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casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData Struct Reference

#include <NROData.h>

Public Attributes

string LSFIL0
int ISCN0
string LAVST0
string SCNTP0
double DSCX0
double DSCY0
double SCX0
double SCY0
double PAZ0
double PEL0
double RAZ0
double REL0
double XX0
double YY0
string ARRYT0
float TEMP0
float PATM0
float PH200
float VWIND0
float DWIND0
float TAU0
float TSYS0
float BATM0
int LINE0
int IDMY1 [4]
double VRAD0
double FRQ00
double FQTRK0
double FQIF10
double ALCV0
double OFFCD0 [2][2]
int IDMY0
int IDMY2
double DPFRQ0
string ARRYSCN
string CDMY1
double SFCTR0
double ADOFF0
string LDATA

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file NROData.h.

Member Data Documentation

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::ADOFF0

Definition at line 144 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::ALCV0

Definition at line 136 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::ARRYSCN

Definition at line 141 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::ARRYT0

Definition at line 121 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::BATM0

Definition at line 129 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::CDMY1

Definition at line 142 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::DPFRQ0

Definition at line 140 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::DSCX0

Definition at line 111 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::DSCY0

Definition at line 112 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::DWIND0

Definition at line 126 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::FQIF10

Definition at line 135 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::FQTRK0

Definition at line 134 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::FRQ00

Definition at line 133 of file NROData.h.

int casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::IDMY0

Definition at line 138 of file NROData.h.

int casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::IDMY1[4]

Definition at line 131 of file NROData.h.

int casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::IDMY2

Definition at line 139 of file NROData.h.

int casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::ISCN0

Definition at line 108 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::LAVST0

Definition at line 109 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::LDATA

Definition at line 145 of file NROData.h.

int casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::LINE0

Definition at line 130 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::LSFIL0

Definition at line 107 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::OFFCD0[2][2]

Definition at line 137 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::PATM0

Definition at line 123 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::PAZ0

Definition at line 115 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::PEL0

Definition at line 116 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::PH200

Definition at line 124 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::RAZ0

Definition at line 117 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::REL0

Definition at line 118 of file NROData.h.

string casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::SCNTP0

Definition at line 110 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::SCX0

Definition at line 113 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::SCY0

Definition at line 114 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::SFCTR0

Definition at line 143 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::TAU0

Definition at line 127 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::TEMP0

Definition at line 122 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::TSYS0

Definition at line 128 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::VRAD0

Definition at line 132 of file NROData.h.

float casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::VWIND0

Definition at line 125 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::XX0

Definition at line 119 of file NROData.h.

double casa::sdfiller::NRODataScanData::YY0

Definition at line 120 of file NROData.h.

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