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vi Namespace Reference


class  VlatFunctor
 VlatFunctor is an abstract class for functor objects used to encapsulate the various filling methods (e.g., fillVis, fillAnt1, etc.). More...
class  VlatFunctor0
class  VlatFunctor1
class  VLAT
 VLAT is the Visibility LookAhead Thread. This thread advances a visibility iterator and fills the data indicated by the visibility iterator into the VlaData buffer ring. More...
class  VlatAndData


template<typename Ret , typename VbType >
VlatFunctor0< Ret, VbType > * vlatFunctor0 (Ret(VbType::*f)())
template<typename Ret , typename Arg >
VlatFunctor1< Ret, Arg > * vlatFunctor1 (Ret(VisBuffer::*f)(Arg), Arg i)

Function Documentation

template<typename Ret , typename VbType >
VlatFunctor0<Ret, VbType>* vi::vlatFunctor0 ( Ret(VbType::*)()  f)

Definition at line 124 of file VLAT2.h.

template<typename Ret , typename Arg >
VlatFunctor1<Ret, Arg>* vi::vlatFunctor1 ( Ret(VisBuffer::*)(Arg)  f,
Arg  i 

Definition at line 147 of file VLAT2.h.