casa  5.7.0-16
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casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void set (int16_t const arr_data, string const *pol_data)
int getBeamId () const
casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes getPol () const
int getSpwId () const
string getPolName () const
bool isUsed () const

Public Attributes

int beam_id
casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes stokes_type
string pol_name
int spw_id
bool is_used

Detailed Description

Definition at line 181 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

Member Function Documentation

int casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::getBeamId ( ) const

Definition at line 207 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::getPol ( ) const

Definition at line 211 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

References casacore::Stokes::Undefined.

string casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::getPolName ( ) const

Definition at line 219 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

int casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::getSpwId ( ) const

Definition at line 215 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

bool casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::isUsed ( ) const

Definition at line 223 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

void casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::set ( int16_t const  arr_data,
string const *  pol_data 

indices in NOSTAR data are 1-base

Definition at line 187 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

References casacore::Stokes::type(), and casacore::Stokes::Undefined.

Member Data Documentation

int casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::beam_id

Definition at line 182 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

bool casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::is_used

Definition at line 186 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

string casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::pol_name

Definition at line 184 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

int casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::spw_id

Definition at line 185 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes casa::NRO2MSReader::NROArrayData::stokes_type

Definition at line 183 of file NRO2MSReader.h.

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