex (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual Array< StringgetColumnString (const Vector< uInt > &rownrs)
virtual void ranges (Block< TableExprRange > &)
 Convert the tree to a number of range vectors which at least select the same things. More...
NodeDataType dataType () const
 Get the data type of the derived TableExprNode object. More...
Bool isReal () const
 Is the data type real (i.e., integer or double)? More...
ValueType valueType () const
 Get the value type. More...
void setValueType (ValueType vtype)
 Set the value type. More...
OperType operType () const
 Get the operator type. More...
ExprType exprType () const
 Get the expression type. More...
Bool isConstant () const
 Is the expression a constant? More...
const Unitunit () const
 Get the unit. More...
void setUnit (const Unit &unit)
 Set the unit. More...
const Recordattributes () const
 Get the attributes. More...
void setAttributes (const Record &)
 Set the attributes. More...
Int ndim () const
 Get the fixed dimensionality (same for all rows). More...
const IPositionshape () const
 Get the fixed shape (same for all rows). More...
const IPositionshape (const TableExprId &id)
 Get the shape for the given row. More...
virtual Bool isDefined (const TableExprId &id)
 Is the value in the given row defined? The default implementation returns True. More...
Tabletable ()
 Get table. More...
const Tabletable () const
virtual void adaptSetUnits (const Unit &)
 Let a set node convert itself to the given unit. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static uInt checkNumOfArg (uInt low, uInt high, const std::vector< TENShPtr > &nodes)
 Check number of arguments low <= number_of_args <= high It throws an exception if wrong number of arguments. More...
static NodeDataType checkDT (Block< Int > &dtypeOper, NodeDataType dtIn, NodeDataType dtOut, const std::vector< TENShPtr > &nodes, Bool dateConv=True)
 Check datatype of nodes and return output type. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from casacore::TableExprNodeRep
static TENShPtr replaceConstNode (const TENShPtr &node)
 Replace a node with a constant expression by node with its value. More...
static void createRange (Block< TableExprRange > &, TableExprNodeColumn *, Double start, Double end)
 Create a range object from a column and an interval. More...
static void createRange (Block< TableExprRange > &)
 Create a empty range object. More...
static String typeString (NodeDataType)
 Convert a NodeDataType to a string. More...
static String typeString (ValueType)
 Convert a ValueType to a string. More...

Protected Attributes

std::vector< TENShPtroperands_p
- Protected Attributes inherited from casacore::TableExprNodeRep
Table table_p
NodeDataType dtype_p
ValueType vtype_p
OperType optype_p
ArgType argtype_p
ExprType exprtype_p
Int ndim_p
IPosition shape_p
Unit unit_p
Record attributes_p

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from casacore::TableExprNodeRep
enum  NodeDataType {
 Define the data types of a node. More...
enum  ValueType {
 Define the value types. More...
enum  OperType {
 Define the operator types. More...
enum  ArgType {
 Define the value types of the 2 arguments when arrays are involved. More...
enum  ExprType {
 Define (sub-)expression type. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from casacore::TableExprNodeRep
virtual const IPositiongetShape (const TableExprId &id)
 Get the shape for the given row. More...
virtual void convertConstChild ()
 If one of the children is a constant, convert its data type to that of the other operand (if appropriate). More...
void checkTablePtr (const TENShPtr &node)
 Check if this node uses the same table pointer. More...
void fillExprType (const TENShPtr &node)
 Set expression type to Variable if node is Variable. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from casacore::TableExprNodeRep
static void checkTablePtr (Table &table, const TENShPtr &node)
static void fillExprType (ExprType &, const TENShPtr &node)
static TENShPtr convertNode (const TENShPtr &thisNode, Bool convertConstType)
 If the node is constant, it is evaluated and replaced by the appropriate TableExprNodeConst object. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for a node having multiple child nodes.

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TableExprNodeMulti is a node in the table expression tree which can have MULTIple child nodes.


TableExprNodeMulti is the abstract base class for all nodes in a table expression tree using multiple operands. It is used as the base class for the node classes representing functions, sets, indices, etc..


This class contains the common functionality for the classes representing a node with multiple operands.

Definition at line 660 of file ExprNodeRep.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::TableExprNodeMulti ( NodeDataType  ,
ValueType  ,
OperType  ,
const TableExprNodeRep source 


virtual casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::~TableExprNodeMulti ( )


Member Function Documentation

static NodeDataType casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::checkDT ( Block< Int > &  dtypeOper,
NodeDataType  dtIn,
NodeDataType  dtOut,
const std::vector< TENShPtr > &  nodes,
Bool  dateConv = True 

Check datatype of nodes and return output type.

It also sets the expected data type of the operands (from dtIn). Conversion of Int,Double.String to Date is by default possible.

static uInt casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::checkNumOfArg ( uInt  low,
uInt  high,
const std::vector< TENShPtr > &  nodes 

Check number of arguments low <= number_of_args <= high It throws an exception if wrong number of arguments.

virtual void casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::getAggrNodes ( std::vector< TableExprNodeRep * > &  aggr)

Get the nodes representing an aggregate function.

Reimplemented from casacore::TableExprNodeRep.

Reimplemented in casacore::TableExprAggrNode, and casacore::TableExprUDFNode.

const std::vector<TENShPtr>& casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::getChildren ( ) const

Get the child nodes.

Definition at line 686 of file ExprNodeRep.h.

References operands_p.

virtual void casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::getColumnNodes ( std::vector< TableExprNodeRep * > &  cols)

Get the nodes representing a table column.

Reimplemented from casacore::TableExprNodeRep.

Reimplemented in casacore::TableExprUDFNode.

virtual void casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::show ( ostream &  ,
uInt  indent 
) const

Show the expression tree.

Reimplemented from casacore::TableExprNodeRep.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<TENShPtr> casacore::TableExprNodeMulti::operands_p

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