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casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue Struct Reference

because of nonstandard access patterns, be careful when using ParamValue and ParamSet outside this class. More...

#include <RegionTextParser.h>

Public Attributes

casacore::Double doubleVal
casacore::Int intVal
casacore::String stringVal
casacore::Bool boolVal
AnnotationBase::LineStyle lineStyleVal
AnnotationBase::FontStyle fontStyleVal
std::shared_ptr< std::pair
< casacore::MFrequency,
casacore::MFrequency > > 
< casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes
AnnotationBase::RGB color
std::vector< casacore::IntintVec

Detailed Description

because of nonstandard access patterns, be careful when using ParamValue and ParamSet outside this class.

These should probably be made into full fledged classes at some point.

Definition at line 66 of file RegionTextParser.h.

Member Data Documentation

casacore::Bool casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::boolVal

Definition at line 70 of file RegionTextParser.h.

AnnotationBase::RGB casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::color

Definition at line 75 of file RegionTextParser.h.

casacore::Double casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::doubleVal

Definition at line 67 of file RegionTextParser.h.

AnnotationBase::FontStyle casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::fontStyleVal

Definition at line 72 of file RegionTextParser.h.

std::shared_ptr<std::pair<casacore::MFrequency, casacore::MFrequency> > casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::freqRange

Definition at line 73 of file RegionTextParser.h.

casacore::Int casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::intVal

Definition at line 68 of file RegionTextParser.h.

std::vector<casacore::Int> casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::intVec

Definition at line 76 of file RegionTextParser.h.

AnnotationBase::LineStyle casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::lineStyleVal

Definition at line 71 of file RegionTextParser.h.

casacore::Vector<casacore::Stokes::StokesTypes> casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::stokes

Definition at line 74 of file RegionTextParser.h.

casacore::String casa::RegionTextParser::ParamValue::stringVal

Definition at line 69 of file RegionTextParser.h.

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