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casacore::TableMeasType Class Reference

Definition of a Measure column in a Table. More...

#include <TableMeasType.h>

Public Member Functions

 TableMeasType ()
 TableMeasType (const Measure &)
 Construct from the given type of measure. More...
 TableMeasType (const TableMeasType &that)
 Copy constructor (copy semantics). More...
 ~TableMeasType ()
TableMeasTypeoperator= (const TableMeasType &that)
 Assignment operator (copy semantics) More...
const Stringtype () const
 Returns the descriptor's measure type as a String. More...
const StringrefType (uInt refCode) const
 Translates the refCode for the descriptors measure type. More...
uInt refCode (const String &refString) const
 Returns the reference code for this object given a string. More...
void toRecord (RecordInterface &rec)
 Creates a record from the MeasureHolder. More...

Private Attributes

Int itsNtypes
const StringitsStypes
const uIntitsTyps
MeasureHolder itsMeasHolder

Detailed Description

Definition of a Measure column in a Table.

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Bob Garwood
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This class is a helper class for TableMeasDescBase to know the type of measure it is dealing with.
It eases the process of converting reference codes to their strings and vice-versa. It also writes the measure type to a record to assist in making table measure definitions persistent.


Create the object for an epoch measure. TableMeasType mtype (MEpoch()); Get the code for the given string. uInt code = mtype.refCode ("UTC");


Creating the required keyword for the definition of a Measure in a Table is somewhat complicated. This class assists in that process.

Definition at line 85 of file TableMeasType.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

casacore::TableMeasType::TableMeasType ( )
casacore::TableMeasType::TableMeasType ( const Measure )

Construct from the given type of measure.

casacore::TableMeasType::TableMeasType ( const TableMeasType that)

Copy constructor (copy semantics).

casacore::TableMeasType::~TableMeasType ( )

Member Function Documentation

TableMeasType& casacore::TableMeasType::operator= ( const TableMeasType that)

Assignment operator (copy semantics)

uInt casacore::TableMeasType::refCode ( const String refString) const

Returns the reference code for this object given a string.

Throws an exception if the refString is invalid for this object.

Referenced by casacore::TableMeasDescBase::refCode().

const String& casacore::TableMeasType::refType ( uInt  refCode) const

Translates the refCode for the descriptors measure type.

Referenced by casacore::TableMeasDescBase::refType().

void casacore::TableMeasType::toRecord ( RecordInterface rec)

Creates a record from the MeasureHolder.

const String& casacore::TableMeasType::type ( ) const

Returns the descriptor's measure type as a String.

Referenced by casacore::TableMeasDescBase::type().

Member Data Documentation

MeasureHolder casacore::TableMeasType::itsMeasHolder

Definition at line 118 of file TableMeasType.h.

Int casacore::TableMeasType::itsNtypes

Definition at line 115 of file TableMeasType.h.

const String* casacore::TableMeasType::itsStypes

Definition at line 116 of file TableMeasType.h.

const uInt* casacore::TableMeasType::itsTyps

Definition at line 117 of file TableMeasType.h.

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